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Не плачь БумеR 04:38
Родимый край БумеR 03:38
Не люби её БумеR 05:22
Жизнь сначала БумеR 04:51
Потерянный край БумеR 05:33
Москва-Магадан БумеR 04:15
Не люби её БумеR 05:38
Седая ночь БумеR 06:52
Трава БумеR 05:51
Не плачь БумеR 04:38

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BumeR is a Russian band performing in a specific genre of Russian chanson. Founded in 2005 by a chanson singer Yuri Almazov (real name – Yuri Nadyktov), the band released its first album Письма (Letters) with the hit song «Москва – Магадан» (‘Moscow - Magadan’) in the same year. The sound of the second record Альбом второй (Album Two) played with the nostalgia of disco dance of the 80’s. The style of Russian Chanson, which can be described as gangsta pop, is what brought BumeR its popularity. Using themes of romantic criminal life, love and drama, but avoiding aggression and strong language in their lyrics, Almazov and his band got through to a very wide audience. The band, though, decided to experiment on their album Вино&кокаин (Wine & Cocaine, 2010) and stepped aside from ‘classical’ Russian chanson by adding elements of rock’n’roll and electroclash. «Не плачь» (‘Don’t Cry’) was the main hit from the record. BumeR came back to its Chanson roots on the next albums, –including Десятый альбом (10th Album) – which came out in 2019. It became the very last where Yuri Almazov performed as a soloist. He passed away in 2019.