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3 Morceaux, Op. 45: I. Feuillet d'Album Daniel Fritzen 01:21

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A single piano note can be deeply personal according to the way it is touched. I love music which is a simple but honest statement from the soul. As a young boy, I would be listening to piano music by Chopin without understanding why it touched my romantic heart so deeply and magically, almost sensually. Later, when I discovered recordings of Glenn Gould playing Bach, still I did not figure out what this magic of a mystical, supernatural sensation in the sound consisted of. When I started practicing meditation, I found the key. Through “yogic support” of a teacher (transmission of energy), a sort of metaphysical light is flowing into the heart of the aspirant. In this subtle energy, I found the same magic that Bach and Chopin must have known. Since then, I am looking for ways to be a channel for this metaphysical vibration while touching the keys of the piano. This subtle energy is so deeply touching in an authentic way – it is the innermost essence of all life.