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Rei Hugo TSR 02:33
Tombé du ciel (intro) Hugo TSR 01:35
Aviator Hugo TSR 03:35
Là-haut Hugo TSR 03:58
Onoda Hugo TSR 03:43
Lake City Hugo TSR 01:55
Mauvais endroit Hugo TSR 03:24
A Balle Hugo TSR 03:26
6 Enterrements 0 mariage Hugo TSR 03:42
L'Épicentre (interlude) Hugo TSR 01:05

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Tohu-Bohu Festival 2024
Veyras, Switzerland

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Hailing from Paris’ 18th arrondissement, French MC Hugo TSR (January 18, 1985) started out as a graffiti artist before making his rapping debut with the TSR Crew under the pseudonym Hugo Boss in the early aughts. Fiercely independent from the beginning of his career, he is known for his hands-on approach to the recording process, often handling production, mixing, and mastering himself. After rising to the forefront of the French underground hip-hop scene with TSR Crew’s debut full-length, Faut qu'on Taille (2004), he released his first solo effort, La Bombe H, in 2005. Follow-up albums Flaque de Samples (2008), La Salle d'Attente (2009), and Fenêtre sur Rue (2012) all helped to turn Hugo TSR into something of an underground legend as he filled up venues without any type of publicity or promotional support. A painstaking perfectionist, the French rapper took almost five years to deliver his long-awaited fifth album, Tant qu'on Est Là (2017), which received gold certification in 2019. The following year, Hugo TSR surprised his fans with the release of the singles “Périmètre” and “Senseï,” both of which served as a teaser for his 2021 LP, Une Vie et Quelques.