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Fried in Salt

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Little Bird Fried in Salt 02:29
Sky Fried in Salt 05:20
The Five (Bonus Track) Fried in Salt 05:59
Elane Fried in Salt 04:48

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Serious rock of the best kind with these guys. Wow! Fried in Salt is a four member band from Düsseldorf, Germany and they just gave us the kick we needed with their five track EP called The Five. 
 These guys know the right recipe for good old melodic stoner rock and the fact that they are from Germany makes it even more interesting. The Five is a Stoner Rock album only on first impression though as it includes a good amount of British Alternative and Psychadelic Rock elements too. Especially the vocals are a quite good example of that mixture. Guitarwise, we couldn’t but notice a clear Queens of the Stone Age influence. And who doesn’t love to have a bit of old man Josh Homme in their mix. Their riffs are clear and catchy. This EP can really make your summer days. - thedrillUK 
 The band is currently working closely with the artists Odd Lottery, Kings of Subhumans, The Blacklava, Hollin Kings, Bikini Cigarette, Les Bods, The Polites, The BuzzDealers, ATRIO, Velvet Smoke, Mulberry Sky and planning an international tour.