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Lion Queen Mulberry Sky 03:03
Asking for a Friend Mulberry Sky 03:25
Jumped Mulberry Sky 03:35
Imperfections Prelude Mulberry Sky 01:29
A Light in the Distance Mulberry Sky 06:03
Jailbreak Story Mulberry Sky 03:51
Second Face Mulberry Sky 04:17
Hot Hot Thunder Mulberry Sky 03:50
Senses Mulberry Sky 05:30
The Fuckening Mulberry Sky 04:00

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Señores y señoritas, the horses are saddled, we're off! At the beginning of 2019, three daring gentlemen and an intrepid maiden saddled their horses and set out to experience a great adventure together. One spring-like evening - the sun was just flashing out from behind the horizon - the four sat together with a bottle of the finest firewater and philosophized (again) about the vastness of the universe. The sky glowed intensely, mulberry red-purple - then it hit the gang like lightning and their mission finally had a name: Mulberry Sky. Mulberry Sky have only been around for a short time, but they are impressive. The promising newcomers explode many sub-genre borders of rock with the multifacetedness of their sound. But one thing is for sure: the riffs, rhythms and melodies of their songs drill deep into the marrow of the audience and never leave their memory. In addition, an important aspect of their songwriting is that listeners should engage with the lyrics. "We also have uncomfortable messages in our luggage," says guitarist Dom Raygun. Only a few weeks after the successful release of the single "Imperfections" Mulberry Sky follow up. On May 06, 2022 they'll release the second single "Second Face" from their album which will be released in summer 22. Harder and with a lot of attention to detail - the new single once again shows a new facet of Mulberry Sky. "Our new song tells the story of a desperate vampire who doesn't want to hurt his beloved, but finds it hard to resist her blood," tells singer Catherine van Bruce. Sounds eerie - it is a bit. "Second Face" tells the story of a toxic relationship, again a serious topic, this time packed in harder rock than we are used to from Mulberry Sky so far.