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Sound on. Power on.

The podcast you’ve been waiting for: "Sound on. Power on.", powered by PCIM Europe, will take you on a journey through the world of power electronics. Host Marco Jung joins global leaders to provide you with fresh thoughts on the power electronics industry in snackable 20 minutes episodes.


Trends in switch-mode power supplies – how far we've come
The efficiency of switch-mode power supplies impacts energy use, from the consumption of the smart-phones in our pockets, to the photovoltaics powering our grids. Pushing that efficiency beyond today's 98% has an important role to play in fighting climate change - and energy costs. While the last 40 years have brought many advances in semiconductors, there is an increasing need for investment to improve the capabilities and properties of magnetic materials too. Prof. Marco Jung talks to Dr. Peter Wallmeier, Senior Director R&D at Delta Energy Systems, about the issues in episode 4 of the"Sound On. Power On." podcast. They also discuss the important opportunity presented by the combination of reactive loading, renewable power sources and storage in alleviating the voltage and frequency deviations that result from the increasing stresses on our modern, complex and interconnected power grids.
22:34 23.06.2022
Using HIL and P-HIL for cost effective and reproducible testing of power electronics with OPAL-RT Germany GmbH
Real-time simulation helps accelerate development and derisk early implementations in the race to transform to e-mobility and renewables. (Power) hardware-in-the-loop plays an important role. Among notable current needs is to simulate the new scenarios presented by grids with converter-driven energy sources, not least in testing for resonances, or black start conditions. For real-time simulation - particularly integrating power hardware - this presents new challenges to balance stability, accuracy, speed, and scale. Prof. Marco Jung talks to Dr. Ravinder Venugopal, Managing Director at OPAL-RT Germany, about the issues and approaches (from parallel processing to solvers and FPGAs) in episode 3 of the"Sound On. Power On." podcast. The power electronics podcast you’ve been waiting for – powered by PCIM Europe. They also discuss the future, with digital twins harnessing live data to improve real-time simulations, with the support of AI.
29:26 28.04.2022
Key applications for WBG power semiconductors and future outlook with Dr. Peter Friedrichs
In the second episode of "Sound On. Power On." host Prof. Marco Jung and Dr. Peter Friedrichs, Vice President SiC at Infineon, discuss the most important applications of WBG power semiconductors and give an outlook on the future. The power electronics podcast you’ve been waiting for: “Sound on. Power on.”, powered by PCIM Europe.
25:15 10.02.2022
The future of power electronics with Frede Blaabjerg
In the first episode of “Sound On. Power On.” host Prof. Marco Jung and his guest Prof. Frede Blaabjerg from the Aalborg University in Denmark discuss trends in power electronics.
24:39 03.01.2022