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The Life Curation Podcast by Andrina Tisi: raw conversations, nuggets of inspiration, heartfelt tips and tricks to inspire, encourage and empower you to live your true potential. Andrina is incorporating her Swiss and North American heritage by making this a bilingual podcast. Some episodes will be in English others in Swiss German. Website: This is an independent podcast if you like it and want to support the production I'd be delighted. There are different options, you can check them out on my website under the podcast tab.


088 | Summer Solstice - Meditation
Summer Solstice - the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Looking at nature, you can see that everything is in full bloom or on its way to get there anytime soon. For instance, when tasting strawberries, you have the sun directly on your tongue and from there to your heart. So the complete summer abundance is showing here. With these reflections and a short meditation, I’d like to inspire you to have a look at where in the last couple of months you received and felt just the same abundance, i.e. success, joy, and achievements. ________________________________________ LINKS Episode 070 | Fall Equinox & Transition Meditation: Episode 077 | Winter Solstice Meditation: Episode 084 | Spring Equinox Meditation: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: My Gift for you:
21:00 21.06.23
087 | Auf dem Weg zu deiner Wahrheit - Stephanie Albert
Mein heutiger Gast - Stephanie Albert - ist mit Energie- und Bewusstseinsarbeit in der Ayurveda Komplementärtherapie tätig. Sie unterstützt Menschen dabei, mentale, physische und emotionale Blockaden zu lösen - für ein erfülltes Leben. “Auf dem Weg zur Wahrheit” - doch was genau ist Wahrheit? Darüber und wie wichtig es ist, sich selbst kennenzulernen, spreche ich mit Stephanie. Was passiert auf dem Weg der Heilung? Oder was ist Heilung in einem übergeordneten Sinn? Wir kennen es alle: wir schneiden uns mit dem Messer, es blutet und dann in den nächsten Tagen heilt die Wunde. Je nachdem wie achtsam wir mit dieser Wunde umgehen, verheilt sie schneller oder es braucht etwas länger und die Narbe ist sichtbarere/spürbarer oder weniger. Und wie kann man hier mit Energie- und Bewusstseinsarbeit unterstützend wirken? Das alles und mehr ist Thema in dieser Episode. ________________________________________ LINKS ZU STEPHANIE Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
58:49 05.05.23
086 | Making Poo Talk Salon Chic - Sandra Mikhail
There is still a lot of shame and discomfort around the topic of digestive issues, which often leads to a lot of people also then being misinformed. Sandra and I talk about some of the most common digestive and gut issues people experience. Sandra Mikhail is an internationally known Accredited Practicing Dietitian and the founder and director of Nutrition A-Z. Sandra's passion for and work in gut health created a movement of normalizing "poo talk" or as her motto goes "making poo talk salon chic", shedding light on topics that you may find yourself secretly 'googling' about. Sandra shares with us, what the biggest misconception about gut health is, i.e. what is a blissful gut and how it feels. We also talk about how gut health and the immune system are related and where the mindset comes in. And - as a little fun fact - Sandra explains why she always has Mushrooms (the eatable version 🙂) in her fridge. ________________________________________ LINKS TO SANDRA Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Podcast: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW The Gut Chronicles by Sandra Mikhail: Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus: Good Gut Tea Blend by Sandra: Sandra’s Special offer for you - 10% discount on one of the programs EATRAIN or Beat the Bloat : ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
47:34 28.04.23
085 | Internal Family Systems - Laura Cincera
In this episode, Laura Cincera introduces us to Internal Family Systems (IFS), not to be confused with Family Constellations, which is an approach working with External Family Systems. Internal Family Systems is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the idea that the human mind consists of different "parts" each with its own unique characteristics, beliefs, and emotions. Laura and I dive right into the topic. We discuss what is different about IFS compared to other modalities. And she explains what exactly are those different parts of our mind and what is their role. Also, where and how IFS comes into play when a part needs healing. Laura is a facilitator, leadership coach, and IFS coach. She supports others to design unique paths that allow a sustained sense of intentionality, well-being, and flourishing. Laura likes dancing with questions, blurring boundaries between disciplines, and allowing curiosity to guide her explorations. In line with the IFS philosophy, she believes that we all contain multitudes and, in her own path, she enjoys creating in multiple realms. Currently, she plays at the intersection of somatic, technology, and spirituality. ________________________________________ LINKS TO LAURA Website: Instagram: Linkedin: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED World as Lover, World as Self by Joana Macy: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
46:04 14.04.23
084 | Spring Equinox Meditation
A Time of Re-Birthing and Growing Today, day and night are equally long. Spring is here. Observing nature, we can see how the first blossoms show, hear how the birds are starting to sing more intensively, and how everything is waking up from winter and the introspection. Seeing this in nature, we might feel this growth and expansion in ourselves as well. Moving from a more inward and reflective energy to a more outgoing, energized, and creative one. In this meditation, I invite you to sense what is growing within you that is now ready to bloom. ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: My Gift for you:
35:40 20.03.23
083 | The Importance of Feeling & Sensing your Vision, Dreams & Manifestations (D&E)
INCLUSIVELY A GUIDED MEDITATION TO MEET YOUR FUTURE SELF In dieser zweisprachigen Episode teile ich mit dir, wieso es wichtig ist, dass wir unsere Visionen, Träume und Manifestationen spüren und fühlen. Even though the first quarter of 2023 is almost over, there is still time to unfurl and manifest your wishes, conceive, and visualize your dreams. In fact, it is never too late for that. Because your visions and ideas are not bound to any kind of time frame, i.e. a calendar year. Vision board - this is a very intuitive process. A process, when given time and space, can be pretty powerful. Visuals of your vision may find you, or you may find the right image for your idea or your dream. Both can and should be possible. A vision board is not about creativity, but about opening up to bring anything into your life, by imagining and knowing it is already waiting for you. ________________________________________ LINKS Episode 063 | Staying in the Process while Being Goal-Oriented:: Episode 036 | My Daily Morning Gratitude & Manifestation Practice: Vision Board Workshop: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: My Gift for you:
36:00 07.03.23
082 | Thoughts and Personal Reflections on Polarity & Growth - Solo
In this episode, I am sharing with you how in the last few months I have experienced polarity and how it can foster growth. With personal examples and how I have experienced it, I hope to show you how we can embrace polarity in its entirety. For me, polarity and growth definitely go hand in hand. Allowing different sides of a situation or person can entail challenges, a filled heart, and an open mind. I can summarize it with “Embracing, living through, and giving room to polarities made me grow enormously”. The definition of polarity (according to the Oxford Dictionary) is “the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects”. Transferring this to our daily language means day & night, female & male, light & shadow, and yin & yang. So, one can’t exist without the other. ________________________________________ LINKS Episode 066 - Sowohl Als Auch | Embracing all Possiblities and Sensations: Episode 063 - Staying in the Process while Being Goal-Oriented: Episode 041 - The Power of Practices, Routines & Rituals: Episode 036 - My Daily Morning Gratitude & Manifestation Practice: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: My Gift for you:
29:19 24.02.23
081 | Andrina Interviewed by Maja Juzwiak - My Story Unfolded
Today I like to share with you another episode where I am the guest. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my long-time friend Maja Juzwiak for her new podcast “Stories Unfolded”. Maja and I talk about my corporate background, my current work as a coach, Yoga Teacher, we talk about Life Curation, being a business owner, and how I went from Zurich to New York, to Vancouver, back to Zurich and now partially living on an island. And in all that, how I (try) to juggle all this without getting too overwhelmed by it all (and sometimes I do). We also touch on the project my partner and I recently started on the Island of La Palma and what is the vision behind that. ________________________________________ LINKS ZU MAJA Website: Instagram: Linkedin: Podcast: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: My Gift for you:
36:55 10.02.23
080 | The Benefits of Generative Trance - Stephen Gilligan
This summer I attended the Generative Trance Workshop in Italy with Stephen Gilligan, and I am happy to have him as my guest today. We speak about healing and transformation, the conscious and the unconscious mind, and much more. Stephen is a Psychotherapist, Author, Workshop Leader, Storyteller, and Transformation Specialist. He says that from a very young age, he was astonished and amazed that the words people spoke often didn’t match what he felt and saw in them. He knew from early on that psychotherapy was his calling. At Stanford University, he then earned his Ph.D. in research psychology and from there he has been practicing, writing, and teaching as a psychotherapist and coach. He is always looking for ways to absorb the countless contradictions and struggles of consciousness into generative integration, and into exactly that we dive deep into our conversation today. ________________________________________ LINKS TO STEVEN Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED Yoga Retreat Switzerland: Vision Board Workshop: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
61:04 27.01.23
079 | Darmglück - Julia Gruber
Darmglück - für manche Menschen ist vielleicht alles, was mit Darm zu tun hat, ein Thema, das nicht unbedingt mit “Glück” verbunden ist. Daher lautet meine Einstiegsfrage an meine heutige Interviewpartnerin Julia Gruber gleich “Wie fühlt sich ein glücklicher Darm überhaupt an?”. Und natürlich ist das eine sehr individuelle Sache, aber man könnte wohl sagen, ein glücklicher Darm fühlt sich so an, dass man ihn fast nicht spürt. Für einige ist das Thema generell unangenehm und mit Scham behaftet. Julia, die mit ihrem Podcast “Darmglück” direkt am Puls ist, berichtet, was sich hier im Moment gerade tut. Wir sprechen in dieser Folge auch darüber, welche wichtigen Aspekte für die Darmgesundheit eine Rolle spielen. Wie zum Beispiel, ob eine gute Verdauung gleichbedeutend mit einer intakten Darmgesundheit ist. Auch tauchen wir in die Zusammenhänge von Darmgesundheit zu anderen Themen wie Stress, Schlaf, Lifestyle, Mindset und Routinen ein. Das Darmglück hängt selbstverständlich auch mit der Ernährung zusammen und Julia gibt uns ein paar Tipps dazu. Julia Gruber ist Ernährungs-Coach und Darmexpertin. Sie hat zusammen mit ihrem Mann Roman über 15 Jahre eine Coaching-Praxis für Darmgesundheit geführt. Die beiden haben gemeinsam über 2’000 Menschen auf ihrem Weg zu mehr Gesundheit und Lebensfreude begleiten dürfen. Julias Podcast “Darmglück” gehört mit fast einer halben Million Downloads zu den führenden Podcasts über Darmgesundheit im deutschsprachigen Raum. Mittlerweile konzentrieren sich Roman und Julia ausschliesslich auf den Aufbau der Arktis BioPharma Schweiz AG, eine Firma für hochwertige Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Darmgesundheit, wie Probiotika, Präbiotika und ausgesuchte Nährstoffe. Ihr Wissen geben sie über den Blog und Podcast weiter und sie bieten den Lehrgang “Fachberater*in für Mikrobiom und Metabolom” für Menschen aus einem Gesundheitsberuf an. ________________________________________ LINKS ZU JULIA Website: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast: Freebie: 15% Rabatt auf die erste Bestellung mit dem Code podcast15 ________________________________________ IM INTERVIEW ERWÄHNTE LINKS Julia Gruber interviewed mich für den Darmglück-Podcast: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
47:22 13.01.23
078 | Plane deine Me-Time-Inseln
WIR ALLE BRAUCHEN IMMER WIEDER MOMENTE ZUM AUFTANKEN Heute möchte ich darüber sprechen, was “Auszeit” bedeutet und wie wichtig es ist, dass wir uns alle immer wieder Zeit für uns selbst nehmen. Oft machen wir Anfang eines neuen Jahres Pläne für die nächsten Monate. Ich möchte dich ermutigen, ganz bewusst auch Zeit für dich selbst einzuplanen. Zum Beispiel eine tägliche Me-Time-Insel in den Kalender eintragen oder ein verlängertes Wochenende, das du nur dir widmest oder sogar mehrere Wochen, in denen die du dir ganz speziell für dich Zeit nimmst. Diese Inseln sind ein Zeitraum, in dem du bewusst Abstand von deinen gewohnten Tätigkeiten und/oder deinem gewohnten Umfeld nimmst. Entweder um einfach mal nichts zu tun und vom Alltag Abstand nehmen. Oder, um dich mit besonderem Fokus, Klarheit, Muße und Kraft einem bestimmten Thema oder Aspekt in deinem Leben zu widmen. __________________________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED Engadin Yoga & Wellness Wochenende: DEIN Yogaretreat: __________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My offer for you: LinkedIn:
13:53 06.01.23
077 | Winter Solstice Meditation
Today, December 21st, 2022, marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. It’s Winter Solstice. Solstice derives from the two Latin words, sol - meaning “sun” and sistere - meaning “stand still”. It is believed that this day also marks the re-birthing of the sun and thus the re-birthing of nature. Since we are part of nature, you can say in good faith that it is also a kind of rebirth for us. I created a meditation, especially for this occasion. Consider it an X-mas present, just for YOU. __________________________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED FALL EQUINOX & TRANSITION MEDITATION | 070: WINTER RITUALS FOR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLBEING | 005: WINTER SOLSTICE, RAUHNÄCHTE & THE 12 HOLY NIGHTS | 009: __________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My offer for you: LinkedIn:
25:01 21.12.22
076 | Andrina zu Gast bei Julia Gruber - Life Coaching bei Überforderung
Heute gibt es eine spezielle Episode. Denn ich habe - mal wieder - den “Spiess umgedreht”. Meine liebe Freundin und Kollegin Julia Gruber vom Darmglück Podcast hat mich zum Thema Coaching interviewt. Es freut mich sehr, diese Folge in meinem Podcast mit euch zu teilen. So erhaltet ihr einen tieferen Einblick in meine Arbeit und Philosopie. Und ihr könnt mich ein bisschen besser kennenlernen. Julia und ich sprechen darüber, was “Life Coaching” eigentlich bedeutet. Im Besonderen haben wir über das Thema Überforderung und die häufigsten Ursachen dafür gesprochen.
43:37 09.12.22
075 | Alles ist Zahl - The Magic of Numbers - Jeannette Ruh
In diesem Interview teilt Jeannette Ruh mit uns ihre grosse Leidenschaft zur Numerologie. Jeannette hat es sich zur Lebensaufgabe gemacht, mittels Numerologie Spiritualität unverstaubt, modern und bodenständig zu vermitteln. Wir sprechen darüber, welche Bedeutung Zahlen für sie haben, was Numerologie mit Pythagoras zu tun hat und ob und welche verschiedenen Arten von Numerologie es gibt. Jeannette erklärt uns Vieles an einem “Live-Beispiel”, nämlich auf der Basis meines Geburtsdatums 😀. So zum Beispiel, wie wir unsere Essenz entdecken können oder wir anhand der Numerologie unsere Lernaufgabe erkennen können und was es mit der sogenannten Namensnumerologie auf sich hat. Natürlich werfen wir auch einen Blick zurück auf das Jahr 2022 mit seinen Learnings und einen Blick nach vorne, auf 2023. Jeannette gibt ihr Wissen in Beratungen, Workshops und Onlinekursen weiter und inspiriert auf Social Media ihre Community. Seit vielen Jahren beschäftigt sie sich mit dem Wesen der Zahlen und hat verschiedene Ausbildungen dazu besucht. Es ist ihr eine Freude, das Wissen um die Bedeutung und die Qualität der Zahlen in Beratungssitzungen in der Schweiz weiterzugeben, und Menschen mit einer positiven Message auf ihrem Weg begleiten zu dürfen. ____________________________________ LINKS TO JEANNETTE Website: Instagram: Podcast: ____________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Dan Millman | Die Lebenszahl als Lebensweg: Christine Bengel | Numerologie für die Praxis: Episode 20 - Typenlehre anhand des Enneagramms: ________________________________________ SPECIAL | Bedeutung der Zahlen in der Numerologie 1 - Anfang, Ideen, Einheit 2 - Träumen, Intuition, Gegensätze 3 - Kommunikation, Lebensfreude, Tatkraft 4 - Stabilität, Struktur, Fundament 5 - Freiheit, Abenteuer, Selbstorganisation 6 - Liebe, Harmonie, Leistungskraft 7 - Lebensfülle und Vertrauen 8 - Lebenslust, Kreativität, Schöngeist 9 - Wandel, Weisheit, Intellekt 0 - Das ewige Sein ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My Offer for You: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
44:27 02.12.22
074 | 40 Days until 2023
On November 22nd, it will be 40 days until 2023. In the Kundalini tradition, it is said that it takes 40 days to break a habit and 90 days to establish a new one. Others say 21 days or 66 days. In any case, I think it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this year and to finish it off in a special way. In this episode, I’d like to give you some inspiration on how you can dedicate these last 40 days to yourself. __________________________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED Episode - My Daily Morning Gratitude & Manifestation Practice: Kirtan Kriya PDF: __________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My Offer for You:
12:11 18.11.22
073 | Schamanentum in Modernen Zeiten - Jack Silver
Mein Gesprächspartner in dieser Episode, Jack Silver, benutzt lieber das Wort “Schamanentum” statt “Schamanismus”. So oder so, es scheint keine eindeutige Definition von Schamanismus / Schamanentum zu geben. Im weitesten Sinn kann man wohl sagen, dass Schamanismus eine jahrtausendealte Tradition ist, bei der es vor allem um Heilung und Transformation geht. Für Jack geht es im Schamanentum darum, eine Balance herzustellen, die sicherstellt, dass es uns gut geht. Es geht darum, die Natur und deren Prinzipien zu verstehen und damit zu leben. Es heisst auch, die Kräfte, die man nicht sieht, miteinzubeziehen und sich an das Göttliche zu wenden. Man könnte auch sagen, es geht um eine Anrufung der feinstofflichen Welt. In meinem Gespräch mit Jack sprechen wir darüber, wie wir dieses Wissen und Traditionen ins heutige Leben einfliessen lassen können. Zum Beispiel in seine Arbeit mit Führungspersönlichkeiten und mit Gruppen und wie er im Moment sehr viel von Jugendlichen lernt. Zusammen mit seiner Frau Marsha hat Jack die “Kriegerschule” gegründet. In der Kriegerschule möchten sie, mit der sogenannten Triade-Methode, die eine Kombination aus modernen Coaching Techniken, schamanischen Ritualen und elementaren Naturerlebnissen ist, individuelle und funktionierende Lösungen für ein besseres Leben kreieren. Ansonsten ist Jack eine vielfältige Persönlichkeit: Vater, Ehemann, Opa, Business- & Persönlichkeitstrainer, Ritualleiter, Erfinder und Entwickler der Männer-Feuertänze in Deutschland und der Triade-Methode, Reisender, Musiker, Gemeinderat und noch vieles mehr. ________________________________________ LINKS ZU JACK Website: LinkedIn: ________________________________________ IM INTERVIEW ERWÄHNTE LINKS Film Terra X - Die Sprache der Bäume: ​​ ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
57:20 11.11.22
072 | Our Body is Our Best Teacher
This topic has influenced, and still is, my whole life - professionally and personally. I found an excellent paraphrase in a quote from an unknown, “If we listen to our body when it whispers, we won’t have to hear it scream.” Sometimes the “whisper” finds its way through a knot in the belly, a tight chest, or having a hard time swallowing. Maybe the whisper is louder in the form of pain, major digestive issues, or other chronic dis-eases. This is the way our body is communicating - from our emotions to our psyche to our body and back. The main takeaway is that if we approach healing from different angles and acknowledge our body as a whole, we can tap into our body’s wisdom to learn what she/he needs. Once we learn that, we can start to work WITH our body and discover what we don’t know, yet. __________________________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED Blogpost “Our Body is Our Teacher”: Episode 057 | Intro to Somatic Experiencing & Trauma Healing: __________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My offer for you:
19:13 28.10.22
071 | Brotherhood & Sisterhood - Group Episode
For the third time, this episode reflects what I want this podcast to be. It features different people's contributions (women & men) in different languages (Swiss German, German and English). On the topic of Brotherhood & Sisterhood they share what that means to them. You will see that despite all the different opinions, there is a common denominator: You are Not Alone! There is a soul family out there. Sometimes Brother-, or Sisterhood doesn’t need words. ________________________________________ LINKS TO THE CONTIBUTORS (in the order of their appearance) Sandra Donovan : Stefan Beusch : Nadine Brotschi : Sebastian Zitzmann : Cate Spinnler: Oliver Wronka : Marietta Kaiser : Robert Wigand : Irina Katinka Horvath : Mark Van Breemen : Karina Diemer : Olivia Huber : ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE Group Episode “Where is Home”: Group Episode “One Year since the Pandemic Started - People Share the Experience”: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
45:21 14.10.22
070 | Fall Equinox & Transition Meditation
Aren’t we lucky? Lucky to have such beautiful, glowing late summer days, allowing us to slide into the fall season gently. Today, September 23rd, 2022, is the fall equinox. Signifying a moment of stillness, before the earth shifts directions. Today, daytime and nighttime are equally long. This moment of stillness gives us the opportunity also to pause for a moment and reflect on the past months and weeks, and at the same time connect to our intentions and wishes for the coming month. Take a moment to celebrate this auspicious day by lighting a candle and let me guide you through a little meditation. ________________________________________ FURTHER LINKS More guided meditations: Journaling inspiration: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
25:38 23.09.22
069 | Journaling to Support your Growth, Ignite Reflection and Boost your Creativity
There are so many different ways to journal. In this episode I speak about many different ways you can incorporate journaling into your life; for example stream of consciousness, writing letters, keeping a dream journal, journaling for creativity, gratitude journal, or writing lists. I talk about the acronym JOURNAL, different ways it can support you, and you can make it YOURS. With many things, an all-or-nothing attitude keeps us from doing something; don’t pressure yourself to have to journal on a daily basis. Just try some of the things I mention in the episode and see how you feel. Journaling is known to be very helpful in our healing and growth, it allows us to get to know ourselves better, see patterns and notice where possibilities and potential lies. Below are all the links I mentioned during the episode, including the journaling handout with the journaling prompts. I’m really curious to learn which method you choose. You can always get in touch with me via social media or by emailing me. I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you. _______________________________________________________________________________________ MENTIONED LINKS Episode 045 | GUIDED JOURNALING FOR CLOSING THE YEAR AND OPENING UP FOR THE NEW: Episode 054 | GRATITUDE & RESILIENCE WITH ANNA STANDO Episode 036 | MY DAILY GRATITUDE & MANIFESTATION PRACTICE _______________________________________________________________________________________ JOURNALS Just naming a few, as mentioned there are so many different journals out there, however all you need is a pen and paper. Bullet Journal - The Five Minute Journal - The Red Journal (Cycle Journal) - Leuchtturm Journal - _______________________________________________________________________________________ PENS Papermate - Faber Castell Broadpen - Journaling Prompts for Download: _______________________________________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My offer for you:
39:39 09.09.22
068 | The Nervous System & the Polyvagal Theory - Justin Sunseri
Today’s topic - The Nervous System & the Polyvagal Theory - has been on my wish list for a long time and I am thrilled to have Justin Sunseri as my guest. He is a true expert on this. The Polyvagal Theory talks about 3 neural pathways. This gives us the ability to socially engage when we feel safe or to mobilize or immobilize when we feel danger. The vagus nerve is the highway the three neural pathways utilize. Each one is part of the autonomic nervous system. By the end of this episode, you will have a good understanding of the Polyvagal Theory. There is a lot to learn and this is an amazing start. Justin and I talk about the Autonomic Nervous System and the Autonomic State. Right at the beginning he gives us a very understandable and personal example of Neuroception and brings us, based on this example, the different states closer. We talk about how the story follows the state and what the Polyvagal ladder is. We also talk about Anchors, Self- and Co-regulation as well as the connection to Trauma. Get ready, Justin shares a lot of amazing info with us. This is how Justin describes himself - father of 2, husband to 1, coffee 2x/day, amateur designer, 49er Faithful, Seinfeld nerd. Justin’s mission is to change how you understand mental health fundamentally. He wants to reduce the need for psychological concepts like "ego," "shadow" and "parts." And he wants to increase your direct experience of yourself: somatically, emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally. ________________________________________ LINKS TO JUSTIN Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Podcast: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Grid Systems by Josef Müller-Brockmann: Deb Dana: Anchor by Deb Dana: Stanley Rosenberg: Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve by Stanley Rosenberg: Dr. Stephen Porges: Jimmy Savile Documentary on Netflix: Episode 57 | Intro to Somatic Experiencing & Trauma Healing: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
69:09 12.08.22
067 | In Freiheit Verbunden. In Verbindung Frei Sein - Linda Klein
In Freiheit verbunden und gleichzeitig in Verbindung frei zu sein. Wie kommen wir dahin? Zunächst sprechen wir darüber, was Verbundenheit überhaupt ist. Linda Klein und ich sprechen über die Verbundenheit zwischen Menschen, zu uns selbst und auch, sich allem was ist verbunden zu fühlen. Wie wir dies im Leben wahrnehmen und ansteuern können, unabhängig davon wo man sich befindet - örtlich aber auch in Bezug auf die Lebenssituation. Es ist auch wichtig, zu verstehen, dass sich diese beiden Grundbedürfnisse - Freisein und Verbundensein - nicht gegenseitig ausschliessen. Wir sprechen auch über die innere und äussere Freiheit. Das führt uns direkt zu “Next Level Beziehungen”, bei denen es darum geht, sich wahrhaftig zu zeigen, mit all seinen Bedürfnissen und Wünschen. Linda erklärt uns auch was Beziehungsmuster sind, wie sie entstehen können und wie wir sie transformieren. Linda Klein ist Psychologin, integrative Traumatherapeutin und ganzheitlicher Coach und begleitet Einzelpersonen und Paare raus aus alten Bindungsmustern und festgefahrenen Beziehungsdynamiken hin zu wahrhaftig nährenden und glücklichen Beziehungen. Ihr Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen gibt sie auch in ihrem Podcast „Next Level Beziehungen - In Freiheit verbunden. In Verbindung frei sein“ weiter, denn sie wünscht sich eine Welt, in der wir alle mehr und mehr wahrhaftig verbunden sind - mit uns selbst, mit anderen und mit allem was ist. ____________________ LINKS TO LINDA Website: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast: ____________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Slow Sex by Diana Richardson: Podcast Episode “Sowohl als auch - Embracing All Possibilities and Sensations”: ____________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
48:52 05.08.22
066 | Sowohl Als Auch - Embracing All Possibilities and Sensations
Some words, sentences, or sayings are hard to translate into another language without losing their meaning; it makes us creative to find the right explanation and definition. I could have recorded this episode in German to make it easier, however, I love to find ways to translate something with more depth than just simply a synonym. “So wohl als auch”is a phrase that is exactly that for me. The translation is ”both and” or “as well as”, for me it doesn’t have the same ring and power. Bottom line is, that it embraces the AND and not the OR, its inclusion instead of exclusion. In this episode, I talk about how life-changing this concept was and still is for me. Humans like the clarity of this OR that, black or white, left or right; this can give us (perceived) certainty but also limit our possibilities. Listening in you will hear how “so wohl als auch” and embracing the multifaceted beings that we are, can create softness, possibility, and freedom. ________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My offer for you:
12:15 29.07.22
065 | WombSpirit - Aus der Fülle der Weiblichkeit - Michaela Prina
Was genau ist Weiblichkeit? Michaela Prina nennt uns ein Paradebeispiel : Mutter Erde, weil sie die gleichen Qualitäten hat: sie empfängt, trägt, nährt und verbindet. Weil sie aus sich selbst schöpft und über eine innere sowie äussere Fülle verfügt, die wiederum eine enorme Kreativität birgt. Eben: wild, sanft und frei! Wir alle haben eine weibliche Kraft in uns, Männer wie Frauen. Es ist Zeit uns immer mehr aus der Quelle der Intuition leiten zu lassen. Im Interview sprechen wir darüber, dass sich viele Dinge derzeit spür-, und sichtbar verändern, was die Sichtbarkeit der Weiblichkeit angeht. Michaela nennt es die “Chaos-Phase”. Ausserdem erklärt Michaela, wie sie das sogenannte “Bridging” einsetzt. Es geht darum weibliche und männliche Kräfte miteinander in einen fruchtbaren und unterstützenden Tanz zu bringen. Dies geschieht erst im Innen mit der Anima bzw. dem Animus. Danach im Aussen, im Austausch mit dem jeweiligen Partner / Partnerin. Wir sprechen über WombSpirit und was für eine Kraft in unserer Gebärmutter sitzt, die viele Antworten auf unsere Fragen hat. Wir reden über Sisterhood und wie wir unsere Grösse kraftvoll und verletzlich einnehmen können. Seit 15 Jahren begleitet Michael Frauen und Männer auf ihrem Seelenweg in ihre Ganzheit. Dies ist Voraussetzung für ein Leben in Gesundheit, Freude, innerer & äusserer Fülle.​ Ihr Fokus liegt auf der Rückverbindung zur Ur-weiblichen Kraft und zum Ausdruck seelischer Ganzheit. Michaela kombiniert ihr Wissen und ihre langjährige Erfahrung als Carniosacral Therapeutin mit Somatic Experiencing, Schamanischer Arbeit und Aufstellungsmethoden. ________________________________________ LINKS TO MICHAELA Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Miro Academy ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
46:33 22.07.22
064 | Creating Personal & Planetary Well-being - Michelle Grant
We are the dreamers and leaders of a sustainable and joyful world. With this part of Michelle’s Manifesto, we start our conversation. Michelle explains why being a dreamer does not exclude being a leader. A leader is someone who envisions a different and better future and helps to walk others in that direction. There is also the “Million Dollar Question” that we discussed: What is sustainable change and how can we create it? And related to that, how can we figure out what our individual role in this movement of change is? Michelle gives us some tips on how each of us can start implementing that change in our daily life. Michelle also works with the Enneagram. She shares with us, what the Enneagram is and how she finds it beneficial to find our authentic leadership style. Michelle Grant is a leadership coach and food system sustainability expert who has worked at the forefront of research, education and practice for nearly 20 years. She was the founding Executive Director of the World Food System Center at ETH Zurich, a research and education center that tackles complex food and sustainability challenges. Through this work, she became passionate about the question of how we really create and interact with, and change when trying to build a better world. ________________________________________ LINKS TO MICHELLE Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Podcast: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elson M. Haas: The Great Full | Sustainable Eating with Purpose and Joy by Michelle Grant: The Great Full Manifesto: Podcast Episode about the Enneagram: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
48:20 15.07.22
063 | Staying in the Process while being Goal-Oriented
In this solo episode, I am sharing with you my thoughts on process versus goal orientation. I speak about the benefits of both and how we often are more focused on the goal and forget to be in the process. Other points I am touching on: - Working with myself instead of working on myself - Being vs doing - Self Discovery - The importance of our Why Enjoy and I am looking forward to your feedback _______________________________________________________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE Process Painting: Start with Why - Simon Sinek: My offer for you: ______________________________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME
27:57 08.07.22
062 | The Power of Shared Stories - Cathlene Bell
Cathlene Bell - Program & Partnership Manager at Capacity - shares with us how powerful and connecting shared stories are. Listen all the way to the end and hear Cathlene’s own powerful story and how she came to be where she is today, personally and professionally. She is a storyteller by nature, and she absolutely loves to share stories of resilience as widely as possible and to look for the glimmers of possibility that emerge from the connections made by shared stories. We discuss what creativity means in connection with storytelling and Cathlene shares the powerful healing and transformation that can happen Cathlene tells us about the project “Access” at Capacity, where she works as a Volunteer Manager and Communications Associate. Helping, supporting, and empowering people with migrant backgrounds not to give in when it comes to applying for a job in Switzerland with their own national education. Capacity’s mission is to build a society that is open and supportive of everyone, regardless of their background. They foster refugee and migrant talent so that people can reach their potential and achieve socio-economic inclusion in Switzerland. Cathlene shares how everyone can help and how listening to stories and learning from them is the beginning. ________________________________________ LINKS TO CATHLENE Website Capacity: Facebook Capacity: Instagram Capacity: LinkedIn Capacity: Cathlene’s Podcast “Create Imperfect Anyway”: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Two Hitlers and a Marilyn by Adam Andrusier: Untitled Poem by Beth Strano: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
62:26 01.07.22
061 | Nurture the Love Languages in All Your Relationships
I came across the 5 Love Languages many years ago and it had and still has a big impact on me. I think it is a very simple tool to know ourselves and others better. The knowledge of the 5 Love Languages will help you create more meaningful connections in all your relationships. Not only with your romantic ones but also with your coworkers and colleagues, with your children, your parents and your friends. Gary Chapman, Ph.D. is the author and creator of the principle and the various books on "The 5 Love Languages®". In this episode I will introduce all the 5 love languages to you and how you can nurture them in different areas of your life. If you want to dive deeper, below is a link to the website where you will find all the different books. ____________________________________________________________________________________ LINKS 5 Love Languages: Die 5 Sprachen der Liebe: ____________________________________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME My offer for you:
17:18 24.06.22
060 | Dancing as a Healing Habit - Rachel Allan
This conversation with Rachel Allan contains lots of diamonds - promised! We start our conversation by talking about how and why Rachel started to dance in the morning. and what shifted for her in doing so. It began with her trying to shift her emotional state and find some ease during a difficult time in her life. We talked about how dancing is a form of bodywork where we find movement that is inspired by music. Through this practice, we not only notice a shift in the body but also emotionally. If in addition, we add an intention, such as “I want to feel joy!” dancing can help us to bridge between head and heart. Rachel talks about some very interesting research from the Heartmath Institute, such as that the heart is a powerful transmitter not only within our body but also in how we relate to others and how we impact the world around us. As if this is not enough we also talk about what the number “40” means for Rachel and she shares some tips on how to start a daily habit. And finally, we exchange some thoughts about Earl Grey Tea. Rachel helps empower people's leadership from a place of Purpose, Power, and Peace. She bridges conscious action through human skills, working with your mindset, embodiment, emotional intelligence, and spiritual practice to transform your relationship with yourself and others. Together, you are getting to the heart of the matter – and take action so you can influence positive change in the world! ________________________________________ LINKS TO RACHEL Website: Instagram: Linkedin: Podcast: ________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Send your special Joy Song to Rachel via IG: Or send it via Email: The Web of Meaning by Jeremy Lent: Atomic Habits by James Clear: Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance - Research Conducted by the HeartMath Institute: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
66:33 17.06.22
059 | Starke Mädchen für eine neue bewusste Frauen-Generation - Eveline Lüscher
Was heisst es stark zu sein? Insbesondere als Mädchen und später als Frau? Aus Eveline’s Sicht gibt es sowohl eine innere als auch eine äussere, sichtbare Stärke. Mit diesen Formen der Stärke haben Mädchen, junge und erwachsene Frauen ein Werkzeug zu Verfügung, um mit den Herausforderungen des Lebens kraftvoll umzugehen. Eveline teilt mit uns, wie sich junge Mädchen schon früh Werkzeuge zu eigen machen können, die sie mit genau diesen Stärken unterstützen. Ausserdem sprechen wir darüber vor welchen Herausforderungen junge Mädchen heute stehen und mit welchen Themen - auch durch Corona forciert - sie umgehen müssen. Schliesslich erzählt Eveline uns, was ihre Tätigkeit als Fussballtrainerin mit der Gründung von “Y.E.S. STARKE MÄDCHEN® Training” zu tun hat. Eveline Lüscher ist Geschäftsführerin und Gründerin von Y.E.S. STARKE MÄDCHEN®, Ausbildnerin und Kursleiterin Y.E.S. STARKE MÄDCHEN®-Trainings, Primarlehrerin, Craniosacral-Therapeutin, Pränatal-und Geburtstherapeutin, Dozentin an den Pädagogischen Hochschulen für Weiterbildungskurse „Gedächtnistraining, Brain Gym, Rituale“, Fussballtrainerin, Jugend und Sport-Leiterin. Dipl. Yogalehrerin für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene, zudem hat sie Weiterbildungen in Achtsamkeitstraining und MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) absolviert. ________________________________________ IM INTERVIEW ERWÄHNTE LINKS Ändere Deine Gedanken - und Dein Leben ändert sich von Wayne W. Dayer: Kursangebote von Y.E.S. - Starke Mädchen: ________________________________________ LINKS ZU EVELINE Website: Facebook: Linkedin: ________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: Instagram: Facebook:
54:26 10.06.22