Electro Swing 2018

Best Electro Swing, Swing House, Neo Swing & Swing House from 2018!

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  • 162 Titel
  • 10 h 05 min


Hit the Road Jack Wolfgang Lohr, Maskarade 02:38
Black Coffee Pisk, Nat Gonella 04:13
Let's Face the Music and Dance (Electro Swing Mix) Right Said Fred 02:58
Mambo Rap Parov Stelar 03:23
No Strings Attached Swingrowers 04:06
Mr Magpie (Jamie Berry Remix) The Electric Swing Circus, Jamie Berry 03:44
Re-Charleston (Radio Edit) Wolfgang Lohr 02:47
If Swing Goes, I Go Too (Extended Mix) Darren Fewins 04:03
Ami (Je suis heureux que tu existes) [feat. Antoine Villoutreix] [AK Electro Swing Radio Remix] Bart&Baker, Antoine Villoutreix 02:55
Bella Ciao Klischee 02:54
Chicago Shuffle (Radio Edit)


Mr. Jazzek 03:12
TROUBLE (feat. Nikki Williams) Parov Stelar, Nikki Williams 03:12
Whoopedoo Balduin, Alanna Lyes 02:41
Whatchugot (Pisk Remix) Caro Emerald 03:19
Sing, Sing, Sing (Radio Edit) Wolfgang Lohr, The Speakeasy Three 03:03
It Ain't Right Pisk, Stuff Smith 03:38
Groove Batteria Gramophonedzie, Gilberto Fufu 06:28
Joe's Break Minimatic 04:08
Circus Maximus (Aerophon Remix) Tape Five 03:34
Born to Swing Pisk 03:54
Zoologic (Odd Chap Remix - Auckland, New Zealand) Lamuzgueule, Odd Chap 03:20
Hit & Run (Wolfgang Lohr Remix) The Electric Swing Circus, Wolfgang Lohr 05:16
Back & Beat Papa Django 03:07
Fever (Radio edit) Varrick Frost, Lawrence Lea 03:09
Be Funny DJ Mibor 06:03
The Hipsters Are Coming


Offbeat 05:03
Upside Down (Radio Edit) Wolfgang Lohr, Alanna Lyes 02:56
Never let you go (feat. Patrizia Ferrara) Waldeck 03:11
Day & Night Odd Chap 04:07
Über Die Dächer Der Großen Stadt (Electro Swing) Hans Wachsmann, Wolfgang Lohr 02:54