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Elite Experts Conferences Podcast: it is always the people who make a technology exciting, who make a brand attractive, who fill a company with corporate culture, a higher sense and vision. It's exactly these brilliant personalities from the tech world that we will present to you in our new digital format. We want to actively involve you as our appreciated community. Therefore we will always introduce the invited guests on LinkedIn first. You can ask the questions you are interested in in the comments and we will take them into account. You can expect the following: super brains of the technical world, innovative lateral thinkers, charismatic techies, modern leaders, courageous people who pursue their visions with passion, promising startups as well as cool global players.


Trailer Dynamics & Krone collaboration 59:13 14.04.2022
Autonomous Driving & ADAS - progress towards the big vision 102:32 24.03.2022
Battery industry paradigm - plan for mass production and permanent innovation adoption 97:47 02.02.2022
Emerging Tech For Autonomous Vehicles: Advanced Stereo Sensing Solutions 44:31 29.11.2021
TEOREMA - the new approach of 'godere la vita’, ‚enjoying life‘ as a brilliant match of technology and design 88:29 28.10.2021
The Future of Electric Propulsion 78:43 18.08.2021
Innovating Together With Freudenberg Performance Materials 59:16 25.06.2021
Join our Free Live Workshop „3 Best Strategies for Startups How to Collaborate with Established Companies“ 03:19 31.05.2021
Future mobility - defined by the outstanding creative design minds of the automotive industry 100:31 11.03.2021
Automotive Cells Company - accelerating sustainable mobility for all 62:12 14.12.2020
Augmenta - building AI-powered design & engineering tools beyond human imagination 51:05 05.11.2020
EEC Podcast with Fabian Hediger, CEO of Worldwebforum - 'The magic of networking-creating today the version of tomorrow' 34:10 08.10.2020
EEC Podcast with Tamara Baksht: VisIC Technologies - Improving the performance of EVs using gallium nitride transistors 36:57 03.09.2020
EEC Podcast with Thomas Ingenlath, CEO at Polestar 'Polestar - sustainability as an inner precept' 62:14 13.08.2020
Molecular Plasma Group: Sustainable approach in composites bonding in automotive industry 44:10 02.07.2020
EV pioneer Gianfranco Pizzuto: 'The power and charisma of sustainability in the automotive industry and in racing‘ 50:33 11.06.2020
Electreon: Innovative change of the angle of view by ElectReon's Dynamic Wireless Electrification System 47:32 19.05.2020