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AGYA goes viral

Welcome to the podcast ‘AGYA goes viral’! We here at the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) invite you to join us as we explore the diverse implications of COVID-19 for science and society at large. In each episode, Arab and German AGYA members and alumni from different scientific disciplines come together to discuss research on and amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. As the current situation challenges our societies in unprecedented ways, we hope this platform will serve a space for dialogue and lead to inspiring exchange. The Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) provides this podcast as a public service. The authors/speakers remain solely responsible for the contents and recommendations provided in the podcast and do not reflect positions of AGYA or any of its funding partners.


Health and Coronavirus Vaccines
In this podcast episode, AGYA Co-President Professor Maha Nasr from Egypt and AGYA Steering Committee member Professor Marc Ringel from Germany talk about the current Coronavirus vaccines and how to stay healthy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Maha Nasr is Associate Professor for Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy at Ain Shams University in Egypt. Marc Ringel is Professor for Economics at Nuertingen-Geislingen University in Germany.
12:54 23.03.2021
Media Coverage on COVID-19 Pandemic
In this podcast episode, two AGYA alumnae from media studies, Professor Hanan Badr from Egypt and Professor Carola Richter from Germany, exchange views on the media coverage surrounding COVID-19 and the role of science journalism in the dissemination of reliable and credible information in society. Hanan Badr is Associate Professor for Mass Communication at the Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) in Kuwait, and is also affiliated with Cairo University in Egypt. Carola Richter is Professor for International Communication at Freie Universität Berlin in Germany.
23:58 06.11.2020
The Role of Scholars in Society in Times of Crisis
In this podcast episode, AGYA member Dr. Luise Fischer from Germany and AGYA alumnus Professor Ahmad El-Guindy from Egypt share their thoughts on a possible second wave of COVID-19 and the role of scholars in society in times of crisis. Luise Fischer is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy in Leipzig. Ahmad El-Guindy is Professor of Mathematics at Cairo University.
32:53 29.09.2020
Coronavirus Warning Apps
In this podcast episode, AGYA member Dr. Amro Ali from Egypt and AGYA alumnus Dr. Kalman Graffi from Germany discuss Coronavirus warning apps, delving into their advantages, disadvantages and effectiveness from both a technological and ethical point of view. Amro Ali is a lecturer in Political Sociology at the American University in Cairo, while Kalman Graffi is a Principal Scientist at the Honda Research Institute Europe located in Offenbach am Main.
34:55 26.08.2020
Plagues in Ancient Times & Modern 3D Simulations for Potential Therapies
In this podcast episode, AGYA members Professor Dr. Zeina Hobaika from Lebanon and Dr. Konstantin Klein from Germany discuss lessons learned from plague epidemics in ancient times as well as the benefits of using modern software and 3D simulations to better understand how COVID-19 behaves and how it might react to certain treatments.
16:51 06.07.2020
Hajj & Health
In this podcast episode, we welcome AGYA members Professor Lena-Maria Möller from Germany and Professor Mohammed Alkatan from Kuwait. Their conversation will delve into the implications of COVID-19 for the Islamic pilgrimage, the Hajj, and for public health. Mohammed will also provide some practical tips for staying fit while working from home.
25:54 29.06.2020
Research in the Humanities
In this podcast episode, two AGYA alumni, Professor Julia Hauser from Germany and Professor Bilal Orfali from Lebanon, discuss the implications of COVID-19 on research in the humanities. Julia focuses on the history of masks and the public perception of facial covering in Europe, while Bilal illustrates how Sufi practises in Islamic mystical traditions can offer spiritual guidance in times of crisis.
25:39 29.06.2020