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Go! My Favorite Sports Team is a podcast that opens your mind to a whole new imagination of sports. Whether you’re a life-long sports fan, athlete, or you don’t know the difference between a goal and a touchdown (points?!), this show has something for everyone. With education, comedy, and so much more, Markiplier and Tyler Scheid are the sports commentators you didn't know you needed. By the end of each episode you'll be shouting "GO! MY FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM!!!"


The Mysterious “Will” Revealed
You've heard Markiplier and Tyler shout WILL do this!! You've listened/watched the seamlessly edited episodes of GMFST! But who is this mysterious figure that responds & makes editing magic!?!? This week, Tyler, your Master of Balls and Holes is joined by Wade from Distractible as they interrogate this Will the editor before his departure from both podcasts. Grab your pitchforks, or boxes of tissues… And witness the end of an era as we join together for this farewell episode to Will!! Goodbye! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
64:30 30.11.23
Thanksgiving Special
Happy Turkey Day! Or Happy completely ordinary Thursday if you aren't in the US! This week, Tyler and Markiplier dive headfirst into the sporting & athletic events surrounding Thanksgiving!! Whether that be trotting, hunting, wrangling, or stuffing, your sporting hosts have you covered! Indulge in some delicious food, let someone you care about know how thankful you are for them, and enjoy this week's episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
33:12 23.11.23
Breaking! New News You Maybe Knew… or not
Extra! Extra! Listen (& watch *only on Spotify*) all about it! This week, Tyler and Markiplier bring you new news, news new to you, and maybe new news you already knew, as well as a completely genuine and heartfelt apology for the egregiously factual facts in the F1 episode!??? Sharpen your eyes and rush the GMFST reddit field as soon as you finish this elegant & entertaining episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
37:43 16.11.23
Formula 1
Feeling a need, a need FOR SPEED!!! With a time crunch & their engines primed, Tyler & Markiplier zoom through the world of Formula 1! With key pitstops on the athleticism of drivers, the upcoming Las Vegas Street Circuit, F1 speed comparisons, and the why of racing, you better buckle up for this fast-paced primer! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
38:38 09.11.23
Paragliding Primer
It's a bird! It's A Plane! IT'S… Tyler!?!? This week, Tyler recounts his adventure soaring high above the ground when he went paragliding, while Markiplier cleans the dust off his totally existent engineering degree to explain the physics & engineering that allows humans to fly. Tighten your harness, check your reserve chute, then take the leap and let this beautiful episode fly its way into being one of your favorites!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
45:49 02.11.23
Sports Ghost Stories
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! To get you into the spirit of this spooky holiday, Tyler and Markiplier lower the lights & take turns uttering tales of ghosts, curses, and other chilling stories… but focused on sports related instances of course! Be prepared to be scaroused as this episode is chalk full of Tricks & Treats for all your elegant ears to enjoy muhahahaha ;) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
42:29 31.10.23
Pumpkin Sports
Warning! Laughing Hazard! Please be advised, do not operate heavy machinery or motor vehicles while tuning into this episode!! Now that that’s out of the way, Happy National Pumpkin Day! To celebrate the SEXY orange symbol of fall, Tyler and Markiplier dive headfirst into the wild world of the pumpkin & the sports/sports-like surrounding the heavily favored fall gourd! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
42:37 26.10.23
Rugby Primer
Your cries for a Rugby Primer have finally been answered! With no memory of his journey in the animated dimension, Markiplier is possessed by the J'ACUSSE ghosts, allowing them to call out Tyler for ignoring their pleas. Once Mark is able to free himself from their clutches, Tyler walks him onto the rugby field and introduces him to the sport that grandparented American football. Toss on some cleats, grab an egg-shaped ball, watch the rugby world cup, and enjoy this timely episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
54:17 19.10.23
A Guide to NFL Football for Swifties
There's chaos in the GMFST studio! Markiplier has been turned into an animated character! Unshaken, Tyler takes this opportunity to welcome all the new Swiftie football fans and replays a GMFST fan favorite, the NFL Primer! Will Tyler survive the chaos, or will Mark pull him into his animated world? P.S. We’ll be back next week with a truly new episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
59:21 12.10.23
Korean Sports
Baby Markiplier has grown up and is NOW the Master of Shuttlecocks and End Zones! Today, acting as our sports expert, Mark leads newly appointed sports not-knower, Tyler, on a journey to Korea's sports landscape. With the roles now reversed, Baby Tyler must compete in Korean sports while coached by this Master of Shuttlecocks & Touchdowns. Can Baby Tyler survive Markiplier's trials by sport or will he flounder in this sudden switch-a-roo? Now GO! and launch yourself into this worldly episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
43:12 05.10.23
Taylor Swift ❤️ Travis Kelce ?
THE SPORTS WORLD HAS COME TO SCREECHING HALT... for LOVE!! Your elegant hosts go down the rabbit hole of Taylor Swift and how she has Enchanted "some football guy." Will Markiplier play the Anti-Hero in this episode and create some Bad Blood with Swifties? Or can Tyler get him to Shake It Off with a friendship bracelet and paint the picture of this new "Royal Couple" and their potentially budding romance? Put on your favorite Cardigan, and find out right now!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
34:16 28.09.23
Rock Climbing Primer
Strap in and tie on for an episode chalk full of fun and frankly just plain ROCKS! After appeasing the NFL football fan horde and banishing the J'ACCUSE ghosts, your magnificent hosts, Tyler and Markiplier, reach new heights and fall to new lows while scrambling their way through a primer on competitive rock climbing. Can you meet the challenge presented within this episode? Listen now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
47:43 21.09.23
Hockey Primer 2.0
It’s finally here! An episode that you've begged, pleaded, insisted, j'accused your elegant hosts for! While temperatures outside are still hot enough to melt the ice, Tyler dives right in, guiding baby Markiplier through the sport of hockey in a way so different than the last hockey primer that you'd think it was an entirely different sport! Grab your sticks, toss a puck & maybe even an octopus, and enjoy ;P Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
42:27 14.09.23
Ultimate Frisbee Primer
Although the official spooky month is still weeks away, the vengeful ghosts of J'ACCUSE return, refusing to be ignored for a moment longer!! After banishing these vengeful ghosts, Tyler and Markiplier pop the conversation back and forth as they pull what they know about the fast paced sport of Ultimate frisbee from their brains… Grab a frisbee, a few friends, and enjoy! But watch out for those aliens… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
49:49 07.09.23
Sports Gambling
Howdy Y'all! This time on *unintelligible cryptid noises*! My Favorite Sports Team, Markiplier leads the way in an important discussion on the complicated and controversial world of sports betting. The conversation is kicked off by discussing the live streaming platform Kick and leads into how the sports world is starting to adopt gambling lines into their mainstream content. Take a gamble on today's episode, what have you got to lose? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
40:51 31.08.23
Weird Workouts
Why pump iron when you could be "Jumping for Jesus"?? This week, our elegant hosts Tyler and Mark swap stories about the weird, wacky, & questionably effective workouts they've done and clash over who has the best hair (hint:it's Tyler). Grab your water bottle, throw on some sneakers, and enjoy this adventurous episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
34:20 24.08.23
Skiing Primer
After the most eloquent of J’accuses which set the new standard, Tyler decides to reward the author of that J’accuse & finally bring the Skiing Primer back from the dead...HOWEVER, Mark has other plans & battles to change the subject and divert the episode down a slippery slope of distrac… I mean, “go away from these thought processes!” Which host succeeds? Is this truly the skiing primer?? Tune in now & find out! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
54:17 17.08.23
Disc Golf Primer
Whips, chains, and... a bag of Discs? This week, Tyler and Mark I. Plier critique the J'Accuses, brainstorm TikTok ideas, discover Mark's dark, nearly-murderous past with discs, and introduce you to the chill and rather accessible sport of Disc Golf. Grab a fris…disc, find a target, and tune in to DISC-cover all the fun in this episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
46:23 10.08.23
Fascinating, But Terrifying
Hello Everybody and welcome to... GOOOOOOOOOOOO! My Favorite Sports Team, where Tyler and Markiplier discuss SPORTS! In this episode, J'Accuses receive a new standard, Tyler faces painful consequences if he laughs, and your elegant hosts actually discuss more recent NEWS. Put on your sneakers, grab a bottle of water, and tune into this week's Fascinating, but Terrifying episode!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
53:16 03.08.23
WGA & SAG Strike
A large portion of Hollywood is on strike, but why and how does it relate to this podcast!? Well your elegant hosts, Tyler and Markiplier, dive into just that in this episode. With discussion of AI, unions, worker compensation, and how it relates not only to this podcast, but to Mark's movie and the sports world, Writers and SAG workers are everywhere. Tune in for a timely, fun, and informative episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
59:34 27.07.23
Competitive Eating
HEAPS of hot dogs. TOWERS of tacos. DOZENS of dumplings. That’s right, it’s time to discuss the sport of eating your heart out, Competitive Eating! Your Master of Balls in Holes, Markiplier? Wasn’t it Tyler?? Take you down the must engorging sport in the world!! Grab a snack, unhinge your jaw, and indulge in this week's episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48:28 20.07.23
Athlete Retirement
AH, retirement... WAIT WHAT!?! In this week's episode, Tyler and Markiplier discuss what pro athletes do after they retire... PHEW, thought the podcast was retiring and I might be out of a job *sweats*... Anyways, listen in as your elegant hosts dive into the physical and psychological aspects athletes face upon retirement, being wanted vs needed, and... assembling a shelf for a stranger!? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48:00 13.07.23
Lumberjack Games
Axes, chainsaws, and flannels OH MY! In this week's wood filled episode, Baby Markiplier returns to face the teeth in the Lumberjack World Championships! Can he survive the hard wood running, axe throwing, tree climbing chaos that Tyler has thrust upon him, or will he splinter under the pressure and face the axe? Time to grab your lucky flannels and take a swing at this episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48:19 06.07.23
The Why's of Climbing & Literally Everything (Feat. Alex Honnold)
Ah! The joy of being 7,000ft (2,000m) high, holding onto the side of a mountain with no gear, with just your hands and feet clawed on the rock... That's what this week's guest did! Alex Honnold-one of the greatest rock climbers ever-joins Tyler and Markiplier as they discuss life, finding that one thing to get up for, the Oscar winning documentary Free Solo, and a little bit of rock climbing. You don't want to miss the twists and turns this conversation takes, tune in NOW! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
87:00 29.06.23
Tour de France
Finally, Tyler takes Markiplier on a cycling journey through his "home country." Before the ride can begin, Mark challenges Tyler's focus of the episode and jousts over if it should be a primer on the sport of cycling or the Tour de France. Who will survive the pedaling in this cycling adventure across the french countryside? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
57:30 22.06.23
4 Wheels, 2 Doors, & a Race Car Driver (feat. Samantha Tan)
START YOUR ENGINES elegant listeners!! This week your host are joined by a true race car driver who says if you don't crash then you aren't going fast enough!!! wait... is that right!? Samantha Tan, speedster extraordinaire, joins your hosts as we explore how you become a race car driver, why Markiplier drives like a grandma, how to properly say Le Mans, and so much more. Get on track and warm up your tires because this is an episode you do not want to miss. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
58:10 15.06.23
Cheese Rolling Primer
The roles of your hosts get flipped and tumbled all around as Markiplier reluctantly resumes the role of the "sports knower" and leads Tyler down the hill of a sport that is cheese rolling?? The spirits of the J'accuse possess both bodies this time!? Wait, this isn't about rolling cheese, or is it?! Hope you're ready, because this is gouda brie a munster of an episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
49:51 08.06.23
Water Polo & Shark Avoidance (feat. Tony Azevedo)
In this episode of GMFST, Tyler and Markiplier... and what's this!? A 3rd person?! Water Polo Legend TONY AZEVEDO!!!! Together your hosts and Tony dive into the pool and talk Olympics, Dirty Players, Sharks, Mark's Fear of the ocean and how all it all relates back to Water Polo, the Sports World, and Tony's Life, past and present. Also Tony & Tyler have mutuals!? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
77:29 01.06.23
Home Field Advantage
Home sweet home! This week on GMFST Tyler & Mark dive into how playing at home gives a competitive advantage, including how teams find ways to potentially increase that advantage or NOT. Tune in right now to find out all sorts of extra inside info including: a person hiding off screen? Mark's perfect locker room, and so much more... HA ha *sweats* Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48:44 25.05.23
Water Polo Primer
As the weather outside is heating up, GMFST turns to the pool. This week on GMFST, Tyler leads sleepy Markiplier through the sport he won state in. WATER POLO - the worlds toughest team sport! Not to be confused with the sport involving horses and mallets... Or do they relate!? Dive into this episode and find out! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
66:02 18.05.23

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