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Audio Talks. A podcast on all things audio presented to you by HARMAN and our family of audio brands including JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG. Host Oisin Lunny, music journalist and audio enthusiast, will interview expert guests, legends of the music industry and audio scientists to discuss the power of music and audio in all its facets. New episode bi-weekly every Thursday.


How can AI take audio to the next level?
In this episode, we will shine a light on how AI can take audio to the next level – from composition to mastering to every step of enjoying the final output. With Daniel Rowland, Head of Strategy and Partnership at LANDR, Oscar-winning & Grammy-nominated audio engineer and producer, and Armin Prommersberger, Senior Vice President Product Management Automotive Division at HARMAN.
42:08 29.09.2022
What will the future of music look like?
Music is our universal language. But what happened to music when we started to write it down? And what happens next in a world of digitization and interactive technology? With Michael Spitzer, Professor of Music at The University of Liverpool and Gerd Leonhard, Keynote Speaker, Author, Futurist & Humanist, CEO of The Futures Agency, Video and Audio Podcast Host, Film Maker & Musician.
36:54 15.09.2022
Music and Art: The Guiding Lights of Humanity
In this special episode live from the Montreux Jazz Festival, our Audio Talks Podcast host Oisin Lunny catches up with Robert-Jan van Dormael, VP Integrated Marketing EMEA at HARMAN International, and Adam Fell, Co-Founder of OneOf and President of Quincy Jones Productions. They talk about the Harman Kardon Suites Art of Sound digital art competition, the godfather of the MJF Quincy Jones, what role NFTs play for the music industry and what potential they hold for the future.
29:59 06.07.2022
Music, Rights, Relationships & Technology
Tune in as we discuss music rights, relationships and technology and how this can help you get paid as an artist in a digital age. Oisin Lunny talks to two real experts in this field: Vickie Nauman, Founder and CEO of CrossBoarderWorks & Åsa Carild, expert on Digital Music and Business Development & VP Platform at Utopia Music.
36:42 10.06.2022
Martin Garrix on Creativity, Inspiration & working with JBL
Tune in for a refreshing and inspiring talk with superstar Martin Garrix, one of the most dynamic DJs of our time. He tells us about his latest projects, how he has used the time in lockdown for his creative work and the story behind his recent coop with Zedd. As a global JBL ambassador he also let's us know about the collaboration and which JBL products he couldn't live without.
22:53 26.05.2022
The Power of Music, Culture and Poetry
In this episode we dive into the power of music, culture and poetry. Host Oisin Lunny speaks to two people that are at the forefront of modern Irish culture: the Irish Ambassador to the USA, Dan Mulhall & Tadhg Byrne, DJ, musician and founding member of the irish cultural collective Sim Simma.
50:58 12.05.2022
Vinyl Renaissance
Tune in as we pay homage to the beautiful world of vinyl records. After returning from obscurity, 2022 will be the sixteenth consecutive year that vinyl sales have grown. We'll take a closer look at this phenomenon by welcoming two vinyl lovers and experts: Cameron Schaefer, CEO of Vinyl Me, Please & Chris Dragon, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing at HARMAN.
44:31 21.04.2022
The Evolution of Dance Music, Club Culture & DJ History
Tune in as we celebrate dance music, club culture and DJ history. From resolutely underground beginnings, dance music has exploded into mainstream over the last decades. Oisin Lunny speaks to Bill Brewster, renowned DJ, music historian, writer, and co-author of "Last night a DJ saved my life", and Arne van Terphoven, author, dance music publicist, owner of the Mary Go Wild record shop and founding member of Our House, a new museum of club cuture in the heart of Amsterdam. What were some of the milestones in dance music's global growth and who were the maestros behind the movement?
39:35 07.04.2022
Home Recording Masterclass
In this episode, we peek through the keyhole into the world of home studios. Get the inside scoop on the role equipment plays, and some expert advise on how to set up your own home studio space.
43:48 24.03.2022
Diversity in the Music Industry
In this episode, we're talking about diversity in the music industry. Our two inspiring guests, Marta Pallarès Olivares, Head of International Press & PR at Primavera Sound, and Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore & US Ambassador for KeyChange discuss how we can all support diversity. Tune in!
44:08 10.03.2022
Audio Talks // HARMAN ExPLORE 2022: Consumer Audio Trends in 2022
Get the low-down on the latest tech and consumer experience trends in the fast-moving audio space. Tune in to hear what two of our leading experts, Alfredo Fernandez Franco, Senior Director, Intelligent Audio & Mikael Herje, Category Director, Headphones & Wearables, have to say about the innovations and new products to come in 2022.
30:52 07.01.2022
The Rise of the Creator Community
The creator economy is exploding as artists are looking for more ways to break through the massive amount of content available. With streaming platforms on the rise, artists are no longer going the traditional route, they are taking their music straight to the people. Everything has content formats, how content is produced and promoted and much more. In this episode we talk to Mark Mulligan, Managing Director and Analyst at MIDiA Research and Katy Templeman-Holmes, Director Global Markets for HARMAN Professional to discuss the rise of the creator economy, where it might take the music industry, what potential it brings for artists and how audio companies can support by providing the right equipment.
36:46 18.11.2021
Advanced Audio For High Performance
Many of us associate music with peak performance. In this episode we're going to explore the aspects of advanced audio when it comes to high performance. Tune in as Oisin Lunny speaks to two guests, who know all about it: Chantal Epp, founder & CEO of ClicknClear & Mikael Herje, Category Director for Headphones & Wearables at HARMAN. What's the link between fitness, athletic performance and music? What does the equipment need to bring in terms of technology to help atheletes achieve their best? And what's next for high performance audio in high performance sports? Tune in!
24:05 04.11.2021
Technology powering elevated music experiences
This fascinating episode focuses on how new and innovative technology can elevate our listening experiences and take them to a new level: Oisin Lunny speaks to Dr. Kelly Snook, Founder of the Kepler Concordia, Co-Founder and Director of Mi.Mu Gloves, owner and producer at “It’s Not Rocket Science Studios” recording studios and a former NASA researcher (hello International Space Week 2021!) & Sean Barton, Senior Global Product Line Manager of Home Audio at HARMAN and one of the masterminds behind the innovative Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 speaker system. How can technologies from the professional audio world improve our music consumption at home? How can new and innovative technology elevate our listening experience? And what is the future of audio technology? Tune in!
44:18 21.10.2021
75 years of iconic JBL design
JBL lets you feel the music. At the beach, at home, in the car or even on Mount Everest. Besides JBL's signature sound, the unique designs make JBL products so popular with consumers around the globe. As we celebrate JBL's 75th anniversary, Oisin Lunny speaks to two of the masterminds behind JBL’s vibrant, bold and award-winning design: Christian Schluender, GM Global Design & Damian Mackiewicz, Vice President of Design at HARMAN. What is the JBL philosophy of product design? How does product design influence the longevity of the JBL brand and what are some of their all-time favorite JBL products?
24:14 07.10.2021
The Road ahead for Advanced Audio and the Future of Driving
Join us as we welcome Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer at Renault Group & Armin Prommersberger, Senior Vice President, Product Management at HARMAN Automotive to discuss the future of the audio experience in the car. What are the ingredients for a great mobility experience? How does the all-new Mégane E-Tech 100% electric reflect that and why will sound in the car become more and more important as autonomous vehicles emerge on the horizon?
34:42 23.09.2021
Metaverse - the future of live music?
What potential has the #Metaverse to act as an immersive audio environment? Welcome Joy Lyons, Senior Director Audio Technology, HARMAN, Jonathan Vlassopulos, VP & Global Head of Music at Roblox & Cathy Hackl, Tech Futurist and Metaverse Strategist - three true experts when it comes to the fascinating virtual space Metaverse and immersive music set-ups. Topics we discuss include: What is Metaverse, what does it mean for music and audio and how musicians and listeners can get involved.
36:57 09.09.2021
A walk through music history with Raul Gonzalez & Mark Gander
JBL has been powering epic events and festivals for the past 75 years. With this episode we celebrate 75 Years of JBL and its deep heritage in pop music culture as we speak to two JBL legends: Mark Gander, former Director of JBL Technology and known as the "JBL Guru" & Raul Gonzalez, Senior Applications Engineer for Performance Audio at HARMAN. Oisin Lunny explores their personal highlights working for JBL, how JBL has shaped music history over the years and what it was like to record with Les Paul. Tune in!
59:49 10.06.2021
Medical Grade Music for Mental Health
Is the world ready for medical grade music? Welcome Tom Middleton, sound designer, guru of the Calm App, award-winning functional music composer, sleep science coach, co-chair of the AFEM Health Group & Aifric Lennon, Senior Account Manager, Research Strategist and Music x Mind Researcher at MassiveMusic - two true experts when it comes to the connection between music and our mental health. We discuss what some of the benefits of listening to music are when we are in specific moods, how music can influence our feelings and what you can do if you want to start using music to support your well-being.
50:15 27.05.2021
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano gearing up for the Best Party Ever
JBL has been powering epic events and festivals for 75 years. With this episode we celebrate 75 Years of JBL and its deep heritage in live music as we welcome two legendary artists and friends of JBL: The dutch DJ and producer duo Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. Oisin Lunny speaks to them about what it’s like to play in front of thousands of fans, the importance of high quality audio and their upcoming projects.
29:43 13.05.2021
NFTs & the music industry: A match made in heaven?
In this episode we'll explore the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, known as NFT and see how they relate to the music industry. Tune in as Oisin Lunny talks to three music tech innovators: Cliff Fluet, Head of Media & Entertainment at Lewis Silkin, MD of Eleven Advisory and Chair of the Ivers Academy Trust; Tim Exile, Founder and CEO of, musician, technologist & NFT creator & Imogen Heap, recording artist, record producer, audio engineer, founder of the Creative Passport, MI.MU Gloves, winner of multiple music industry awards, who just released her first NFT collection entitled Firsts.
48:44 29.04.2021
Making a difference: Sustainable initiatives in live music
In honor of Earth Day, we'll explore the overlap between the live music industry and sustainability. Learn about the eco-friendly initiatives within the professional music industry and how you can make a difference yourself. Oisin Lunny talks to three sustainabilty experts: Chiara Badiali of Julie's Bicycle, Claire O'Neill, Co-Founder and Director at A Greener Festival & Jonas Skielboe, Founder of Velo Concerts.
52:06 15.04.2021
Digital campfires: The rise of social audio
In this episode of Audio Talks we speak to two industry movers and shakers on the incredible rise of audio content outgrowing its role as video's nerdier, less successful sibling. Listen to Axel Mansoor, musician and innovative icon of the Clubhouse app, and founder of the “Lullaby Club” with more than 11.000 followers. And Daniel Nathan, radio pioneer, commentator, co-founder of Platform B and founder of several commercial / FM / online and DAB stations.
46:46 01.04.2021
Back to the Future: Premium Sound for Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E
In this episode of Audio Talks we discuss how Ford and their audio partner HARMAN collaborated with B&O to bring the iconic Ford Mustang roaring into the future, bringing sexy back to the next generation of EVs. Oisin Lunny speaks to Tiina Kierysch, Senior Design Manager at B&O, Stefan Tinnemann, Mustang Mach-E Product Manager Europe and part of Team Edison Europe & Alec DeLeon, Sr. Engineer Acoustics Automotive at HARMAN.
29:28 18.03.2021
Democratizing the Music Industry
The recent "GameStop" incident has clearly shown platform democracy in action. In light of this disruptive moment of the "little guys" taking control, this episode of Audio Talks draws parallels to the music industry. Host Oisin Lunny and our three expert guests, Oscar Höglund, CEO of Epidemic Sound, Scott Cohen, CIO at Warner Music Group, and Chris Cooke, editor, journalist & author of "Dissecting the Digital Dollar", discuss the current compensation model of the digital recording industry and why it might not be beneficial to the majority of musicians.
53:37 04.03.2021
Audio Talks // HARMAN ExPLORE: Automotive experiences to expect in 2021
Audio Talks is BACK with a special “on the road” edition of HARMAN ExPLORE. Tune in between now and January 15th to get the lowdown on the latest audio and automotive industry trends. In this last episode of the mini series, Tom Rivers, VP Global Marketing, Automotive & Services at HARMAN and Jeffrey Hannah, Director at SBD Automotive discuss what's in store for the automotive industry in 2021 and the role of technology in the shift to consumer-centric mobility transforming the car into a true "third living space".
46:09 14.01.2021
Audio Talks // HARMAN ExPLORE: What's in store for the Music Industry
Audio Talks is BACK with a special “on the road” edition with HARMAN ExPLORE. Tune in between now and January 15th to get the lowdown on the latest audio and automotive industry trends. In this episode, Dave Rogers, President of the Lifestyle Division at HARMAN and Sammy Andrews, MMF Board Member and Music Week columnist discuss how important music is for people, the state of the music and entertainment industry and what 2021 will hold for it.
39:59 11.01.2021
Audio Talks // HARMAN ExPLORE: Lead by Award-winning Design
Audio Talks is BACK with a special “on the road” edition with HARMAN ExPLORE. Tune in between now and January 15th to get the lowdown on the latest audio and automotive industry trends. In this episode, Oisin Lunny talks to Christian Schluender, GM Global Design at HARMAN, on how to grow brands with authenticity and design leadership, the great design behind HARMAN's recently revealed products and what it takes to win a whopping 20 CES 2021 Innovation Awards.
26:19 08.01.2021
Audio Talks // HARMAN ExPLORE: Audio Product Trends 2021
Audio Talks is BACK with a special “on the road” edition with HARMAN ExPLORE. Tune in between now and January 15th to get the lowdown on the latest audio and automotive industry trends. In this episode, Carsten Olesen, President of HARMAN's Consumer Audio business and Alexandre Jornod, Lead Market Analyst Music & Audio at Futuresource Consulting discuss new smart audio technologies and upcoming trends for 2021 for headphones, portables and home audio and how they might change the way we‘re listening to music.
37:52 07.01.2021
Audio Talks // HARMAN ExPLORE: Behind the Scenes
Audio Talks is BACK with a special “on the road” edition with HARMAN ExPLORE. Tune in between now and January 15th to get the lowdown on the latest audio and automotive industry trends. In this episode, Stacia Anderson, Senior Director, Experiential Marketing and Chris Dragon, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing at HARMAN will speak about HARMAN going virtual with their HARMAN ExPLORE showcase this year and gives a sneak peek into what people can expect.
32:10 17.12.2020