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Se Prepara 2 Mc Livinho, Mc Pedrinho, Perera DJ 02:27
Vidrado Em Você DJ Guuga, Mc Livinho 02:14
Fazer Falta Mc Livinho, Perera DJ 03:30
Déjà Vu Mc Livinho 03:02
Pras Novinha (feat. DJ Pedrin) Mc Livinho, Dj LK da Escócia, DJ Breno, DJ Pedrin 02:29
Na Ponta do Pé 2 Mc Livinho 03:34
Ela é Espetacular (Mulher Kama Sutra 2) Mc Livinho 03:35
Cheia de Marra Mc Livinho, Perera DJ 04:27
Tchau e Bença Mc Livinho, Mc Pedrinho 02:46
Irmã Gostosa Mc Livinho, Mc Davi, Perera DJ 03:07

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Perna Bamba

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Born Oliver Decesary Santos in São Paulo on November 11, 1994, the artist known as MC Livinho is one of the leading exponents of funk ousadia, a genre characterized by its overtly sexual content and explicit lyrics. After a few years playing violin at his local church, he became involved with São Paulo’s booming funk ostentação during his teenage years, releasing the track “Origem” in 2008. Originally released in 2012, the single “Mulher Kama Sutra” became a huge hit in Brazil after being remastered and re-released in 2014. More success followed with “Bela Rosa” (2014) whose accompanying video was directed by social media tastemaker KondZilla. In 2016, MC Livinho put an end to the sexual references on his eponymous EP, which was closely followed by studio debut Vagabundo Romântico, released in November of that year. The album contained the single “Cheia de Marra,” MC Livinho’s first charting single, and “Bandida,” a collaborative track with pagode singer Péricles. The following year, he collaborated with singer Ivete Sangalo on the hit single “Cheguei Pra Te Amar” and featured on DJ Marlboro’s “Esse Dom.” MC Livinho made a triumphant comeback in 2021 with “Ela É Espetacular - Mulher Kama Sutra 2,” a sequel to his 2014 breakout hit that entered the Portuguese charts at Number 180.