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Head Swim Fionn Regan 02:54
Dogwood Blossom Fionn Regan 03:24
Snowy Atlas Mountains Fionn Regan 04:11
Cormorant Bird Fionn Regan 03:27
Be Good or Be Gone Fionn Regan 03:19
The Meetings of the Waters Fionn Regan 05:00
Collar of Fur Fionn Regan 02:28
100 Acres Of Sycamore Fionn Regan 05:35
Riverside Heights Fionn Regan 02:34
Put a Penny in the Slot Fionn Regan 03:59

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Be Good or Be Gone
The Underwood Typewriter
Hunters Map
Hey Rabbit

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Fionn Regan is an Irish folksinger whose 2006 debut, The End of History, was nominated for the Mercury Prize in the UK, the Shortlist Prize in America, and the Choice Music Prize in his native Ireland. Born in 1981 in Bray, Wicklow, he kicked off his career at 19 years old, recording six independent EPs before partnering with a British label, Bella Union, for The End of History's European release. One year later, Lost Highway Records released the album in America. The End of History was a critical success on both sides of the Atlantic, with Regan being hailed as a leader of the new folk movement. While touring in support of the album, he wrote many of the songs that appeared on his next record, The Shadow of an Empire, in 2010. He returned to his acoustic roots for 2011's 100 Acres of Sycamore, embraced a lo-fi aesthetic with 2012's The Bunkhouse Vol. 1: Anchor Black Tattoo, experimented with electronic sounds for 2017's The Meetings of the Waters, and played every instrument on 2019's Cala