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Europa Gaspard Augé, Justice 03:47
Captain Gaspard Augé, Justice 03:22
Sheila Mr. Oizo, Gaspard Augé 03:27
Somethinggreater Parcels 03:52
Tricycle Express Mr. Oizo, Gaspard Augé 03:50
Belladone Gaspard Augé, Justice 04:16
Vox Gaspard Augé, Justice 03:08
Rubber Mr. Oizo, Gaspard Augé 04:09
Force majeure Gaspard Augé, Justice 03:26
Tricycle Express Mr. Oizo, Gaspard Augé 04:00

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Force majeure

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French electronic music artist Gaspard Augé was born May 21, 1979 in Besançon, France. After becoming one of the most famous DJs in all of France as one half of the electronica act Justice, he announced his debut solo album would come out in 2021. The first single, “Force majeure”, followed through on the Justice style of bringing rock elements to their dance heavy electronic aesthetic. However, unlike the heavy-metal influences common to the Justice discography, Gaspard Augé’s initial solo venture took its sonic cue from 80s-era Prince.