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Nie dran geglaubt (Bonus Track) Hirntot Posse, Kontra K 03:47
Nullpunkt Hirntot Posse, Perverz 04:16
Copkkkilla Hirntot Posse, Haftbefehl 04:49
Beton an den Füssen Hirntot Posse, Blokkmonsta, Perverz 04:03
Flashback Hirntot Posse 02:48
Die Kreissäge Hirntot Posse, Blokkmonsta 04:46
Hinter den Masken Hirntot Posse 03:54
Cheese Hirntot Posse, Blokkmonsta, Schwartz 02:53
Peter Pan Hirntot Posse 05:26
Finsternis weltweit Hirntot Posse, Blokkmonsta, Perverz 03:16

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Hirntot Posse is a rap collective founded in 2016 around the two Berlin rappers Blokkmonsta and Uzi. The two joined forces in 2005 and founded the record label Hirntot Records. The label releases records by various rap artists. Common stylistic feature: the lyrics provoke through violence. This style becomes the trademark of Hirntot Records. In 2016 and on the occasion of the label's 10th anniversary, the first unofficial album by Hirntot Posse, HT100 (Gold Edition), is released. It was not until four years later in 2020 that the rap collective released its first album under the name Hirntot Posse with Mörder ohne Gesicht. The album made it to number 83 in the German album charts. The next album, Lost Tapes - Vol. 1 - Remixes, followed in 2021 with previously unreleased songs. The longplayer climbs to number 26 in Germany. Hirntot Posse's next album, IV, followed in the same year. The brutal rappers reach number 55 in the German charts. The rap collective also released two albums in 2022. In summer, the longplayer Mord Instrumentals 3 (number 59 in Germany) is released first. As the name suggests, it is a purely instrumental album. V, the next studio album with new songs, follows in late fall. The album climbed to number 38. Hirntot Posse started the year 2023 with the best-of compilation Greatest Hits 3, which saw the rap collective enter the top 20 of the German charts for the first time at number 16.