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Бывшие Ольга Серябкина 03:08
Стреляй Ольга Серябкина 03:22
Одиночка Ольга Серябкина 02:57
Не забыла Ольга Серябкина 02:54
Бывшие Ольга Серябкина 03:08
Дядя Гена Ольга Серябкина 03:57
HOLODNO Ольга Серябкина 02:58
Синий цвет твоей любви Ольга Серябкина 02:40
1985 Ольга Серябкина 03:17
это LOVE Ольга Серябкина 03:12

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Olga Seryabkina, also known as Molly, is a Russian pop singer-songwriter. Born in Moscow in 1985, she began her career as a professional dancer and ended up as a backing vocalist for a Russian singer Irakli. In 2007, Seryabkina had been casted for a girls band Serebro produced by Max Fadeev. The same year, the trio took part at the Eurovision Song Contest and won 3d place with their "Song #1". Shortly after joining the band, she became a songwriter and had been writing all the songs for the band. In 2014, Olga Seryabkina began her solo career under the stage name of Holly Molly later shortened solely to Molly. For the five years, she had been a lead singer of Serebro and a singer of her ‘Molly’ project simultaneously. Seryabkina left Serebro in 2019 and released her first album Косатка в небе (Orca in The Sky), the same year the songs "Полуголые" ("Half-Naked") and "Опалённые солнцем" ("Scorched by the Sun") had been released. In 2020, Seryabkina became an independent artist. She abandoned her Molly stage name and announced that from now on she would perform under her real name. Seryabkina’s first song of that period is "Что же ты наделал" ("What Have You Done"). Later in 20202, she released her second single "Под Водой" ("Under the Water") and her first EP Причины (Reasons). In early 2022, Seryabkina released two singles from her upcoming album Синий цвет твоей любви (Blue Colour of Your Life).