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Once in a Lifetime Deer Tick 04:42
Sea of Clouds Deer Tick 05:25
Ashamed Deer Tick 02:13
Twenty Miles Deer Tick 03:43
Grey Matter Deer Tick 02:59
Goodbye, Dear Friend Deer Tick 04:58
Standing at the Threshold Deer Tick 02:26
Baltimore Blues No. 1 Deer Tick 03:01
If I Try to Leave Deer Tick 03:37
Dirty Dishes Deer Tick 03:17

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Emotional Contracts

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Deer Tick is an alternative rock band originating from Providence, Rhode Island, United States. Formed in 2004 by singer and guitarist John Joseph McCauley and brothers Chris and Dennis Ryan, Deer Tick blended elements of folk, country, and blues, gaining recognition through their range of cover songs before recording their debut album, War Elephant (2007), released under Houston-based independent label Feow! Records. Initially a trio, the band added guitarist Andrew Tobiassen for their next album, Born on Flag Day (2009), their first release under Partisan Records, with guitarist Ian O'Neil and keyboard player Rob Crowell coming onboard to record the EP More Fuel for the Fire, as well as third album The Black Dirt Sessions in 2010, which received praise from critics and gaining recognition through an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. With a growing fan base, the band worked on their fourth record, Divine Providence (2011), following this with Negativity (2013), produced by Steve Berlin, a member of rock band Los Lobos. After a few years' hiatus, they released the two-part album, Deer Tick, Vol. 1 and Deer Tick, Vol. 2 (2017) as well as compilation album Mayonnaise (2019) and the live album Live at Fort Adams (2021). In 2023, Deer Tick released Emotional Contracts in 2023, under the label ATO Records. The album includes the track "Forgiving Ties," which reached number 30 on the Billboard Top 40 Radio Adult Alternative Songs chart.