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Starships (Sped Up) Sped Up Mage, SYREX 01:46
Star Walkin' (Nightcore) SYREX, Nightcore Mage 02:02
Believer (Sped Up) Sped Up Mage, SYREX, The FifthGuys, Shiah Maisel 01:52
She Doesn't Mind (Nightcore) SYREX 02:03
Without Me (Nightcore) SYREX 02:17
Rolling In The Deep (Nightcore) SYREX 02:49
Scream & Shout (Sped Up) Sped Up Mage, SYREX, SLORAX, Leannan 02:09
Forever Young (Nightcore) SYREX 02:19
Belly Dancer (Nightcore) SYREX 01:47
Angel Slayer (Nightcore) SYREX, Nightcore Mage, Phonk Mage 01:50

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