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Covering unconventional ways of living & thinking, this podcast is here to empower you and help you live a freer life. Together with my guests I’m covering topics of self-development and personal growth, holistic health & lifestyle, mindfulness, yoga, living more naturally and reconnected with ourselves and nature. Freedom has special emphasis as a core topic. You can listen to inspiring stories and personal journeys driven by a quest for freedom in my signature Freedom Lifestyle Series. Based on my own life experience, I created this podcast to show alternative ideas that help us re-empower ourselves – from the inside out, through the reconnection with our true selves and with nature, through more freedom in our outer lives and our inner worlds, through new perspectives on and new perceptions of life. So we can all live with more freedom and in our true power. In solo shows and conversations with my guests, I provide you with inspiring real life stories, embodied wisdom, empowerment practices as well hands-on tips and tools. Enjoy! Kat


Find back to your stable core: breathing exercise
Find back to your own stable core: breathing exercise that will help you come back to your center and act from a more empowered place.
13:46 26.08.2022
How to access the space between: Standing in your own authority with Dr. Catherine Craig
Today I’m chatting with Dr. Catherine Craig, Intuitive Guide and Transformation Teacher. I love Catherine for her spiritual and energetic wisdom, how she speaks, and how she stands in her sovereignty in a firm yet non-judgemental way, all three eyes open to what’s happening around. This conversation was really fun – I hope you enjoy it!
71:54 19.08.2022
What is mine to take in: Standing in your own authority with Keli Dierings
Today I’m chatting with Keli Dierings: She’s the first of 9 inspiring women I’m interviewing for a series on spiritual evolution and standing in one’s own authority – because I feel that being able to stand in our own power is needed more than ever today. In this episode Keli’s sharing key insights in regards to self-empowerment, how she has restored faith in her spiritual practice, how we can lighten our healing journey and live with more ease, joy and beauty.
90:08 12.08.2022
Intro episode: Standing in your own authority
This is the intro episode to my new 9-part series "Standing in your own authority" where I'm interviewing 9 inspiring women. I feel that being able to stand in our own power is needed more than ever today. Times are challenging and we need our own stable ground to stand on. In this spirit, we are here to share personal experiences, spread faith and give insights into what has helped us to evolve and stand in our own authority.
06:35 12.08.2022
Kopf-, Rücken-, Regelschmerzen: Was war hier mal wieder zu viel? mit Berit Julie Friz
*EPISODE IN GERMAN* Heute ist Berit Julie Friz bei mir im Gepräch. Berit ist Heilpraktikerin mit eigener Praxis in Berlin, in der sie Homöopathie, Leibarbeit, Aufstellungsarbeit und Supervision vereint. Ich hatte Berit bereits einmal im Podcast bei mir zu Gast: Da ging es um Innere-Kind-Arbeit und das Durchbrechen von Angst- und Unsicherheits-Mustern. In der aktuellen Folge sprechen wir über ein Thema, das – zumindest auf den ersten Blick – körperlich ist. Es geht um Schmerzen, die jeder kennt und die so viele von uns als normal oder gegeben hinnehmen: Kopf und Rücken, Regelschmerzen und Blasenentzündung. Wir möchten mit dieser Episode zeigen: Nur weil bestimmte Schmerzen oder Krankheiten weit verbreitet sind, sind sie nicht normal und wir müssen wir diese auch nicht als normal akzeptieren. Wir schauen, was tiefer dahinter steckt, was in unserem Leben vielleicht gerade zu viel war, und wie wir ein besseres Gefühl für uns selbst bekommen. Komplette Show Notes unten oder auf der Episodenseite: Episode gefallen? Teil sie mit Freunden & give some extra love:
64:10 21.11.2021
“We all have freedom inside of us” with Marie Wanhoefer
On today’s show, my guest is Marie Wanhoefer. What made me stop and reach out to her is the way she talked about freedom – I felt that she is someone who’s got a deep connection to freedom and who perceives it in a beautiful and inspiring way. This is her freedom story & a deep talk on freedom, healing and reconnection. You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Liked this episode? Share with a friend & give some extra love:
94:34 29.10.2021
10-min Breathing Exercise to Calm the Nervous System
10-minute breathing exercise to calm the nervous system guided by Kat. Beginner friendly.
12:54 23.06.2021
Tarot & Understanding the Energies That Surround Us with Felicity Pairman
Ready for a summer/winter solstice tarot reading? Get yourself a cuppa or a cold drink, lean back and listen to the energy forecast that Felicity is channeling especially for you. In this episode I’m chatting with Felicity Pairman: She is an intuitive tarot reader, who always had a strong connection to the energies surrounding her and a strong bond with her intuition, now helping people gain clarity on their path through Tarot. We’re talking energies, intuition, clarity and healing, and of course Felicity’s own fascinating path. Liked this episode? Share it with a friend & give some extra love:
75:10 18.06.2021
Breaking Repetitive Cycles & Living In Truth with Randeep Dhillon
In this episode I chat with Randeep Dhillon: she’s a coach working with the techniques of family constellations, breath work and meditation. We are diving into her work in family aka systemic constellations and explore how this method can help us find clarity and truth, shed light on intransparent situations or family patterns that might be going back into the lives of our ancestors, and how it can help us solve long unresolved issues. And Randeep is telling her own inspiring story: how working with constellations has helped her personally live in truth and break with painful family cycles. Enjoy this deep conversation! You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Liked this episode? Share it with a friend & give some extra love:
94:25 10.06.2021
Redefining Performance: Live Your Most Fulfilled Life with Jord Cuiper
In this episode I chat with Jord Cuiper, a self-actualization specialist. Jord helps people to empower themselves to live their fullest potential and their most fulfilled life. He questions the common concept of performance and the mindless striving for success and helps people reconnect with what matters to them – and that’s where he sets himself apart from a lot of life coaches and performance-driven self-help advice. Basis for his work is his own life story which brought him from being an ambitious kid and young and successful start-up founder to a huge loss in his early twenties and eventually a complete collapse of his health. His way out: a radical change of his life and lifestyle. And it’s his mission now to help others find their authentic and deeply fulfilled path. At the core of his coaching approach is an honest look into what it is that is keeping us stuck in a certain place in life – what it is that is holding us back from living in a truly fulfilled and happy way. I believe we can all relate to it in one or another way: The feeling that we have to do or achieve something first, before we can be happy or at peace and ease. As entrepreneurs, we might feel the need to reach that next career step, make more money or finish that prestige project before we deserve and are able to experience happiness and fulfillment. Jord helps us explore what’s behind these mis-beliefs and helps us reconnect with our own values. We’re exploring: - Jord’s own inspring story of walking the unconventional road and finding fulfillment - Why striving for success is often linked to a feeling of lack - Why self-help strategies often fail when it comes to true change and lasting happiness - Why performance and fulfillment don’t have to be opposites, but can go together. I find this last one especially interesting, because when we think about personal growth or self-actualization performance seems more like a thing that we want to shed. It’s performance or chilling at the beach, but not both. Stay tuned to hear why it doesn’t have to be this way. Make sure to listen to the last 5 minutes! Jord gives some great tips and thought-provoking questions for you on how to use your current circumstances as a feedback loop to discover more authenticity, ease and freedom. You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Liked this episode? Share it with a friend & give some extra love:
65:49 21.05.2021
Motivation, Mental Strength & Life Lessons from Ultra Racing with Mel Urie
This episode is PURE MOTIVATION! If you're in a lull or struggling to get your lovely butt off the couch: tune in. On today's show I'm talking to Melissa Urie: ultra endurance athlete, Ironman + Uberman woman and an embodiment of will power & mental strength. I was frankly mind-blown when I heard her talking about her 33 km (21 mile) swim in the open Pacific ocean. Sounds insane? Yes. Impossible? No. It's a good one, this episode! And it was so much fun recording! Thank you, Mel! You rock. Race distances so you get a feel for what we’re talking about: Sprint/Beginner’s triathlon: 750 m swim - 20 km bike - 5 km run Long-distance/Ironman: 3.8 km swim - 180 km bike - 42.2 km run Uberman = the world's most challenging Ultra Triathlon: 33 km (21 mile) swim - 644 km (400 mile) bike - 217 km (135 mile) run Swim in Catalina Channel then ride from LA to Furnace Creek and run Furnace Creek to Death Valley (top of Mt. Whitney). You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Liked this episode? Share it with a friend & give some extra love:
76:54 07.05.2021
Topless Waitress Turned Ayurvedic Practitioner: When Life Puts You On a Self-Love Journey with Bryre Roots
Today I am having a beautiful conversation around self-love and self-healing for you. I’m chatting with Bryre Roots, Ayurvedic health & lifestyle practitioner. Bryre helps women optimize their energy, digestion and overall health teaching self-care and self-empowerment practices. This episode is a great mix of Bryre’s own personal story of self-love & self-healing, the experiences a lot of us women make when it comes to loving and accepting ourselves just as we are as well as hands-on holistic lifestyle tips. Find full show notes below or on the episode page: Liked this episode? Share it with a friend & give some extra love:
78:58 19.03.2021
Freedom Through the Power of Thoughts with Dr. Laura Hughes
Here’s the first Freedom Lifestyle Edition of 2021 for you – opening up with my friend, life coach, advocate of natural wellbeing, and speaker of truth and freedom Dr. Laura Hughes. This episode is a continuation of the previous episodes of my podcast discussing freedom and exploring it in these extreme times of outer restrictions and what – hopefully! – turns out to be true change. We're talking freedom & the power of thoughts – based on the truth that we all have the power to create a better life for ourselves when we choose consciously. This might be even more important these days, where to a lot of us the current situation with Covid can feel depressing, de-motivating or even disempowering. It’s crucial that we become aware of our mind power and potential to create positive change, momentum and freedom. You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Liked this episode? Share with a friend & give some extra love:
50:18 27.02.2021
400 m Sprint to Timeless Performance: Yoga for Athletes with Jonas Plass
I'm talking to Jonas Plass: a certified Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant, a former 400 m runner, Olympic participant, finalist in the world championships and member of the German national team for 10 years. He’s here to help atheletes understand their bodies, minds, and overall health better. Combining his two worlds, he is providing them with a perspective that doesn’t end with their training session. He shows how they could perform better when they were able to make the link between what they did outside their training sessions and what impact this has on their overall performance, health and life. His new program “Yoga for Athletes” is bundling all of his athletic and yogic life experience giving you the knowledge to not just perform better in your next competition but go through life more in your own power – because: Ultimately, it’s not about the sprint or the next competition but about life and performing on a bigger level. You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Inspired? Invite me on a virtual cup of coffee:
81:55 13.02.2021
Community & Homebase: The Other Side of Digital Nomadism with Christina Spörer
Here’s a new Freedom Lifestyle Edition for you!
57:23 27.11.2020
Your Currency Is Connection: Making Your Brand Better Not Bigger with Julie M. Gile
Questions for you: What’s your validation? How do you define success? Today I’m having Julie Gile on my show: She is a photographer from Wisconsin in the US and it’s her mission to fuel personal connection between business owners and their clients. We talk about the value of connection, and why making your brand better, instead of bigger might be a big win for your life & happiness in general. We talk about building a brand and a business based on You: your own personal story, your passion or purpose. Julie fills us in on how she approaches capturing the people behind the brands in an authentic way. For her, one of the key questions is: what makes your brand different to others and how can we transport that visually? We also look at success and productivity in a new light. Julie clearly states that there are many forms of success and questions growth as the online factor of success. I’m very happy to bring this conversation out, because this is what we need: We need a new form of business, where we nurture the relationships with the clients we have and focus on brand values and passions. We gotta step back from the bigger, faster, always more mentality. It’s what we need to really bring about change in this world. A new approach to business as outlined by Julie has also the potential to help us better deal with the economic challenges around current crisis. Needless to say this episode is for anyone building up or owning a small business, having a business built on their own story and experience. It’s for solopreneurs and those of you who’ve struggled with advice from coaches and business books. This is not your average brand story talk. Julie is diving deep into her own story and sharing more than most of us will ever share. She is a woman of courage and a true believer in connection - both values we direly need these days. I'm very honored more to have her on my show. Tune in. Listen closely. And continue to build deeper connections. You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Inspired? Invite me on a virtual cup of coffee:
64:00 13.11.2020
5 Strategies to Ground & Focus
In this solo episode I’m talking about 5 strategies that help me ground and focus right now: all things from my daily life, some of them little adjustments and some of them more specific practices. If you’re feeling more scattered than usual, easily distracted, too much in your head or simply ungrounded: tune in. These strategies are from my daily life for your daily life and you can start with them right away! Find full show notes below or on the episode page: Inspired? Invite me on a virtual coffee so that I'm fueled to create more episodes:
20:32 26.10.2020
How to uphold our freedom in times of outer chaos with Dr. Marie Belle Pérez Rivera
Dr. Marie Belle Perez Rivera is here for a freedom update!
53:52 07.10.2020
How to live your freedom as entrepreneur, positive mindset & sustainable fashion with Nils Wagner
In this episode I’m talking to Nils Wagner: founder and CEO of Paprcuts as well as co-founder and owner of Badaga. Both are Berlin-based companies creating sustainable fashion and accessories. Nils is one of the young entrepreneurs trailblazing a new, sustainable “Made in Germany” and “Made in Europe”, producing regionally and carefully sourcing the material for his products. Nils stood out to me, because he manages to live and keep his freedom while running two innovative companies. The conversation here is a two-parter: We’re starting with Nils’ personal story and experience that led led him to walking a different path. We’re also talking about how his perception of freedom changed during lockdown and how we can make the most of these times. In the second part of the conversation we’ll dive into sustainable production and consumption, as this is really the core of Nils’ business. You’ll get Nils’ view on the questions “Can we do everything right?” and “How can we consume more mindfully?” from both an entrepreneurial and a personal perspective. Nils walks us through his experiences in the fashion world and in specific through his scouting process for new, sustainable materials. He also takes us through the evolution process of the new Paprcuts sneakers. This is a refreshing and highly motivating conversation. Nils got an amazingly positive mindset, so if you’re in need of a dose of positive motivation or need a good shot of “Just do” attitude, tune in! You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Inspired? Invite me on a virtual coffee so that I'm fueled to create more episodes:
86:29 04.09.2020
Core Connection: Finding Freedom Wherever You Are with Cat Kennedy
In this episode I’m having my friend Cat Kennedy on. Cat is a yoga teacher, international retreat leader and plant-based food creator with a passion for helping others discover their innate beauty. Cat was on my podcast a year ago and now she’s here for a freedom update: Talking how her perception of freedom has changed over the past year and how she’s experienced the past months. She’d just finished a retreat in Guatemala when the pandemic hit. What I love about Cat is how she walks through her day with such joy for the simple things and so in awe of nature, radiating lightheartedness and simple wisdom. This episode is especially for you if… - you’re looking for a dose of inner sunshine, and an easeful way to create more freedom and joy in your daily life. - you’re longing for a deeper connection to your heart and wanna get out of your head - you wanna feel better within your body and within yourself.
 Enjoy! You can find full show notes below or on the episode page:
69:36 21.08.2020
Freedom, Healing, Consciousness with Dr. Catherine Craig
My first guest on this second Freedom Lifestyle Series is Dr. Catherine Craig. She’s based in New Jersey in the United States. We met through a mutual friend of ours, Shana Robinson, and clicked instantly. Catherine is one of these humans that talk deep – you instantly know that you’re not in for a superficial chit-chat but going to the core of things. That’s what’s reflected in this podcast conversation, too. This episode is peppered with greater truths that will make you think. Catherine is calm but very powerful and clear in her message. Her own story around freedom is closely connected to her personal healing story and overcoming cancer. In her „current form“ - in her own words - she is a Board Certified Doctor of Acupuncture, specializing in chronic & acute pain management, holistic lifestyle & dietary counseling, and chronic disease management. She’s here to show us how being empowered in our bodies and minds can look like and why we really have to get out of this passive attitude following so-called authorities. Enjoy listening! You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: Sign up for my newsletter:
64:50 07.08.2020
Intro to Second Freedom Lifestyle Series
In this episode I give a little intro to what's coming up: The 2. Freedom Lifestyle Series on my podcast. If you're longing for more freedom, empowerment and a more self-determined life, if you're coming back to what really matters, reconnecting with yourself and living more consciously, this is for you. Tune in! You can find full show notes below or on the episode page:
10:30 07.08.2020
Breaking Through Patterns of Fear and Insecurity with Berit Julie Friz
In this episode I’m talking to Berit Julie Friz. Berit and I met 15 years ago working in a communications agency in Berlin, and it’s only recently that we’ve reconnected over our own, alternative paths we're walking these days. Berit is a non-medical practitioner, naturopath and homeopath. She helps adults, adolescents and children with acute and chronic complaints, that can be either physically or psychologically caused. She also advises couples in times of crisis. Her therapy methods are Homeopathy, Supervision, Systemical Constellations and Bodywork. Today she’s here to help us understand subconscious patterns of fear and insecurity that hugely influence how we act and react in our daily lives and that quite literally auto-pilot us. That’s super topical at the moment, because with Covid in the air and all the change going on, there is A LOT out there that’s triggering us. So tune in and learn what you can do to break through these patterns, and ultimately become more resilient, self-reliant and empowered. You’ll learn: - What you can do to build awareness on what’s really going on inside you - How physical, mental and emotional signs pointing to deeper fears might look like - What methods are powerful tools for exploring underlying fears and insecurities - Why you act the way you do towards the whole Covid situation + why face masks might be a real trigger for you - Why – a lot of the time – it’s not the others to blame Enjoy listening! You can find full show notes below or on the episode page: This episode is supported by Dutch Health Store.
95:07 31.07.2020
Navigating Change & Uncertainty: Release Tension and Stress with Help of Ayurveda with Kellen Brugman
Have you been noticing yourself clenching your jaw or feeling scattered in your mind more than usual lately? Or feeling a bit lethargic? These all can be signs of stress or tension we're experiencing due to the change and challenges we're facing right now – and often we don't even notice them as such. My podcast guest on today's episode, Kellen Brugman, helps us to identify signs of stress in our bodies and minds and offers simple remedies so we can navigate these times more smoothly. Kellen Brugman is a certified Ayurvedic health practitioner, holistic lifestyle coach, yoga teacher and writer. She helps people achieve their health and wellness goals, and align their career goals with their heart’s passion and soul’s mission. She offers insights & super practical tips based on our individual constitution, in Ayurveda called "Dosha". We explain that in the beginning of the episode so you get a feeling for which type you are: Vata, Pitta or Kapha. It's pretty fascinating, so tune in! This conversation is part two of a series of podcast episodes where we explore natural rhythms like the lunar cycle, daily energy cycles, the seasons, and how tuning in to these cycles can help us go through life with more flow, energy, health, joy, success – or simply put: overall more in flow and naturally empowered. Thank you for listening! This episode is brought to you by Dutch Health Store You can find full show notes below or on the episode page:
89:57 02.07.2020
Times of Change: 7 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now
In this solo show I’m giving 7 powerful questions for self-reflection. As we're shifting towards a new energy as well as getting back to "normal" after lockdown, I believe it's super important to keep on reflecting, questioning and diving deep – so we don't waste this precious window of opportunity to transform and truly change the world. These 7 questions are here for you to explore and help you personally make necessary shifts. For it all starts within us, for what we think and imagine becomes our new reality. Find full show notes below or on the episode page: Thank you so much for tuning in!
29:59 21.06.2020
Healing Your Whole Being with Taoist Wisdom & Naturally Strengthening Your Immune System with Mason Taylor
In today’s show I’m talking to Mason Taylor – wellness educator, passionate tonic herbalist and founder and director of Superfeast, a very cool Australian company for tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Superfeast and Mason got my attention when I was in New Zealand last year and since then I’ve been following their stories.  It’s Mason’s passion to teach people from all walks of life on how to embrace the healing forces of nature, and how to create their own unique and dynamic health philosophy – and Mason and Superfeast do a great job at that! He regularly cracks me up with his unique sense of humour! Watch a couple of his little videos on instagram and you'll know why! Mason's also the host of the Superfeast podcast, which I'm a big fan of. If you don’t know it yet, make sure you check it out. It’s honestly a well of naturally empowered wisdom. This episode today could definitely be subtitled with “natural empowerment”: We talk about Mason’s own life story and how he found his way to tonic herbalism and a new connection to his health, and we talk about how to look at our immune system from a traditional ancient Chinese/Taoist perspective and what we can do to gain strong immunity.  Wind, cold, heat & dampness for example are considered natural “invaders” to our immune system – did you know? I find that pretty fascinating, and it’s also so simple. This whole episode is peppered with simple health tips you can integrate into your life right away.  I feel very honoured to have Mason on my show today – this unbelievably nice, wise and funny guy! Enjoy. Find full show notes below or on the episode page:
82:12 21.05.2020
Cosmic Weather Reports: How to Connect the Dots & Energize Our Lives with Shannon Hugman
In today’s show I’m talking to Shannon Hugman whose passion and profession is energetic astrology. A “cosmic meteorologist” – a weather-forecaster for planetary constellations – she gives us guidance on understanding the current flows of cosmic energy. Having an understanding of and the ability to tune into these bigger currents of energy can help us go through life more at ease, with more insight into our personal experiences and with overall more success. Shannon shows us how we can start our own journey into energetic astrology without having to have knowledge of the stars, and you’ll also learn why your “star sign” – Virgo, Cancer, Sagittarius – isn’t everything. Plus, we dive deep into the current energies, connecting the dots between cosmic cycles and what’s happening on Earth right now. Be prepared for a fiery call-to-action in this revolutionary time! I personally love Shannon’s easy and vivid explanations around astrology, she always finds a relatable image or analogy to explain planetary constellations and their energies in an understandable way – at least for someone like me who’s got no clue about all of that. This conversation is part one of a series of podcast episodes where we explore natural rhythms like the lunar cycle, daily energy cycles, the seasons, and how tuning in to these cycles can help us go through life with more flow, energy, health, joy, success – or simply put: overall more in flow and naturally empowered. Subscribe to the podcast now and be in the loop for more episodes covering concepts of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the female 28-day-cycle, seasonal energies and other natural rhythms. Thank you for listening! You can find full show notes on the episode page:
68:07 13.05.2020
Body, Mind & Soul Health: Empowering Yourself from the Inside Out with Steph Gaudreau
In today’s show I’m talking to Steph Gaudreau. She is as a nutritional therapy practitioner, intuitive eating counselor and strength coach and her approach to food and fitness is much more than just talking about the body. She looks at your whole being and works on empowering your mind, moving with intention, recharging your energy and eating nourishing foods. This is an empowering conversation for anyone who feels confused about how to eat healthy and how to exercise in a “good” way. It’s for anyone who’s got a basic knowledge of food and fitness, but struggles with an all-or-nothing mindset. It’s for anyone who struggles tapping into and trusting their intutition when it comes to eating and exercise. But this episode is also for everyone looking for a more holistic and whole approach to life in general, because food and fitness are not the only things we talk about. We speak about overall empowering yourself and finding back to that intuition and trust we all have inside us, but that is often overridden by the external “shoulds” and opinions. It’s about becoming aware of and embodying your whole being, and also about how we can get through these crazy times in a sane, self-loving and non-judgemental way. Thank you for listening! You can find full show notes on the episode page:
68:53 05.05.2020
Self-Isolation as Chance to Focus & Go Deep
In this solo show I’m talking about self-isolation and this time right now as a chance to create something new as well as a chance to expand and deepen what’s already existing. It’s a reminder and positive push for all of you who like to try something new, but lacked the time and focus for it until now; for those of you who like to incorporate a true and lasting new routine; for those of you who like to deepen an existing practice or passion. This time right now can help us focus and create space for this.
24:05 25.04.2020
5 Ways to Calm Down, Create Headspace & Cultivate Inner Certainty in Uncertain Times
In this solo show I’m sharing my top 5 ways to calm down, create headspace and anchor myself in these turbulent times – because, honestly, over the past two weeks I’ve felt a space of uncertainty I’ve never felt before. And I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there feeling the same! To me it’s essential to have tools and mindset strategies at hand that help me deal with what’s going on and that help me come back to my calm, give me solace and help me cultivate certainty within. If you’re longing for more calm, stability, solace, inner certainty and freedom in your head, this episode is for you.
26:16 03.04.2020