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Making the Startup

In this podcast series Patrick Setzer invites entrepreneurs and investors from USA and Europe to talk about successes and challenges on their startup road.


#4 Raising 500 million dollar for Get your guide with Josef Gatzek
In the fourth episode of Making the Startup I invited Josef Gatzek, former CFO of city guide platform Get your guide, to explain the details of the  financing round for the startup with all the hurdles and successes. With Softbank as one of the investores surely not an easy negotiation. As well we dig in his business life worling for Paypal, Audible, Bertelsmann Bookclub and others. He just signed a contract as CFO with another startup which he will reveal at the end of the podcast.    
65:40 29.10.2020
#3 Amazon Making the Cut & Esther Perbandt Part 3
The third episode of Making the Startup concludes the talk with Esther Perbandt about her participation in the Amazon series Making the Cut. Patrick congratulates Esther to winning millions of viewer-hearts, but only runner-up position of the one-million-dollar prize. They discuss in detail about her Marketing, target group and search engine optimization for her online presence and her digital setup for the show in general. As well how her personal connection to the other designers and the winner is and whether she sees them as friends or competitors. At the end Esther gives an outlook on where she herself and the brand Esther Perbandt is heading to in the next two years. Listen here to podcast #3 - stay safe, have fun: -> Making the Startup Podcast
20:57 30.04.2020
#2 Amazon Making the Cut & Esther Perbandt Part 2
In the second episode of Making the Startup Patrick continues the discussion with Esther Perbandt about her participation in the Amazon series Making the Cut and the effects on her fashion brand. They discuss her businessplan to calculate the amount of traffic, purchasers and hence parcels and logistics that could be expected after the launch of the show with millions of potential viewers. As well they talk about and describe their tasklist six months before the start of the show to be prepared in every department of a company like hers for the rush of an 8-digit amount of potential Amazon Prime viewers to turn into a Esther Perbandt customers. Listen here to podcast #2 and stay safe. More on the Making the Startup Podcast
28:27 23.04.2020
#1 Amazon Making the Cut & Esther Perbandt Part 1
The first episode of Making the Startup starts with a three-part podcast story. The first one presents the Amazon series Making the Cut, a designer casting show that can be watched by approximately 200 million Amazon Prime customers per video stream, as well as the effects on the fashion brand Esther Perbandt, whose founder takes part in the casting show. As a result, the entrepreneur Esther Perbandt, the label and the structure are presented and discussed as a well developing fashion brand over the past 15 years. Esther also tells how she was approached by Amazon to participate in Making the Cut, as well as all details about the jury team consisting for example of Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell, the other participants, the locations New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Paris and the prize money of one million dollars. Have fun!
28:42 11.04.2020
#0 Intro Making the Startup
In the intro it is explained that this podcast is the stage for successful and aspiring entrepreneurs and for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Patrick gives a short introduction on the topic, which guests are invited to the podcast, which experience they bring to the conversation, where the name Making the Startup actually comes from and says some wordsabout himself. Have fun!
02:54 01.04.2020