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Game Changer - the game theory podcast

In Game Changer, the podcast by TWS Partners, we want to share our enthusiasm and passion for game theory and its applications. We invite guests from business and academia to discuss how they use the power of game theory in their profession to make a difference – and to learn some fun anecdotes, useful facts and valuable insights along the way. Join us on this journey, and find out that game theory is much more than a topic for ivory tower discussions.


Behind the Scenes of Sotheby's Auction House | with Eva Donnerhack 31:31 11.10.2021
Are All Models Wrong? | with Scott Page 27:10 27.09.2021
The Price of a Pill: Game Theory and the Pharmaceutical Industry | with Oliver Viehmann 17:51 13.09.2021
How to predict emerging market power using Game Theory | with Philipp Heller 30:07 02.08.2021
It's a match! How Economists improve mechanisms for kidney exchange | with Julien Combe 37:22 19.07.2021
From a spark to a flame: the rise of Game Theory at General Motors | with Marc Robinson 27:13 05.07.2021
Rationing supply – or how good intentions can lead to a bad outcome | with Marion Ott 20:46 21.06.2021
Super League, super market power? | with Jan Eeckhout 28:46 07.06.2021
Is game theory dangerous? | with David McAdams 39:34 24.05.2021
Markets & morals – two contradicting concepts? | with Vitali Gretschko 26:51 10.05.2021
Can you trust market research surveys? – How Game Theory reveals what people are really prepared to pay | with Anouar El Haji 28:53 26.04.2021
Why cheaper isn't always better – the effect of zero prices in the electricity market | with Robert Idel 26:24 12.04.2021
Falling in love – game theory style! | with Christina Gravert 20:21 29.03.2021
The Nuts and Bolts of e-Auctions | with Jacob Larsen 31:39 15.03.2021
How game theory can keep cognitive biases in check and improve companies' interactions with customers | with Nafa Ben Haddej 26:39 02.03.2021
Never underestimate the power of signals - game theory in frequency auctions | with Stephan Knapek 26:38 16.02.2021
Online reviews - How you are fooled by them and why game theory can improve their trustworthiness | with Paolo Turrini 24:00 02.02.2021
Carbon neutral – the smart way: How game theory can help companies to reduce carbon gas emissions | with Christian Paul 18:30 19.01.2021
Finding daycare centres for children in the optimal way | with Tobias Riehm 17:02 05.01.2021
Game theory as a time booster: How market design helps to reduce development time for a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 | with Marcus Schreiber 20:36 22.12.2020
Game theory – or why prisoners should learn to cooperate | with Abhinay Muthoo 34:18 08.12.2020
Economists to the rescue – how game theory helped to fight a deadly disease | with Sebastian Moritz 19:51 23.11.2020
Contributions of the 2020 economics laureates - or why winning an auction can be cursed | with Achim Wambach 19:02 16.10.2020
Game theory: Only a subject for Academia or relevant for business? | with Marcus Schreiber 24:53 23.09.2020