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Handball in Numbers - The Handballytics Podcast

„Handball in Numbers – The Handballytics Podcast“ is a podcast about Advanced Statistics and Analytics in Handball


Episode 16: Daniel Gordo on Spain at EHF EURO 2022 and much more 37:53 05.02.2022
Episode 15: The Final: Norway vs. France 20:04 20.12.2021
Episode 14: Review of the first rounds and preview of the knockout stage of the IHF Women’s World Championship 2021 26:08 14.12.2021
Episode 13: Danilo Gagliardi Junior on the Gold Medal Game between France and the Russian Olympic Committee 16:20 09.08.2021
Episode 12: Nicolej Krickau on the Gold Medal Game between France and Denmark 18:27 07.08.2021
Episode 11: Alex Kulesh on Norway vs. the Russian Olympic Committee 18:18 06.08.2021
Episode 10: Juan Andreu on Spain vs. Denmark 12:34 05.08.2021
Episode 9: Yuki Hattori on Sweden vs. South Korea and Handball in Asia 11:21 04.08.2021
Episode 8: Dr. Rolf Brack on Denmark vs. Norway 15:46 03.08.2021
Episode 7: Einar Örn Jónsson and Oliver Brosig on Player Rating Metrics and Denmark vs. Sweden 21:06 02.08.2021
Episode 6: Dennis Bo Jensen on Shot Quality and (Statistical) Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Handball 16:10 31.07.2021
Episode 5: Rasmus Vandbæk on Goalkeeper Statistics (and a litte bit about Montenegro vs. Norway) 21:44 29.07.2021
Episode 4: Rasmus Boysen on Expected Goals and Japan vs. Egypt 21:44 28.07.2021
Episode 3: Jörg Lützelberger on Germany’s Lineup Stats and Argentina vs. Germany 15:43 26.07.2021
Episode 2: Neil Johnson (ESPN) on Pace Adjusted Stats and Norway vs. South Korea 20:07 25.07.2021
Episode 1: Jamal Naji on Pace and Norway vs. Brazil 14:01 24.07.2021
The Preview: An Advanced Statistics and Analysis Podcast for Handball at the Olympics 03:17 17.07.2021