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Sin kaa Breetsche da Badesalz 04:20
Komm zurück Badesalz 04:25
Kuba Badesalz 02:53
Wetzlar Badesalz 01:38
Jesu S. Badesalz 03:50
Jesu S. Badesalz 05:39
Sommerei Badesalz 04:23
Aqua Minerale Badesalz 02:46
Manchmal gibt's halt kein Caprese! Badesalz 02:42
Live in Concert Badesalz 01:20

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Technischer Ratgeber I
Lonely Hearts
Pappa?, Vol. I
Die Beschwerde

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Badesalz are a German comedy duo comprised of Gerd Knebel and Hendrik Nachtsheim, who teamed up during the early 1980s. They began to establish themselves as comedy performers who delivered their material in Hessian, the regional dialect prevalent in the German central state of Hesse. Nachtsheim had previously been a saxophonist in the rock band Rodgau Monotones whlist Knebel had been a singer with Flatsch. The duo have become an established name on the German comedy circuit and made numerous TV appearances and at one time had their own show. They have recorded numerous albums, several films and a book and are best known for their song 'Black Or White'.