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Nur Einmal HOUSE OF RIDDIM, Iriepathie, Mellow Mark 04:29
Nomade Mellow Mark 03:47
Was Geht Ab Mit Der Liebe Mellow Mark 04:13
Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr (feat. Pyro) Mellow Mark, Pyro 03:29
I Don't Smoke Mellow Mark, Téka 03:23
Mr. Bloodhunter (feat. Martin Jondo) Mellow Mark, Martin Jondo 04:28
Warum Halten Wir Nicht Zusammen Mellow Mark, Ajani 03:20
Astronaut Mellow Mark 06:45
Frühling Mellow Mark 03:45
1 Auf Hart Mellow Mark 02:55

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Mark Schlumberger, who goes by the name Mellow Mark, is a German rapper who made his recording debut in 2002 with an EP titled 'Revolution'. His debut album 'Sturm' came out in 2003 and other releases include 'Das 5te Element' (2004), 'Metropolis' (2007), 'Ratz Fatz Peng' (2009), 'L.I.E.B.E. (Live)' (2013), 'Roots & Flugel' (2015) and 'Nomade' (2017). His singles include 'Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr' (2003) featuring Pyro, 'Konsum' (2004) featuring Cashma Hoody, 'Comeback' (2005) featuring Culcha Candela and Martin Jondo, 'Winter' (2008) and 'Maine Stadt' (2012) featuring Tanzkinder. He toured across Germany and Austria in 2018 in support of his album 'Nomade'.