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Inspire people. Support each others' growth. Create a meaningful life. Does this mission reflect your values? Welcome to the community! What is WHYLD about? Bringing together friends and strangers for conversations on topics that expand their horizons. Fostering the exchange of thoughts between people of diverse walks of life. Giving extraordinary people „from next door“ a voice to share their stories. Celebrating people’s authentic life choices. Why? So that YOU feel inspired to step into YOUR most authentic, vulnerable, wild self. How can you be part of WHYLD? We produce every episode with love and care. They are a gift to you which can be multiplied indefinitely. Take away from the content what you deem valuable. You may want to try on new thoughts, challenge long-held beliefs, disagree with some aspects of it, or find yourself affirmed by others sharing your experiences, your thoughts, your dreams. Please be invited to share your own view through means of our social media appearances, invite your friends to the discussion, or share the podcast with them. Let us know if you personally know someone whose voice should be heard or if we should cover a certain topic in one of our next episodes. Follow us on Instagram (/whyld.podcast). Find us on Facebook (/ Or visit us on


WHYLD45 - Am I Really Being Myself? Let This Exercise Guide You Towards a More Authentic Life
How authentic do you allow yourself to be, truly? “Given the big role working plays in our lives, it would be a big loss if we couldn’t be ourselves at work, wouldn’t it?”In short, we talk about this in the episode:How does your body let you know when you are in alignment – and when you are straying from your truth?In which situations or environments do you suppress your authenticity?How could you change that?If you made that change, how would your life be different? This episode is special. You are not going to meet a stranger and hear about their version of an authentic life. Instead, it is all about YOU. This episode is a guided visualization exercise, an invitation to reflect on your level of authenticity in important areas of your life, namely your relationships and your work life (no matter what you consider your work to be, e.g. employment, self-employment, volunteering, studying, homemaking, care work, studying etc.). You will be tuning into the language your body uses to signal that you are straying from your truth in unhealthy ways. And what it feels like when you are in alignment. You will be able to identify situations and environments in which you suppress your authentic self… and, thus, identify opportunities to change thanks to your heightened awareness. I will be guiding you to reflect on questions like:Do you alter your appearance for work, and how does that make you feel?Who are the people in whose presence you feel tense and inhibited?Is it uncomfortable for you just to sit with yourself – exposed to your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations – without a distraction?When do you feel most alive, and how can you tell? I invite you to give this episode - this guided journey - an honest try. If you prefer READING the exercise instructions, you can find them in the corresponding blog article on me know what you think of the exercise and this format of a guided visualization / reflection in general! Thank you & much love TinaDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD44 - Women, Would You Pay for Sex? Pillow Talk With a Male Escort - Ben Nordmann
Can you imagine paying for a sexual service? “My goal is that a client is not booking me again.”  In short, we talk about this in the episode:Why do women pay for sex? And is it a bad thing?How does one become a callboy… and why?Why does a sex worker say, “my aim is that no woman calls twice”?Is this even legal? Germany’s Prostitution Protection Act and what introducing the “Nordic Model” would mean for consumers.Why might it feel safer for someone to book an escort than to go on a dating site?In more words:If this question appals you, please don’t run away just yet. Sex work is an edgy topic and people tend to have strong opinions about it. As always with this podcast, you are invited to explore your (dis)comfort zone and respectfully meet perspectives different from your own. In this episode, you’ll meet Ben Nordmann. Ben is passionate about creating positive, inclusive, and empowering spaces for people - in his job as a designer… and as a “supportive” escort. Typical job combination, right? The latter profession takes Ben on international travel to meet with his female “hosts” and explore their desires… Why Ben chose this path, what the motives of his clients are, and how it all works - learn that and more from this rare and very open account of a male “callboy”. Contrasting Ben’s happy and self-determined situation, we also spoke about the darker sides of sex work – and why the current political push in Germany to criminalize “consumers” in general might not solve the issues after all while punishing an entire industry. Mentioned in this episode:Ben is a member of the Germany-based Professional Association for Erotic and Sexual Services (BesD e.V.): (English translation available) Currently, the “Prostitute Protection Act” / “Prostituiertenschutzgesetz" is the legal foundation for sex work in Germany.There is a political push in Germany to introduce the „Nordic Model” which would penalize the clients of sex workers. Ben offers a “Trusted Guest Program” on his website - potential clients can contact Ben's former hosts to learn what the experience was like.Do you want to connect with Ben?Platform (for himself & other professionals sharing the same values): www.justnotbed.comPersonal website: www.ben-nordmann.comIG (platform): @justnotbed_ IG (just Ben): @ben_nordmannTwitter: @justnotbedDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD43 - Words Divide, Words Unite? The Magical World of Lobsterbird
What is a Lobsterbird? “As the saying goes: A fish and a bird could fall in love. But where would they live?” In short, we talk about this in the episode: White-Asian, male-female, arts-science - what is it like to be a builder of bridges between polarities? 88 temples in 24 days – why Lobsterbird completed Japan’s Shikoku pilgrimage in record time and what a rice field can teach you. Wormholes, wisdom, wonders – how Tina was challenged by Lobsterbird’s language but found: We are not that different after all.In more words: Imagine recording a whole podcast episode on the topic of your name, just so you don’t have to repeat the whole story to every new person you meet individually. Welcome to the world of Lobsterbird!Like their name, Lobsterbird as a person defies a short, unidimensional description. Multiprismatic, neuroemergent, and non-binary are but a few descriptors they like to use for themself. Born to “an Asian woman and a white dude”, Lobsterbird’s path as a social chameleon, a wanderer between worlds, was predestined. As an artist, a healer, a guide, Lobsterbird’s mission is to help people find their purpose and transcend their limitations, in order to help build a better world. This episode was born out of hesitation, a tension between different universes. Instead of turning away from the initial insecurities with one another, host and guest instead decided to go for exposure, exploration, and radical honesty with each other. What a magical experience! Enjoy the episode to learn more about barkeeping crustaceans, virtual pilgrimages, and the transformational powers of rice fields. Mentioned in this episode: Lobsterbird’s Bridge to Being PodcastBridge to Being #43 “What the hell is a Lobsterbird?”Lobsterbird's Books: “Phase Out” and “Level Up”Tibetan Vajrayana BuddhismShikoku Pilgrimage Do you want to connect with Lobsterbird? Website: www.lobsterbird.comInstagram: @thelobsterbirdFacebook: @thelobsterbirdDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD42 - How Deep Can I Go? The Peace & Peril of Freediving - Lily Crespy
How long can you hold your breath? “90% of the blackouts happen near the surface at the very end of the dive.”  In short, we talk about this in the episode: How dangerous is freediving really? Step by step, what happens during a vertical freedive?  What surprising reflexes help humans survive longer underwater? Who was Stephen Keenan to Lily and what happened on July 22nd, 2017?  In more words: Imagine walking 120 meters (131 yards) on one breath. Think you can make it?  And now imagine doing the same thing… diving. Miscalculated, ran out of oxygen? Tough luck, no way to breathe before you reach the surface! What sounds like a crazy, dangerous endeavour is Lily Crespy’s passion and the most peaceful activity she can imagine. Freediving. Upon discovering this niche sport, not even a broken leg could stop Lily from diving into a new life. Formerly a molecular biologist, Lily became an athlete, competing in the world championships, and working internationally as a freediving instructor. In 2017, a tragic accident (“The Deepest Breath” movie, available on Netflix) involving Lily’s friends - world-renowned safety diver Stephen Keenan and record-breaking freediving champion Alessia Zecchini – changed the trajectory of Lily’s career.  Let Lily take you on a deep dive and explain the intriguing physiological reflexes that help humans survive longer underwater. Listen to her personal account of Stephen Keenan’s fatal accident. And learn what she is up to now, writing a new chapter back home in Nice, France. Mentioned in this episode: “The Deepest Breath” movie“The Big Blue” movieWim Hof breathing method (NOT to be used for freediving in the water; can be used for static apnea)Mammalian Dive Reflex (set of physiological responses to immersion in water)Laryngospasm (protective reflex against pulmonary aspiration)Blow-Tap-Talk (method to recover blacked-out diver)Alexey Molchanov  & Natalia Molchanova († 2nd August 2015)Dahab Freedivers (freediving school in Dahab, Egypt, founded by Pascal Berger, Miguel Lozano, and Stephen Keenan, later run by Lily Crespy as manager)Alessia ZecchiniStephen Keenan († 22nd July 2017)Do you want to connect with Lily?www.enki-coaching.comIG: @lilycrespyFB: @lily.crespyDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD41 - Is It Selfish Not to Have Children? - Veronica (The Childfree Connection)
Do I have to have kids? “Moms reach out to me all the time and share their stories and say that they just weren't aware that they had the choice.” In short, we talk about this in the episode:How can you find out if you (don’t) want to have kids? Is being childfree different for men vs. women? Should “kids, yes or no” be a topic on your first date?  Why is this such a sensitive topic? In more words:Veronica grew up in a very traditional Hispanic home where the father worked and the mom… worked, too. This came on top of taking care of the household and children, “of course”.Being overworked and last on the to-care-for list was not a model young Veronica fancied for her future. Yet, for a long time, she didn’t know she had a choice.Now 47 and confidently childfree, Veronica knows all about the pressure and the prejudice society applies to people for whom having children is not a given but an option - one that is considered very consciously.Together with her partner Rick, the Austin-based woman with a captivating smile founded “The Childfree Connection” – a global membership community for like-minded individuals.In the episode, we discuss the many stereotypes about childfree people, why many parents feel offended by this topic, what Veronica calls the “But Trap”, and how Veronica thinks about her old age without kids. Resources mentioned in this episode:Earth Overshoot Day – incorrectly addressed as “Earth Day” in the episode: The day of each year when humanity has used up the natural resources available in a year. The more people we become and the less sustainably we act, the earlier the date on which humanity passes this troublesome mark each passing year.“Is childfree for me?” - program + private community offered by VeronicaDo you want to connect with Veronica?Website: www.thechildfreeconnection.comInstagram: @thechildfreeconnectionFacebook: @thechildfreeconnectionDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD40 - Is It a F*** YES? A Nomad’s Journey Home - Alexandra “Allie” Elle
Is “should” still part of your vocabulary? If it’s not a F*** YES, it’s a F*** NO!  In short, we talk about this in the episode:How the way you are eating might reflect your connection with yourself.How a “head person” might find access to their heart’s voice.What you might want to know about the local culture before moving to the Azores…In more words:Alexandra “Allie” Elle has not always been this connected with the callings of her inner voice. The passionate writer lived with a severe eating disorder for nearly two decades. The anorexia that had once filled a void, lies slumbering now and serves as a beacon for when Allie strays from her truth.  Equipped with a wild curiosity, a fearlessness, and a radical love for what’s authentically human, she followed her soul on a nomad journey to self. From Canada, where she grew up, past a small island in the Atlantic, where she leaped and fell, all the way to Poland, where her roots called. Listen to Allie share about her difficulties in navigating cultural clashes, reconciling the intellect and heart, making truthful decisions - and erroring at times.  Resources mentioned in this episode:Gabor Maté -“Wise Mind”- Concept of Dialectic Behavior TherapyDo you want to connect with Allie?Instagram: @alexandraelle.writerDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD39 - Just a Phase? Busting Bisexuality Stereotypes - Mark Cusack
Is it just a phase? “For that whole time, I was not being authentic. I was low-level terrified on a daily basis. And it doesn't take an expert to think about the effect that has on someone's nervous system. That repression is deadly.” In short, we talk about this in the episode: What are the stereotypes around bisexuality?Can gender-fluid people find partners?How are authenticity & mental health connected?In more words: “Promiscuous, unreliable, secretly gay or straight” – bisexual (or pansexual) individuals find themselves stereotyped and often even rejected by potential partners.Mark Cusack makes it a point to debunk these and other myths about sexuality, romance, and gender on his social media platform “notdefining”.Growing up, Mark (he/they) felt alienated by gender expectations and unable to grasp his fluid sexual orientation. Out of fear that his full self might be rejected, he remained closeted, repressed what was queer about him, and questioned his identity in silence.Unfortunately, repression doesn’t go well with one’s mental health. Battling with severe depression and anxiety is the price Mark paid for that life in the closet. But not anymore. Today, by being unapologetically authentic, Mark is the mentor he wished he had back then. “Every pot has its lid”, a popular German proverb, meaning: While you might think you are just too weird, too queer, too in-between to be lovable, remember that there are always people who are attracted specifically to who you are. And no matter their orientation: Everyone is attracted to authenticity and self-love. If you are questioning your sexuality or facing mental health struggles because of it, don’t do it on your own. Go check out @notdefining across social media to find a supportive community led by the incredibly kind, and welcoming Mark Cusack. Do you want to connect with Mark?All-in-one-go: @notdefiningYouTube: @notdefiningTikTok: @notdefiningTwitter: @notdefiningPatreon: @notdefining Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD38 - Without Borders: What Is It Like Being a Humanitarian Physician? - Reza Eshaghian
Do poverty, war, and health crises really lie outside of your responsibility? "I grew up with this sense of how inappropriate and unfair the world is. And how I shouldn't be passive in this injustice and that I shouldn't just take care of myself."  In short, we talk about this in the episode: How to become THAT person who saves lives worldwide on a Doctors Without Borders mission. What day-to-day humanitarian aid work is really like, beyond what you learn on the news. The emotional impact of working in crisis zones, how to cope with and grow through them.In more words: With an English-Canadian mother and a refugee from Iran for a father, Reza Eshaghian grew up with an awareness of multiculturalism and differences in living standards. Not wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father, a doctor, young Reza aspired to become a computer game developer instead - until a fateful book, “An Imperfect Offering” by James Orbinski, changed his path in life dramatically. With commendable persistence, Reza took each step of his education and career so he would eventually become eligible for his goal: Signing up as a humanitarian physician with Doctors Without Border / Médecins Sans Frontières and helping those fighting for survival in crisis zones around the world. In nine years of working with MSF, Reza has served in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine. This episode offers a first-person account of the things you did not expect humanitarian aid work to be like. Among others, we delve into the following questions: What do you need to do to become a humanitarian doctor with MSF in the first place? Can you choose where to go? How can you reconcile a career at home with being abroad for months on end? In what ways is the fieldwork not all like you would expect? What emotional impact does this work have and how does one deal with it?  Thank you, Reza, for these valuable insights and the existential work you do. If you, dear listener/reader, want to help Reza and his colleagues help others, maybe you want to consider donating to MSF? Resources mentioned in this episode: Médecins Sans Frontières: www.msf.orgDonate here: playing piano – “Kercha” on YouTube Reza’s favourite Iranian dish - “Fezenjan”Book by James Orbinski - “An Imperfect Offering” Do you want to connect with Reza? Twitter: @reshaghian Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD37 - Do You Know How to Cuddle Right? Honour Your Boundaries - Jean Franzblau
Do you know how to ask for what you desire, embrace a “no” response, and respect your own boundaries?“I'm learning that to be a whole person and a happier person, I need to have conversations that are challenging all the time. Almost daily.”In short, in this episode, we talk about:What professional cuddling is and why it is valuable work.How cuddling events can teach you about boundary setting and navigating difficult situations.Why having an intimacy coordinator professional on set is an important asset in keeping actors and actresses safe throughout intimate scenes. With more words:Being a professional cuddler, the founder of “Cuddle Sanctuary”, as well as an intimacy professional for theatre, film, and TV, Jean Franzblau does not find it easy to explain what she does for a living.In her role as “Cuddle Queen Jean”, she bridges the gap between the astonishingly prevalent notion that there is not much to be taught about cuddling and the striking deficits in our culture regarding voicing needs and acting with consent. Especially when it comes to sexuality and other forms of vulnerable human interaction.Thus, Jean is on a mission to educate people on boundary-aware intimacy and to create safer environments for its exploration.Those who dare, join Jean in Cuddle Sanctuary’s events in California to practice navigating boundaries and to invite the nurturing experiences they seek. Jean also trains people around the world to become facilitators of cuddle events themselves. As an intimacy professional, Jean coordinates between actors, writers, directors and others involved, to ensure emotional safety during a scene that involves nudity, played sexuality or even sexual violence.Resources mentioned in this episode:Buzzfeed Video: “People Spoon With Professional Cuddlers For The First Time” Movie: "We Need to Talk About Kevin" (Wikipedia)IFS – Internal Family Systems (Wikipedia)Book: Creating Consent Culture: A Handbook for Educators (von Marcia Baczynski (Author), Erica Scott (Author))Me Too Movement & Emily MeadePioneer intimacy coordinator: Alicia RodisYouTube yoga channel: "Yoga with Adriene" (& Benji)Do you want to connect with Jean?Website: www.jeanfranzblau.comYouTube: @CuddleSanctuaryInstagram: @hollywoodintimacycoordinator & @cuddlesanctuaryFacebook: @cuddlesanctuaryDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD36 - Camino Portugués - On Foot From Porto to Santiago. Will I Arrive?
Have you ever been on a pilgrimage? “The Camino de Santiago […], known in English as the Way of St James, is a network of pilgrims' ways or pilgrimages leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain.” (Wikipedia) On May 17th 2023, Tina is starting off on a big adventure and physical challenge: Walking the Camino Portugués, a 250+ (depending on the variation) kilometre path from Porto, Portugal, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. On foot, in about 2 weeks.The Camino Portugués is part of the Camino de Santiago’s network of paths spanning Europe. Hundreds of thousands are arriving at Santiago’s cathedral each year, celebrating their accomplishment, and hugging fellow strangers who, too, have come from far to experience the transformative magic of Camino.In an age when fast-and-far travel is available to many, witnessing every step of the way, like a chain of hundreds of thousands of moments, is a unique call for presence and deceleration. The slowness and sweat, the repetition and reflection, offer the kind of answers and change that many a pilgrim sets out for.In this semi episode of WHYLD Podcast, you learn about the Camino de Santiago and are invited to follow Tina’s journey.Do check out WHYLD’s Instagram & Facebook accounts for a personal pilgrimage report by Tina.Would you like more info on the Camino? Check out:Pilgrim's Office in SantiagoStingy Nomads blog post with lots of valuable info on the Camino PortuguésInfo on the "Spiritual" detour Tina plans on taking Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD35 – What Can Dead Bodies Teach Us About Living? – Kari Northey
What story will we tell when we are dead?   “There's all sorts of scenarios of death that can be embarrassing. […] It's just very private and very intimate and they're forced into almost having to expose themselves to someone.” In short, we talk about this in the episode:  What made Kari decide to become a mortician and what is it like to be in this job? How is caring for the living often more challenging than working with the dead?   What questions about the dead is Kari being asked most?How does Kari handle the tension between living her life and expecting a distressed caller any minute? What did more than 25 years of caring for the dead teach her about living?  With more words: Upon entering adult life, most of us focus on being full of choices, full of life, and making the most out of it. If we are lucky, getting older, sicker, and eventually dying is not on our to-think-about list at this age. So how come some young people choose to enter a profession that places death at the center of attention? What is it like dealing with loved ones in crisis, grieving and lost, all the time? And what happens to a body once handed over to the care of a funeral home? Kari Northey, single mom and mortician from Michigan, USA, has answers. Even though we generally like to push the thought of death away, we have so many questions and hope that if only we knew more about what’s coming it would make us better prepared and feel more in control, when a loved one dies or when we are confronted with our own looming deaths. On her YouTube channel “Kari the Mortician”, it is Kari’s mission to make the processes of a funeral home transparent, tangible, and less frightening. Whether it is embalming, cremating, or talking financials, Kari answers the questions of her audience – and does so with lightness and charisma.Resources mentioned in this episode: Kari's interview with "Hospice Nurse Julie": you can watch it on Kari's YouTube channel A tour of a crematory Kari captured for her channel A tour of an embalming room in which Kari explains the use of items like a "head block" "My Girl" -  the movie in which a girl grows up in a house that also holds her father's funeral home in the basement Do you want to connect with Kari? Website: YouTube: @karithemortician Instagram: @kari_the_mortician Facebook: @karithemortician TikTok: @karithemorticianLinkedIn:  @Kari Northey Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD34 - Who Am I? How Appreciation of Others and My Reality Led Me Through Difficult Times
What if what you thought you wanted does not hold true anymore?  “The issue with phases of transitions is that they are exactly that: phases. They might start overnight and surprise the hell out of you. But then they will patiently accompany you until you figure out how to solidify the person soup that you have become.” It feels good to be consistent, to stay true to past statements and beliefs, to be the reliable, steady type of person. But what if things that were valid in the past are overcome by reality? Can you be a consistent person AND change? This solo episode is a vulnerable account of a difficult time, when three pillars of Tina’s identity began to sway at once, shaken by the tremors of a personal earthquake. In this episode, Tina talks about: Liquefaction of soil and of an identityReorienting after losing interest in a dream careerAcknowledging the need for fewer stimuli in life Daring to navigate two romantic relationships at onceFinding the one thing that matters in this lifetimeResources mentioned in this episode:Quake City – Exhibition by Canterbury MuseumSoil Liquefaction – some info on WikipediaWHYLD Podcast episode 3, “The Hidden Superpower”WHYLD Podcast episode 33 with Nanda Jansson, “Why Fight the Winter? A Long COVID Journey”Blog post by Martha Beck, “Growing Wings: The Power of Change” Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch!  Quick one-stop-shop:  Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:   Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD33 - Why Fight the Winter? A Long COVID Journey - Nanda Jansson
Will life ever be the same again?“I felt sick for about 10 days. On the 10th day, I went to bed and I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling literally like there was an elephant on my chest.”Nanda Jansson is one of the unlucky ones who made the acquaintance of COVID-19 in March 2020, while the other billions of us followed cases like hers on the media, safely locked into our homes, not sure what we should believe about this strange new disease that was quickly taking over the planet.A lot of us had lived in some degree of denial, not believing the possible severity of an infection – and its potential to completely change the life which came afterwards.It took Nanda 71 weeks to return to work again. She documented the long journey to recovery on her blog called “Living My Truth”. Her “Corona Chronicles" spread around the planet and helped others navigate their own COVID story.“I don't feel I've been suffering from COVID. I've been surfing the waves. I like to see myself as a resilient surfer.” Nanda, a Dutch woman who found love and a new home in Sweden (“we actually believe we are the world's first internet couple”), is a joy to listen to, as she radiates a deep curiosity and gratitude for life. In this episode, we talk about:A “first waver’s” experience of almost dying and ever so slowly recovering from (Long) COVID-19Finding the gift and beauty in slowing downLearning to accept not only the “positive” aspects of our authentic selvesWelcoming challenging times for they change who we are for goodBecoming “person soup”Resources mentioned in this episode:Martha Beck: “The Way of Integrity” (book); “Growing Wings: The Power of Change” (blog post)Katherine May: “Wintering” (book)Nanda Jansson:  “Corona Chronicles” (blog post series)“Wintering” (blog post)"The Elephant on my Lungs” (blog post)Do you want to connect with Nanda?"Living My Truth" blog: www.livingmytruth.seInstagram: @livingmytruth.seFacebook: @livingmytruth.seLinkedIn: Nanda JanssonDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD32 - Happiness Without Challenging Emotions Is Not Sustainable, Here Is Why – Leonard Gabriel Heygster
👩‍🍳 Like sweet and sour: Contrast makes a wholesome recipe – even a recipe for happiness? 😍Contentment, joy, satisfaction, happiness, well-being… we use various words 💬 to describe a phenomenon that all of us seek to maximize in our lives.Do the aforementioned terms really refer to the same thing? In what ways are they related? And what do we need to do to attain happiness and its linguistic siblings? 🤔👱 Leonard Gabriel Heygster wanted answers. And he had a hypothesis: “What you focus on is what you get more of.” ☝️ So, he mused, if he spent more time thinking about happiness… would he then get happier automatically? 🚀 Worth a try! And what better way to delve into a topic than to interview scientists and experts on the matter? The 🎙️ HumansAreHappy 🎧 podcast was born. In this episode, we ask Leonard about: What are the preliminary findings on his quest to understand happiness? Is there an actionable recipe for happiness? Which deep beliefs made him choose a rational, scientific approach for HumansAreHappy… and why does he now know that this alone cannot complete his journey? Did spending that much time thinking about happiness actually make him a happier person? Join us for this deep conversation 🤿 and get just one step closer to authentic fulfilment in your life. 😃 Resources mentioned in this episode:SelfHealers Soundboard PodcastHumans Are Happy Podcast (German language)Ep. 1 - Dr Ernst Fritz-Schubert – „Make sure that which gives you short-term pleasure also gives you long-term satisfaction”Ep. 2 – Dr Burkhard Pleger – „It is not about happiness… satisfaction is the supreme discipline"Do you want to connect 😉 with Leonard?Website (German language): www.humansarehappy.orgLinkTree: humansarehappyInstagram: humansarehappyTikTok: humansarehappy.orgLinkedIn: Leonard HeygsterDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD31 - Is Connecting With People a Skill That You Can Learn? - Sara Ness
🤗 Do you feel safe relating your authentic truth? 🗫 “When I was in college, I got really interested in studying intentional living communities, co-ops, cohousing communes. 🏡 […] A lot of what the co-ops would run into were these continuous communication problems. […]🤫There were conflicts, they just wouldn't get dealt with because no one knew how to do it.” Often, we find ourselves in challenging situations of socializing and communicating: 🍸 the awkward small talk at our friend’s party 😰 the job interview that we do not know how to conduct in a light and relaxed atmosphere  🧑‍🤝‍🧑 the difficult topic we want to bring up with our partners or housemates Sara Ness used to struggle with this, too, thinking she was lacking the social skills 🔧 required. Until she discovered practices that have the power to 😃 boost connection, trust, and communication in any setting: Authentic Relating. Sara is a connector, facilitator, community builder, founder, curious soul, and relentless researcher. 🦄 Listen to her share what she learned through years of facilitating 👩‍🏫 Authentic Relating, why she never actually liked being the CEO of her company Authentic Revolution, and what her latest research project 📚 on Relating Languages is about. Do you want to connect  😉 with Sara?You can support Sara here: YouTube:   Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
64:41 15.12.22
WHYLD30 – Dad’s Advice on Living Your Best Asexual Life - Cody Daigle-Orians
🤔 Is it okay to not want sex? ❤️‍🔥  💬 “I just thought I was a broken gay guy for 20 years.” 💬 When Cody Daigle-Orians first posted a video 📹 on TikTok, outing 📣 himself as asexual, he immediately received hundreds of comments from young ace (asexual) people saying “Wow, I didn't know ace adults existed!” 🙏🏽 He was 42 back then.  In our culture, love and sex are dominant themes everywhere you look – in movies, books, advertisements, conversations with friends, expectations imposed by the family… 👩‍❤️‍👩 Many of us, including folks in the diversity-aware queer community, have never called into question 🤔 whether the need for physical and romantic intimacy actually applied to everyone. It does not. In this episode, actor and playwright Cody shares his journey of self-discovery, from identifying as a gay man with a “problem” 😒 to living life as a confident, out-and-authentic homoromantic ace person. 😃 Ace, homoromantic… say whaaaat? 😵 If your head is spinning from all the unfamiliar terms: No worries, we’ll explain all of them and more in the episode. Which is Cody’s specialty. 👨‍🏫 Through his social-media-based educational project called “Ace Dad Advice”, Cody is busy busting myths 🤜 and giving an authentic voice to the ace community. He particularly aims at supporting young people questioning their sexual and romantic needs and letting them know: You are not broken, your experience is valid as it is. 🌈 👉 Cody’s first book, “I AM ACE: ADVICE ON LIVING YOUR BEST ACE LIFE”, will come out in January 2023. 📖   Terms explained in the episode: ace (asexual) allosexual and alloromantic aro(mantic) greysexual and greyromantic demisexual and demiromantic … listen to the episode for Cody’s explanations (minutes 21 – 27)  Mentioned in the episode:  Cody on Dr. Joe Kort’s Podcast Do you want to connect with Cody? Website: TikTok:  YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
57:49 15.11.22
WHYLD29 - Skin Tales: Body Painting As Healing Art? - Kristen Zamora (Adams)
🖌️ What if the most vulnerable parts of your story were painted on your skin? 🎨 This can be a scary thought. We all navigate the sweet tension between wanting to be SEEN for who we are and wanting to hide 🙈 certain aspects we feel uncomfortable showing.While the latter might apply to arguably “minor” things like bad moods, particular quirks we are embarrassed about, or our perceived weaknesses, it especially applies to more delicate parts of our story: 😨 😥 Traumatic experiences we survived, physical illnesses or mental health issues we suffer from, violence and abuse we had to go through et cetera. Shame and guilt can lure us into silence and isolation, which might not help our healing. 🤫 Kristen Zamora (Adams), a professional face and body painter from 🐾 Paw Paw, Michigan (USA), breaks the silence and does the radical opposite: Painting people’s vulnerable stories 📖 in full scale on their naked bodies. It had started with artistic intentions at Grand Rapids🏆 ArtPrize 2017. It has evolved into much more: a healing modality, a full-on passion for Kristen, and an invitation to 🔍 look at her own hiding more closely… And she did it again: 5 years after the premiere, Kristen again contested at Grand Rapids Art Prize 2022... and won in the category "Time-Based Visitor Award Winner". Deservedly so. Congratulations, Kristen, and thank you for making invisible stories visible. Do you want to connect with Kristen?Website: www.kfxembodyart.comFacebook group: ArtPrize 2022 Embodied- Healing Through Body Art ProjectInstagram: @kfxbodyartDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
57:36 15.10.22
WHYLD28 - From Patient to (Role) Model? Defying the Odds with VACTERL Birth Defects - Anja Christoffersen
😳 Is disability a tragedy? 🤔 “We shouldn’t think of disability as a tragedy but it was that I could have died - which was the tragedy.” 💬 At 28 weeks of her pregnancy, Anja Christoffersen’s mom was told that her baby 👶 had no stomach and would not be able to survive. 17 years later, her beautiful daughter was walking the runway of Amsterdam Fashion Week. 💃 Between those two moments lie years of 🏥 👩‍⚕️ hospital admittances, surgeries, the fight for self-determination in Australia’s health care system … as well as the ordinary life 👧 of a happy, self-confident girl growing up. Anja was born without a normal stomach indeed. Affected by the rare complex of birth defects called VACTERL association, there was even more unusual about the newborn’s body 😧: an extra vertebra, missing bones, no anus but two vaginas, a hole in the heart, the food pipe leading into her lungs, just one kidney…  Reading this list of abnormalities, it is hard to imagine that this girl survived 💪 and keeps on defying all the hardships life throws at her. 24 surgeries, some as early as 5 hours post-birth, and 150+ hospital admissions helped her on this path. Anja is a champion. Being veered off her academic career path due to her health condition, she got on her feet again and created a different path for herself 🦄: As a model on international runways showing her scars, as a speaker and author, she has become for others what she lacked in her childhood: A role model who makes visible what you cannot see on the outside. Because behind every beautiful smile is a story, sometimes a story of disability and chronic illnesses. And behind every one of such stories is a champion. Today, Anja is the founder of Champion Health Agency 🥇, a 'talent agency' for lived experience representing people with disability, chronic illness and carers. Mentioned in the episode:Video by "truly":  "My Rare Condition Meant I Couldn't Eat Food | BORN DIFFERENT" (YouTube)Anja's book called: "Behind the Smile: An Inspirational Journey from Disability to Ability"Do you want to connect with Anja?Website: www.championhealthagency.comFacebook: @championhealthagencyInstagram: @championhealthagencyEpisode cover: photo courtesy of  Anthony ByronDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD27 – A Family Sailing the Oceans for a Living – Brian Trautman
🏝️ A life happening on land, a vacation on a boat - we have heard of that option before. But who says it can’t be the other way round? ⛵  Former electrical engineer Brian Trautman figured an 18-month sabbatical at sea would get him over a “freakout about life” 👻 when he left shore in Seattle back in 2009. He went all in, sold his house 🏡, his cars 🚗, his career 🕴️ – all in exchange for a 53-foot, 2-mast beauty called Delos and the promises of a vague future.12 years later, the land is where Brian retreats for a sabbatical whenever he feels like taking a break from sailing. For 12 years – impressive even for the most ambitious among globetrotters and sabbaticalists 😃 – he has rewritten what a “normal life” for him could look like: Diving, beach walking, collecting visa stamps in his passport, seeing the world’s most beautiful spots – and sharing it all with the community on YouTube 📹 for a living.Speaking of community, “SV Delos” ⛵ is more than just Brian. Over the years, many crews, including total strangers and sailing rookies, have enjoyed their time underneath the sails of Delos. Nowadays, it is mostly Karin 👱‍♀️, Brian’s wife and Swedish princess, as well as little 👶 Sierra, their daughter, who rock the boat alongside Brian. In this episode, Brian shares 💬with you his experience and practical advice on a number of topics, such as: 🌊 how to prepare for travelling the earth on a sailboat 🌊 what the perks and the nightmares of a life at sea really are 🌊 how to get over “I am not ready yet” 🌊 what to think about when planning to raise a child on a boat Now, what is a dream YOU have and risk forgetting until you retire (or maybe never)? Are you sure that this dream would stand in the way 🚧 of you creating a sustainable life for yourself… or could it well be the start of it? 🌈 Do you want to connect with Brian? YouTube: /svdelosInstagram: @svdelosFacebook: @svdelosWebsite: www.svdelos.comDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD26 - Sexing Out Loud. Own Your Pleasure - Alexa Bowditch
Do you get the sex you want? 🔥 Oops, what a bucket-of-cold-water type of question. 🥵😅 Especially for those of you who don’t usually find yourself in conversations about sex. Why should one even podcast about it? Well… I dare say, sex, love, and relationships are a vital part of everyone’s life. 🌱 ❤️ 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 This applies in some ways even to people who do not “practice” one or the other for any reason. There is no wholesome, authentic living without integrating 🔗 the body you have been given, your feelings, your desires, your connection to other people, your boundaries, your relationship with yourself. 🧘 This episode features a brave woman who might not even call herself that. 🦸‍♀️ But sharing your relationship and sex life on a podcast and social media, so that others feel that they are not alone, requires courage. Sex coach Alexa Bowditch, aka That Sex Chick, encourages us to let go of limitations, ask questions, and embrace what is true for us – because our pleasure is solely our own responsibility. 💪😀 Whether you currently consider yourself to be kinky or vanilla, mono or poly, single or partnered, straight or not 🌈 – Alexa and her colleagues at Sex & Love Co have your back in exploring what’s possible in love, in sex, in life. Do you want to connect with Alexa?Website: Facebook: @thatsexchickInstagram: @thatsexchickAlso mentioned in this (Sex & Love Co. - Instagram) @bryndaylor (Alexa's business partner and fellow coach @ Sex & Love Co - Instagram) @conscious.bro (Alexa's husband, men's coach @ Sex & Love Co. - Instagram) Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD25 - Coming Home. A Gay Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Rejection - Meagan O`Nan
🏃‍♀️Running away from where it hurt? We all have done that. But walking back towards it? 🚶‍♀️Being rejected for who you are takes a toll on a soul. Especially so if the ones rejecting you are the very people you love most - your family, your community. 💔This happened to Meagan after being outed as a gay woman 👭. One day she is a valued member of the local athletic and Christian community ✝️, on the next her “choices” are condemned as sinful and appalling. She left Mississippi. 🧭 But after years of seeking a sense of self-worth away from home, Meagan decided that healing could only be done where it all had begun: home.In this episode, writer and speaker Meagan O’Nan shares her journey towards self-love, reconnecting with her community, and raising a child 👩‍👩‍👧 of two moms there. You’ll learn about Meagan’s take on the differences between authenticity and vulnerability and find out why she says: “Speaking vulnerably has changed my life."You can read more about and from Meagan in her 3 books:📚 Creating Your Heaven on Earth: Unveiling the Truth that Was Always There (2008)📚 Courage: Agreeing to Disagree Is Not Enough (2014)📚 Held and Free (will be published in September 2022) Do you want to connect with Meagan?Her website: www.meaganonan.comFacebook: /SpeakerMeaganONanYouTube: /UC4NWqDpzVc8WuH4HoLTqargInstagram: @megonanDo you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD24 - Travelling Through Life in a Mobile Record Studio - Ady Parzentny
🛑 When will you stop treating your passion as a hobby? 🛑  To Ady Parzentny, music is everything. Has been for decades. When the working day was over, he used to hit the rehearsal room and play the night away. 🎸 👨‍🎤 But making music for a living? 💰 Unthinkable. After all, is it really appropriate for a punk rocker to make money with his music?  Just when he got a taste of financial success through his music, the gravity of "ULP" (upper limit problem) would bring him back down. 🛬 Today, Ady lives his purpose as a music producer travelling the world full-time in his mobile record studio. 🚙 Without earning a dime from this particular project, he supports local artists in countries like Marocco, Armenia, and Israel by recording and shootings music videos with them. 🎙️ 🪕 🎻 🥁 🎬With all his generosity and modesty, is it still unthinkable for Ady to make a living out of his passion?Listen and find out what had to happen from Ady then, an overworked IT employee in Poland, to Ady now, living his dream and crashing Warren Huart’s couch in L.A…. 🤩Do you want to connect with Ady?  Ady’s website: Ady’s YouTube channel: HitTheRoadMusicStudio Ady’s Instagram: /hittheroadmusic/ Ady’s Facebook: /HitTheRoadMusicPl 🙏🏽  Thank you and credit to Ady and the respective artists for letting us use their productions. List of all artists mentioned (not all of which played in the episode): Andalucious IG: @andaluciousband YouTube Lala Tamar IG: @lala.tamar.official YouTube Zegro Band IG: @zegroband YouTube Izouran N-Sahara IG: @izourannsahara YouTube: /IzouranNSaharaBlues Noam Vazana IG: @nanisinger YouTube: /nanisinger Sun Followers IG: @sunfollowers.official YouTube  Jam House Studio IG: @jamhouse_studio  YouTube: /JamHouseStudio  Daraa Tribe IG: @daraatribes YouTube Bobby Legal (no online appearance)Also mentioned in the episode: Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD23 - How to Reclaim Life Through Authentic Choices – Sam Sheppard
What if you chose YOU today? “By making that choice I became significantly happier. And from then on, every time I made a choice that literally felt authentic, I would gain freedom, I would gain happiness.” 🤗Those are the words of Sam Sheppard. A kind woman with a big heart and a beautiful warm laugh. A teacher👩‍🏫 all her life, a facilitator with engaging energy. An eloquent speaker who can lift you up by the craft of words.Also, a woman scarred by childhood bullying, having struggled all her life to feel “enough”, and later battling crippling anxiety. 😔 But she would not let you see this other side of hers.For many years, Sam felt like she had to be certain ways to be accepted, burying the Sam that she really was under layers of shame and people-pleasing. 🎭 Until, with all the resources consumed to hide and hold it all together, she had no more energy to get through the day.There was only one way out left… 💥 stop the pretence.As she leaned towards her truth, Sam started to heal.Today, she is still on a healing journey and 🤝 helping others embark on the same. 🌈  Do you want to connect with Sam? Join the This is Me: feel 'enough' and unleash your authentic self Facebook group: /thisismeclub Contact Sam directly on Facebook: /thisissamsheppardFind her on Instagram: @thisissamsheppardGo to Sam's website: Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD22 - Candidly Speaking - Adolpha Cole
„Why do white people hate black people?” This is an honest question ⁉️ which people visiting Candidly Speaking events might seek answers to. In other contexts, (white) people might read this as an accusation and begin to push back – but not in the intimate space ❤️ Adolpha Cole & her team create for their participants.   Candidly Speaking is a concept for 💬 authentic conversations 💬 between people from all walks of life 🌈 - on topics that have the potential to divide as much as unite them. ☮️ The key is to listen without judgement, to invite and embrace someone else’s real experience. 👂🏽   Feeling the social tension in the US deepen, running in political trench lines and on the streets, where George Floyd 🌹 was killed by policemen in 2020, Adolpha needed to talk. And so did others.  Starting at a community library 📚 where people could 💬 listen and liberate and learn, Adolpha soon was encouraged to offer Candidly Speaking sessions 🚀 in schools, in companies, in government spaces.  The former writer for television and music productions heard the call and is now setting up an organization to do her part for 🌈☮️👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 unity and peace in the world.  Curious to experience a Candidly Speaking session for yourself?   Look out for the next issue of the free monthly online community events!  You can find the info here:  Instagram:  Facebook:    Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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WHYLD21 - Exploring the World Awake - with Erik Lorenz
Have you ever, during your travels, had a conversation that was so beautiful, so rare, so impactful that you wished others could have witnessed it? A fleeting moment in time, sharing your universe with a person whom you will likely never meet again. The stranger at the café in Marrakesh, the trucker in New Zealand, the villager in Tonga. Sharing these precious opportunities of diving into another person’s world, learning about other ways of looking at and spending life is basically the reason why WHYLD Podcast exists.   For Erik Lorenz, it was his conversation with a German Lieutenant in Cambodia whose passion was to clear the soil from landmines. Erik sought a format to convey this and hundreds of conversations to follow with the world – and found it in podcasting.  A couple of years later, he is the creator of several very successful travel and adventure podcasts including “Weltwach” (German) and “Unfolding Maps”. He is also the author of more than a dozen books. Driven by passion, he did not plan to trade his job at a marketing firm for being a full-time entrepreneur. However, when you are on the path of purpose, you might involuntarily end up being too successful to not take a leap with it… Erik now lives in LA with his husband. From there, he roams our planet, physically or virtually, in search of inspiring voices and their stories about adventurous travels, humbling expeditions, cultural diversity, nature’s beauties and a mutual appreciation for all of this. Would you like to know more about Erik’s work?check out (German) or (English)  Finally, here is an article I published on LinkedIn that was inspired by the tech mishap in this episode: "Engine Failure in Podcasting" - about windy career paths, human error, agile product development, and how it all comes together in my personal podcasting journey.Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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Episode 20 - Season 1 Finale With Former Guests Romeo, Francesco, Tom, Bek & Sarah
How can you tell a season is ending? That’s a question I have asked myself for 19 episodes of WHYLD Podcast 😅 When I first started this podcast, I guess it felt calming to have a built-in drop out option, a natural end in case this creative endeavour was going nowhere. The opportunity to say anytime: “Hey, this is the last episode of Season 1… and you happen to have to wait for some 2 years for the next season to go live”. However, my mentality as a podcaster has shifted from boxed (season) mindset to growth mindset. And so after a while, it made no longer sense to keep adding episodes to a finite season. But when would be a good, organic point in time to end it? I had missed the exit of the first-year mark passing, so when if not NOW? 😃 Hence, with the end of 2021 approaching, after 20 episodes, a plethora of touching stories as well as learnings taken from them, this chapter is closing. And closing it is with fanfares (not literally), throwbacks and new insights (literally) by some of our awesome former WHYLD guests. What’s in store for you? Well, if you are curious… whether Romeo Salazar, musical theatre performer (Episode 15), found his way back onto the stage after Covid took it from him... how long Francesco Leone (Episode 7), a serial entrepreneur who does not at all like that title 😉, managed to endure life as a financially free, early retiree... what new challenges await Thomas Clemens (Episode 2), who spent 5 rather... linear months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, in his nowadays multi-commitment business and family life... why trading high pay for high purpose worked out for Rebecca Huynh (Episode 6) as she blissfully drives ambulances these days... what Sarah Appelt (Episode 9) sees on the horizon for ex-pat life in India... … listening to this episode is how you’ll find out!Enjoy the podcast as well as a blissful end of the year!Much love – Tina  Some resources mentioned in the episode:the concepts “Be-Do-Have Model” and “Sharpen the Saw” in Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”the notion of the “Personal Legend” in Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist”mentions of Ashleigh Seymour (Episode 4), Sandra Winterbach (Episode 13), Delia Botea (Episode 19)If you want to get in contact with Romeo, Francesco, Thomas, Bek, Sarah or the other former WHYLD guests, check out the links on you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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Episode 19 - Adopt, Don't Shop (Romanian Dog Rescue) - Delia Botea
Who needs to do something about it?  For Delia Botea, the answer was “Me.” In Romania, a country where there are 600 000 stray dogs roaming the streets, waiting to be captured and very likely killed, Delia made a choice: If no one helps these poor, often malnourished, injured, sick, abandoned souls… she must do it. Once scared of dogs herself, she started rescuing one dog at a time and had all of her family members host one.  Soon she was running out of safe havens for her rescues, so she rented a warehouse to shelter them. Finally, she took a leap of faith and bought a piece of land in the middle of nowhere. With more hopes than funds, Delia founded CareForDogs Romania and created an impactful rescue center.  Until today, Delia has helped thousands of dogs stay alive, heal, trust again, find joy, and reach a loving forever home abroad. With their spaying campaign as well as educational efforts, Delia and her partner organizations work on shifting Romanian’s attitudes towards animals. Today, there are many more dogs who need saving than there is the capacity to help them. Delia envisions that through educational efforts, the generation of her sweet young son will grow up changing this for the better.For now though, there is hardly any time to rest. Dozens of times a day, Delia’s phone rings because another severely sick dog was found, abandoned by humans and left to suffer. The situation has increased dramatically since the onset of the Covid pandemic. There is not enough space to take in all dogs found. And funds are tight to ensure medical treatment and food for those in Delia’s care. YOU can help Delia spread the word and save lives.  This energetic woman, fueled by purpose, will inspire you to live beyond the 9-to-5 and make something greater out of your life. Would you like to help Delia rescue more dogs?Follow & share CareForDogs Romania on Facebook: on Instagram: their website:  If you don’t use Paypal, check out other options to donate on CareForDogs Romania’s website.If you are German, you might want to donate via Hunderettung Europa: resources:Check out the German partner organization that was mentioned: Hunderettung Europa, is "The Dodo" video of Walter (Instagram), the poor dog who had to eat wall paste to survive: you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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Episode 18 - The Blue Collared Woman - Teagan Dowler
Can you be the same person at work that you are at home? Before brushing off this question, pause and reflect. Why should you even ask yourself this? Why shouldn’t you be able to be yourself at work? Why should this be important, after all?  Workplaces are spaces in which we spend a whole lot of our time. It’s where we show up, challenge ourselves and others, learn, experience setbacks, laugh, fight, inspire, join forces, burn or bore out. It is an important space and we deserve to be seen, to be represented and included there. And to flip the coin: Workspaces are nothing without us, without our unique perspectives, without the momentum we start when we act with passionate authenticity. Unfortunately, many companies lose out on the people they need to thrive… and are not even aware this is happening. A story which this episode’s guest - diversity & inclusion expert Teagan Dowler - can attest.  Teagan founded the “Blue Collared Woman” after experiencing what it was like to be a woman working in the heavy industries in Australia. And despite early warnings of her mentors, Teagan’s career thrived rather than faltered when she started blogging out loud about the heavy industry’s diversity issues.  As an organizational and leadership coach, she now helps organisations understand the cultural changes needed to incorporate a powerfully diverse workforce. And what the benefits are - for all parties involved. Would you like to connect with Teagan?Visit the BCW’s website: Follow Teagan on Instagram: Or on Facebook: Connect with Teagan on LinkedIn:  Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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Episode 17 - Unicorn in Uniform (Germany's First Transgender Commander) - Anastasia Biefang
Do you show your true self at work and in all your relationships?   You do not need to struggle with your gender identity to experience difficulties in answering YES to that question. Being ourselves first and foremost – and not what we think is expected of us in our many social roles – can be a courageous act. For Anastasia Biefang, the first transgender commander of the German Armed Forces, it took decades to stop pushing her inner truth back down. After many years of service, she took over her battalion in 2017 as a woman and with a film crew on her side. She shook and changed her fellow soldier’s attitude towards gender diversity, brought to fall one or two prejudices and helped build thus far lacking policies for those who come after her. She shows how excelling at a respectable, traditional leadership role and being colourful without holding back is no contradiction. Apart from her professional role in the military, she is passionate about changing Germany’s “Transexuals Act”, a law regulating the transition process of transgender people which is deemed to violate human rights and the German constitution.  In this intimate, fun conversation we talk about the queer community in Berlin, dreams for a diverse society, how great leadership is based on authenticity, and what Ana likes on her pizza.  Ana had waited to come out publicly up until a point where the damage of continuing to hide was bigger than the fear of what could be lost.  Her message to you? Be your true self or you won’t know what vast possibilities lie ahead when you do.   Resources - legal situation for trans* people: The documentary on Ana:  "Ich bin Anastasia" (“I am Anastasia“), 2019, documentary film by Thomas Ladenburger you like to contact Ana?  Find her on Instagram: on Facebook: Twitter: you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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Episode 16 - Are You an Imposter?
⁠Do you doubt you live up to people's expectations of you?Do you tend to belittle your own successes?Welcome to the club of many.⁠⁠Sometimes we call it modesty, sometimes we speak in the name of realism, sometimes we claim to acknowledge the support of others.⁠But frankly: oftentimes we simply cannot accept our own greatness.⁠⁠In this episode, we unpack the so-called IMPOSTER SYNDROME – a psychological phenomenon that has people feeling like they are a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving individuals, who find it difficult to acknowledge their accomplishments.⁠⁠We also speak about STEREOTYPE THREAT– a rather nasty psychological effect that gives stereotypes a self-fulfilling power: If your environment puts a label on your forehead and you really want to disprove the negative stereotypes around it, this can weaken your performance and leave you even more doubtful of your capabilities.⁠⁠And we look at THINKING PATTERNS that encourage doubt in one’s own abilities, how these patterns negatively affect our health and our lives – and what we can do to unlearn them.⁠⁠A must listen if any of this reminds you of yourself. ⁠⁠You owe yourself the respect you think you do not deserve!⁠⁠☝️Tip☝️: ⁠Listen to EPISODE 4 with Ashleigh Seymour and to EPISODE 15 with Romeo Salazar to learn what these two beautiful souls had to say about the “imposter” topic.⁠Do you enjoy WHYLD? Then get in touch! Quick one-stop-shop: Follow us on Instagram: @whyld.thepodcast Find us on Facebook: Or visit our website:
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