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Love Story Cover Hiko 02:22
Cheap Thrills (Sped Up) - Come on Come On, Turn the Radio On Hiko 02:46
Radio (Sped Up) - Now My Life Is Sweet Like Cinnamon Hiko 02:58
Under the Influence (Sped Up) - Your Body Language Speaks to Me Hiko 02:03
Habits - Stay High (Sped Up) - Keep You off My Mind Hiko 02:57
Greedy (Sped Up) - It's Obvious That You Want Me, I Would Want Myself Hiko 01:54
Bloody Mary (Sped Up) - I'll Dance Dance Dance with My Hands Hands Hands Hiko 03:06
In the Middle of the Night (Sped Up) - Just Call My Name Hiko 02:47
Fat Funny Friend (Sped Up) - If That's What It Took for Me to Look in the Mirror Hiko 02:22
Who Says (Sped Up) - I'm No Beauty Queen I'm Just Beautiful Me Hiko 02:36

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