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Gifted with perfect pitch, Ethan Bortnick (born on December 24, 2000) is an American pianist, singer-songwriter, and actor who first rose to fame by becoming the youngest musician to have his own National PBS Concert Special at age 9. Since the start of his career, he has opened for established acts such as Nelly Furtado, Elton John, and Tony Bennett, and has helped raise funds for several charities. A precocious talent, Bortnick discovered his awe-inspiring musical talent by playing around with his toy keyboard when he was just 3 years old. This prompted a series of performances in several renowned TV shows such as The Tonight Show and Oprah, after which he made it into the Guinness World Records by becoming The World's Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Concert in 2010. A few years later, his recording debut arrived with the Gary Baker-produced soundtrack for Anything Is Possible (2013), a film he also starred in. The PBS Special The Power of Music followed in 2014 and earned the young pianist three Telly awards as it became the most-watched concert pledge show that year. In 2017, he performed in yet another national television concert with Generations of Music, featuring Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame), cellist Rufus Cappadocia, and conductor David Rosenthal. Towards the end of the decade, Bortnick launched his solo career with the 2019 singles “Leave Me Alone,” “start/cLosure,” and “I WANT RED,” which were closely followed by the trap-infused “100 Layers” and “Final Boss,” included in his 2020 EP harmonic minor.