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Discover Adept English, the modern way to learn to speak English. Our goal is to help you speak English fluently. The Adept English language teaching approach is to learn through listening. We publish two new English audio lessons, with full transcripts, weekly. Every one of our English lessons will help you learn to speak English in ways that are interesting and lead to success. We have lots of podcasts, at all difficulty levels, on many topics, suitable for all listeners, ready for you to listen too right now.


Enhance Your Expressive Happiness Vocabulary! Ep 700
🎧 Express happiness in new ways? Beyond just 'happy'? Today we learn 8 new ways to express happiness in English. Join us in our 700th #englishlanguage podcast and unlock the interesting world of 'happy' synonyms! From 'delighted' to 'ecstatic', we'll explore the subtle shades of joy that make English a rich and vibrant language. Unlock the Secrets of Happiness in English with Adept English! 📚 How-To: Master the art of expressing joy in multiple ways. 📚 Review & Vocabulary: Review synonyms for 'happy' like 'delighted', 'pleased', and 'ecstatic'. 📚 Grammar & Conversation: Strengthen your grammar and conversation skills. 📚 Levels: Perfect for Beginners to Advanced learners. 📚 Listening & Speaking: Improve your listening and speaking proficiency. 📚 Phrases & Idioms: Learn phrases and idioms to speak like a native. 📚 Fluency & Pronunciation: Enhance fluency and perfect pronunciation. 📚 Language Immersion: Immerse in the beauty of British English. 📚 Culture & Lifestyle: Experience British culture through language. ✔Lesson transcript: "The most wasted of days is one without laughter." E.E. Cummings Join our vibrant learning community! Follow and subscribe to our podcast at Adept English. Enhance your #englishfluency with every lesson! 🌟🎧📚 Get ready to enrich your conversations with eight different ways to express happiness. This isn't just another English lesson; it's a journey into the heart of the language. Tune in and transform your English from ordinary to extraordinary! "Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions." Dalai Lama Dive into the vibrant world of English with #expressiveenglish and discover how to articulate joy in numerous ways – from 'delighted' to 'ecstatic'! Visit for more exciting English language podcasts and lessons.
14:06 07.12.23
Learn English Fluency Faster-The Power Of Self-Explanation Ep 699
Why Self-Explanation Technique Is A Must For Learning English Language 💡 Study smarter and speed up learning to speak #englishfluently! Discover a groundbreaking technique that will transform your #languagelearning journey. Are you ready to learn how 'Self-Explanation' can improve your English skills? Stay tuned to upgrade your learning experience! Reasons to Join the Lesson: 🌐 Global Perspective: Embrace English in the context of UK education and culture. 📈 Rapid Progress: Experience a steep learning curve with our study tips and methods. 💬 Active Speaking: Improve spoken English skills through practice and recall. 🧠 Enhanced Recall: Master the Self-Explanation technique for lasting language retention. 🔎 Focus on Fluency: Develop true fluency with tailored lessons for all levels. 🎧 Audio-Based Learning: Immerse yourself in English with our audio lessons. 👥 Community Support: Join a community of learners on the same journey as you. "Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom." Oprah Winfrey ✔Lesson transcript: Think of it like this: each time you use 'Self-Explanation', you’re building a bridge in your mind, making it easier to recall and use new English phrases and vocabulary. It’s about making English a part of your thinking, not just a language you study. This method turns passive listening into an active, engaging process, helping you not only understand but also speak English more naturally. "The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein Join us as we explore practical techniques like retrieval, blurting, and critical thinking to enhance your #englishspeaking skills. Every step on this journey brings you closer to fluency.
14:35 04.12.23
Warm Up Your English Skills With Winter Idioms Ep 698
✔ Discover and use winter #idioms to enhance your #englishfluency with Adept English Ready to 'wrap up warm' in your English learning journey? 🧣 Our latest podcast is a treasure trove of tips and idioms to help you become fluent in English with a British twist! Unlock Winter Wonders with Adept English! 🌨️ 🗝️ Tutorial: Dive into charming British English idioms! 🗝️ Lifestyle & Culture: Experience UK winter expressions! 🗝️ Learn & Speak: Boost your fluency in conversational English! 🗝️ Grammar & Vocabulary: Enhance your understanding of idiomatic expressions! 🗝️ Listening & Speaking: Perfect your pronunciation and listening skills! 🗝️ Levels: Suitable for beginners to advanced learners! 🗝️ Free Course: Access our exclusive "Seven Rules of Adept English"! 🗝️ Podcast: Engaging, real-world examples to cement your learning! ✔Lesson transcript: "To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold." Aristotle Imagine being able to express yourself in English as naturally as you breathe. Today's lesson is not just about learning idioms; it's about making them useful to you. Hilary from Adept English will guide you through enchanting winter idioms that are key to mastering fluency. Ready to transform your English? Dive in! If you feel we have helped you please consider supporting us "The fire is winter’s fruit." Arabian Proverb Warm 🔥 up your English this winter! Discover charming British idioms in our newest podcast. Listen now on Spotify, YouTube, or visit! #englishlearning Visit Adept English and start speaking English fluently today! 🌐
12:34 30.11.23
Brain Chemistry And Your Mental Health Ep 697
Join our unique English lesson that merges psychology insights with English listening practice. Curious about the link between your brain chemistry and mental health, all while learning to speak #english fluently? Discover how your life story shapes you and unravel the mysteries of mental health in a language journey like no other. Don't miss out on this transformative experience that combines learning and self-discovery! Why This Lesson? 🧠 Learn & Review: Understand complex psychological concepts while enhancing your English skills. 🧠 Phrases & Vocabulary: Expand your language arsenal with terms like 'neurotransmitters', 'serotonin', and 'ACEs'. 🧠 Grammar & Conversation: Practice real-life English usage with a focus on mental health topics. 🧠 Level Up Your Fluency: Suitable for intermediate+ levels, guiding you from understanding to fluent conversation. 🧠 Pronunciation & Fluency: Perfect your British accent and become a confident English speaker. 🧠 Tutorial Insight: Delve into the intriguing interplay of brain chemistry and mental health. ✔Lesson transcript: "A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness." Albert Einstein In this #englishlesson, you're diving into a unique blend of language learning and psychology. You'll not only enhance your English fluency but also gain insights into mental health concepts. Through exploring terms like 'Adverse Childhood Experiences' and 'neurotransmitters', you'll enrich your vocabulary while grasping complex ideas. This approach, combining language with interesting content, is powerful for language acquisition. "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." Carl Jung Start Listening Now! Follow and subscribe to our podcast for more insightful lessons. Elevate your English fluency with Adept English today!
14:33 27.11.23
How To Use Causative Verbs To Read A Room Ep 696
🚀 What Causative Verbs Reveal About Relationships #Grammar #English Dive into our captivating lesson on 'Causative Verbs.' Perfect for all levels - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Get ready to unravel the subtleties of English and enhance your speaking, listening, and understanding skills. Why Listen? 🌐 Learn English Fluently with our engaging online lessons. 🧠 Learn Causative Verbs and understand their intricate usage in conversation. 🎧 Enjoy our English language podcast for immersive learning. ✅ Easy-to-follow tutorials for effective grammar tips and vocabulary enhancement. 💡 Discover English idioms, phrases, and sentence structures that bring language to life. 📝 Prepare for exams with practical English speaking practice. 🇬🇧 Embrace British culture and language nuances through Adept English. ✔Lesson transcript: "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." Steve Jobs In this lesson, you dive into the world of causative verbs, uncovering their subtle meanings in English. This is key to understanding complex relationships and interactions. As you learn, you'll grasp how these verbs portray influence, persuasion, and permission. This understanding is vital for fluently navigating English conversations, especially in understanding the deeper context of relationships and actions. Embrace this lesson, as it's a stepping stone to advanced English fluency, enhancing your ability to 'read the room' and pick up on nuanced expressions. "It always seems impossible until it's done." Nelson Mandela 🌟 Join us on for an easy guide to causative verbs. Perfect for English learners! #learnenglish #causativeverbs
14:14 23.11.23
English Listening Practice-Doomed By Doom And Gloom? Ep 695
English Listening Practice Learn Key Terms About Economics And Geology Unlock Your English! 🌐 Dive into the Adept English Podcast: The Ultimate Fusion of English Language & British Life 📚✨. Discover UK’s pulse 🇬🇧 through retail trends, Icelandic wonders, and heart-warming tales. Perfect for Every #englishlearner - Beginner to Advanced. Listen, Learn, Speak! 🎧💬 Why You'll Love This Lesson: 🌍 Explore diverse topics: UK economy, Icelandic geology, heart-warming stories. 📈 Master economic, environmental, and general vocabulary. 💬 Enhance your conversation and speaking skills. 👂 Improve listening proficiency with British English. 📚 Tailored for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. 🤓 Get smart tips for English exams and daily conversations. 🇬🇧 Immerse in British culture and perspectives. 🚀 Boost your English fluency and confidence. 📱 Learn anytime, anywhere – perfect for busy lifestyles. ✔Lesson transcript: "Life is about experiences, not possessions." Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. In this English IELTS lesson, you're diving into more than just English; you're exploring British culture and perspectives. By tackling diverse topics like economics, environmental issues, and heart-warming stories, you're expanding your vocabulary in real-world contexts. This approach isn't just about memorizing words; it's about understanding their use in everyday life. As you listen and learn, you'll start thinking in English, a crucial step toward fluency. Remember, language is not just words; it's ideas, emotions, and culture, all coming together. Keep listening, and you'll see your fluency improve significantly. "The economy's only job is to serve the people, not the other way around." Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo. Discover how the economic trends affect our everyday language and learn essential vocabulary for discussing global issues with interesting #englishlessons. Learn how the UK economy is changing! Listen on Spotify, watch on YouTube, and learn more on Boost your English & knowledge today! 📈🎧
13:35 20.11.23
English Listening Practice-Divided We Stand Ep 694
English Listening Practice: Why Understanding Extremes Enhances YOUR English Skills Expand Your English: Politics & Opinions. Dive into British English with a twist! Explore how opinions shape society. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, watch on YouTube, Spotify or visit for a unique lesson! 🇬🇧🗣️ #LearnEnglish #AdeptEnglish Why Join this Lesson? 📈 Expand Vocabulary: Dive into political terms in English, enhancing your language arsenal. 🤝 Understand Polarised Opinions: Grasp left wing and right wing viewpoints, crucial for global awareness. 🌐 Improve Listening Skills: Perfect for all levels beginner, intermediate, advanced. 🎧 British English Focus: Learn nuances of British English and culture. 💬 Practical Usage: Apply learning in conversation, exams, and daily life. 📚 Accessible Anywhere: Learn online, immerse yourself anytime. Key Benefits 📈 Enhance English vocabulary, especially in political context. 🤝 Master phrases and idioms for effective conversation. 🌐 Gain insights into UK politics, enriching global understanding. 🎧 Develop listening skills through an engaging English podcast. 💬 Speak English confidently, with fluency and proper pronunciation. ✔Lesson transcript: "There is too much at stake for us to surrender to the politics of polarization." Brad Henry Curious about the heated debates in today's world? Dive into our latest English lesson, where not only will you sharpen your understanding of British politics, but also master the art of expressing 'abstract' ideas in English. From 'polarised' opinions to the subtleties of 'left wing' and 'right wing' politics, this lesson is a goldmine for anyone eager to articulate complex thoughts in English. Start listening now to transform your language skills and grasp the nuances of today's political discourse! "The root cause of all the problems we have in the world today is ignorance of course. But mostly, polarization." Maya Angelou 🚀 Your Path to English fluency. Stay updated, learn contextually. Grammar & Vocabulary Building: Solid foundation for fluency. 🎓 Join Adept English Today! Embrace language acquisition with ease. Enjoy an English language lesson tailored to your pace. Dive into British culture for complete English immersion.
13:14 16.11.23
British Kitchen English Vocabulary Essentials Ep 693
From Saucepans To Syntax: Dive Into English Phrases With A Culinary Twist. Jump into #BritishKitchenBasics with our latest English vocabulary lesson and learn everything about British kitchens, from a saucepan to a spatula! Expand your culinary vocabulary and learn #EnglishCookingTerms with our fun and interactive English lesson! From pans to chopsticks, #LearnEnglish terms and cook up your language skills with Adept English! 🍳 Dive into the heart of a British kitchen with our unique English lesson. 🔍 Focus on 30 essential British kitchen vocabulary words. 👂 Enhance your listening skills and learn to recognize everyday kitchen items. 📚 From beginner to advanced learners, this lesson is a must for anyone wanting to speak English fluently. 🇬🇧 Embrace the British lifestyle and learn English language kitchen utensils. 👩‍🍳 Improve your English with cooking - a fun, engaging way to learn new vocabulary and phrases. 🧑‍🏫 Whether it's for an exam, test, or just personal growth, our course offers practical study tips and real-life applications. ✔Lesson transcript: "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well." Virginia Woolf In this lesson, you will dive into the heart of everyday British life: the kitchen. It's not just about learning words; it’s about connecting them to real objects and actions. Imagine you're cooking in a British kitchen. Each word becomes a tool in your hand, from 'pan' to 'spoon.' You're not just memorizing; you're experiencing English as it's used in daily life. This immersive approach enhances your listening skills and vocabulary in a practical, enjoyable way, making English more than a language - it becomes a part of your world. "Everything you see I owe to spaghetti." Sophia Loren Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your English vocabulary and listening skills with Adept English! Join us and cook up your language success! 🎓🍽️
14:25 13.11.23
Speak English Smoothly With These Key Phrases Ep 692
English Speaking Practice: End Chats Politely And On Your Terms Ready to ignite your English skills? Dive into our dynamic lesson and master the art of English conversation! You'll grasp vital phrases that serve as conversational connectors. These 'social cues' will boost your ability to flow in dialogue. Jump-start your fluency with Adept English! 🚀 ✅ Tutorial-packed to guide your speaking journey! ✅ Review and refine with every interaction! ✅ How-to hacks for elegant English exchanges! Why leap into this lesson? Here's the low-down: 🎯 Hone phrases for polite & powerful dialogue 🎧 Amp up your listening to decode social cues 🗣️ Practice conversational glue for smooth chats 🇬🇧 Absorb British culture for authentic interaction ✔Lesson transcript: "We can disagree without being disagreeable." Ruth Bader Ginsburg Join us for a British blend of language learning. It's not just a course, it's a cultural quest. Your ticket to confident conversations starts here. 🎫💬 #LearnEnglish #SpeakFluent Ever felt like an outsider in English chats? Tune in to today's Adept English lesson and banish that feeling forever! I'm Hilary, your guide to mastering the 'social glue' of conversation—those magic phrases that let you navigate any English dialogue with ease and charm. From confirming understanding to expressing agreement, or even how to disagree without a fuss, we've got you covered. Get ready to become the person everyone wants to talk to, in English! Let's unlock the secrets together. "Agreement is the place where everyone gets tired of arguing." PJ O'Rourke Sharpen your speaking with #FluentEnglishTips. From the first "hello" to the closing goodbye, craft conversations that resonate and relationships that last. End English Chats Gracefully! Wrap up English conversations politely. Visit our YouTube channel for the best phrases to use!
13:58 09.11.23
Could You Guess If Your Stress Is Super Chill Or Super Crazy? Ep 691
English Listening Practice: 8% In The UK Have GAD, Mostly Women Struggle with nerves? Let’s unlock the mystery of anxiety while boosting your English. Dive into our latest English language lesson—no pills, just powerful words. Perfect your English and conquer fears. Ready to transform? Join us! ✅ Practical Psychotherapy Vocabulary 🧠 ✅ Advanced Listening Skills 🔊 ✅ Fluent English Conversation Practice 💬 Learn on the go with "Adept English" and grasp Generalised Anxiety Disorder, from symptoms to therapy—without popping a single pill! 🎧💊 No more anxiety over idioms, grammar, or pronunciation. 🎓 Why join us? 📚 Learn English for psychology with real-world phrases. 🤝 Embrace British culture and language. 🎧 Perfect your listening with our listen and learn system. ✔Lesson transcript: "It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it." Hans Selye Unlock the secrets of the mind while sharpening your English skills! Dive into our latest podcast with Hilary, a seasoned psychotherapist with 23 years of expertise. We're peeling back the layers on Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)—a topic as prevalent as it is misunderstood. With Adept English, you'll not only master the language but also gain insights into a condition affecting millions. Get ready to transform your English learning with real-world vocabulary and contexts. This isn't just an English lesson; it's a window into human psychology. Tune in now and change the way you learn forever. "No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself." Virginia Woolf Speak English with confidence and ease—join our lesson and transform your English and mental health know-how today! 🌟 #SpeakEnglishFluently #AdeptEnglish
13:43 06.11.23
Is English Stuck In The Past? Time To Learn Idioms That Matter! Ep 690
Confused by English idioms? Learn what they REALLY mean—Today! Have you ever puzzled over phrases like "going cold turkey" or "the elephant in the room"? Curious how they can transform your English from textbook bland to rich everyday conversation? Hilary’s got you covered in our latest Adept English lesson, where we're not just teaching idioms, we're bringing them to life! What You'll Learn: 🐱 How to "go cold turkey" and not just during Thanksgiving! 🐱 What it really means to "let the cat out of the bag" 🐱 Crack "the elephant in the room" and make your conversations intriguing. Lesson Highlights: 🐘 Real-World Examples: Idioms plucked straight from everyday conversations. 🐘 Active Listening Skills: Sharpen your ears with our exclusive 'Activate Your Listening' course. 🐘 Engaging Quizzes: Put your new idiom knowledge to the test. 🐘 Vocabulary & Pronunciation: Step up your game from beginner to advanced. ✔Lesson transcript: "The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." Peter Drucker But hang on, there's more. Stick around until the end for a quiz that could change the way you grasp these quirky English sayings forever. Unlock the mystery. Speak like a native. Are you ready? 🎧 Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and a lot of other podcast platforms, and don't forget to share it to help Adept English reach more avid language learners like you. "Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides." Rita Mae Brown 💡 Pro tip: So you want to excel in spoken English? Our 'Activate Your Listening' Course is a game-changer.
14:02 02.11.23
Do Ghosts Really Haunt Houses In The UK Ep 689
Slow English Listening Practice: Ghosts & Halloween Ready to unravel the mysteries of British and American Halloween culture WHILE boosting your English fluency? You can't miss this!🎃 Adept English brings you a Halloween special that’s so much more than your average English lesson. Here’s why you'll want to hit "Play" right away: 👉 Ghost Stories Galore: Dive into real-life, spine-chilling stories that unveil British and American Halloween traditions. 👉 Language Meets Lifestyle: Master English vocabulary, phrases, and idioms that revolve around haunting and estate agents struggling to sell 'haunted' houses. 👉 Fluency Through Immersion: The Seven Rules of Adept English break down language barriers and fast-track you to fluency. 👉 Cultural Insights: Get an in-depth look at Halloween traditions, from trick or treating to pumpkin carving, in both the UK and America. 👉 Expert Tips: Gain actionable study tips to ace your English tests and exams. ✔Lesson transcript: "There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch." Robert Brault Ever wondered how Halloween, haunted houses, and ghosts can help you master the English language? Intrigued? You should be. In this eye-opening podcast episode, we don't just rattle chains and tell spooky tales. We delve deep into British and American culture, demystifying the words and phrases surrounding these chilling topics. It's not just about learning—it's about immersion. Get ready for an English lesson that could send shivers down your spine and elevate your fluency to new heights. Stick around; this is one story you won't want to ghost. "I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe places can be haunted by meaning. Places change us, and we change places." Emma Donoghue Unveil the supernatural while enhancing your language skills! Master English the Adept way—speaking and listening at your best. This isn’t just another tutorial. It’s a deep dive into language, culture, and the Uncanny. Hit "Subscribe" and step into a world where learning English meets spooky fun! 🎧💀📚 Don’t ghost on this chance to elevate your English—grab our FREE course, "The Seven Rules of Adept English" now! Learn today, lead tomorrow. Join Adept English and speak fluently by listening intently. 🎤🇬🇧🇺🇸
13:35 30.10.23
Improve Your English Fluency Now With Our Interactive Podcast! Ep 688
93% Said YES! What Do YOU Want in an English Listening Podcast? Ready to boost your English language skills? Adept English brings you an interactive lesson that will skyrocket your fluency! 🎧 Listen & Learn: Unlock the secret to fluent English by tuning in to our latest episode. Discover how Spotify polls shape our content. #ListenAndLearn Our Spotify polls let you shape the conversation. Let your voice be heard on hot topics like climate change, social issues, and more! Top Reasons to Tune In: 💡 Adept English's signature Listen & Learn approach keeps you engaged. 💡 Polls on Spotify make learning interactive. 💡 Tips and tricks to master the Most Common 500 Words Course. 💡 Real-world examples sharpen your understanding. 💡 Achieve fluency with targeted lessons in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. ✔Lesson transcript: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin 📚 Comprehensive Coverage: From grammar and vocabulary to similes and metaphors, we've got it all! Enhance your language with rich phrases, idioms, and conversational nuggets. 📊 Real-World Relevance: Our latest lessons offer fresh takes on public opinion, social issues, and even Body Mass Index. Ace your IELTS exam with vocabulary that matters! 🌐 Beginner to Advanced: Our course material is tailor-made for learners at all levels. Stuck on verb tenses? We've got a tutorial for that. Ready for advanced idioms? Dive right in! A podcast that not only helps you learn the language but also lets you vote on what you want to learn next. Whether you're battling with verb tenses or diving into real-world topics like climate change, Adept English gives you the steering wheel. It's a two-way street where your voice matters. Curious to know what other listeners like you are saying? Tune in and become a part of a community that's actively influencing the world of English learning. Want to talk about climate change in English? Our latest episode dives into the topic's relevance to language learning. #RealWorldEnglish "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs ✨ Don't just study English—live it! Click now to start your learning journey with Adept English. Where English language learning becomes a lifestyle! 👇 Ready for Lift-off? Join Adept English Now!💡 👇
11:34 26.10.23
Why Do Experts Trash This Bestseller? Ep 687
Level Up Your British English Listening Skills With Great English Listening Practice Looking for a fresh twist on learning English? Welcome to Adept English's latest lesson! We don't just teach English—Today, we delve into the very fabric of human behaviour! 🧠 This isn't your average English lesson Imagine expanding your English vocabulary while critiquing a bestselling book. Yes, we're talking about "The Chimp Paradox" by Steve Peters. 📚 Here's why you can't miss this episode: ✅ British English Focus: Immerse yourself in the nuances of British culture and language. ✅ Exam-Ready: Preparing for a test? We've got you covered. ✅ Vocabulary Mastery: Learn words you won't find in your average lesson. ✅ Engage Your Brain: This isn't just English. This is a look at the psychology of human emotions. ✅ Levels for Everyone: Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there's something for you. ✔Lesson transcript: "You are not your emotions; you are experiencing your emotions." Eckhart Tolle Skyrocket Your Speaking & Listening Skills🚀 Don't just study English. Live it, breathe it, and understand the psychology behind human behaviour while you're at it. Nail that conversation, ace that exam, and debate like a Brit! 🇬🇧 Ever felt like psychology books are just fluff? Here's one that has our psychotherapist Hilary riled up—The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters. People rave about it, but Hilary has an entirely different take, one that questions not just the book's theories but its impact on human behaviour. Intrigued? Listen to our eye-opening lesson that exposes the cracks in this popular theory, while brushing up your English skills at the same time. Dive in and discover a more realistic understanding of emotions and human behaviour—and let's get you talking English like a native! "It's very hard to grow, because it's difficult to let go of the models of ourselves in which we've invested so heavily." Maya Angelou 💡 Real Talk: You don't just want tips; you want life lessons. You don't just want to pass a test; you want to understand people. That’s Adept English for you. 💡 👉 So, are you in? Hit that subscribe button and join the Adept English revolution. Speak English, think emotions, live smarter! 🌐 Visit NOW!🌐
14:18 23.10.23
Unlock The Power Of English Prefixes Ep 686
Ready To Save Time On Your English Language Learning? Today we unveil the secret power of PREFIXES to unlock English fluency! Taught by the one and only Hilary from Adept English, this lesson gives you the inside track on how to accelerate your fluency and decipher unfamiliar words like a pro! What's In Store For You: 🎯 Learning the art of English Prefixes—from 'anti' to 'bi,' and all the goodies in between! 🚀 Shortcut Your Learning with Adept English's seasoned 'Listen & Learn' approach. 🌍 Understand how these tiny gems can be your global translators, especially if you speak a Latin or Greek-based language. 🕒 Save Time & Hassle by learning fast and efficiently! ✔Lesson transcript: "Learning never exhausts the mind." Leonardo da Vinci Ever wondered why some words seem to roll off the tongue while others stump you? What if you could decipher unfamiliar English words as easily as unlocking a combination lock? Welcome to Adept English’s eye-opening lesson on prefixes—a game-changing shortcut to understanding complex vocabulary. Guided by Hilary, an expert in making English easy, you'll discover how tiny fragments of words like "anti-" and "bi-" can reveal the whole picture. Don't miss out on this vital puzzle piece to fluent English. Tune in now! "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss, Children's Book Author If you feel we have helped you please consider supporting us Time is precious, so why not take a shortcut? Our new lesson will accelerate your language journey! #LanguageShortcuts Dive deep into the nuances of British English with Adept English. Your path to #BritishEnglish fluency starts here. So, why get tangled in a web of confusing vocabulary? 👉 ACT NOW!And grab your seat for this one-of-a-kind English lesson! 🎓
13:45 19.10.23
Boost Your English Comprehension And Stay Informed Ep 685
English Listening Practice: Find the silver lining in today's most daunting global challenges. Tired of learning English that you don't hear in everyday English conversations? 🔥 Forget dull English lessons that teach you words you'll never use. This Adept #englishlesson doesn't just teach you words—it opens your eyes to what's happening around the world! You'll walk away not just speaking better English, but also richer in knowledge and perspective. Why You Need This Lesson in Your Life: 💥 Expand Your Vocabulary: Learn a fresh, relevant word like "polycrisis"—and know how to use it! 🌍 Stay Worldly: Get insights on real-world events like conflicts, environmental crises, and health breakthroughs. 😃 Positivity Blast: Tough news got you down? We sprinkle in some hope and show you the brighter side. 🎧 Listen & Learn: Master English fluently with Adept English's proven listen & learn method. 🔄 On Repeat: Listen as many times as you like for true understanding and retention. ✔Lesson transcript: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein Find your daily dose of positivity and uplift your spirit while #learnenglish. Ever feel like you're drowning in a sea of bad news? What if I told you there's a way to not only stay informed but also improve your English skills? Intrigued? You should be! In our latest Adept English lesson, Hilary dives into the term "polycrisis"—a word that's as relevant as it is impactful. But here's the kicker: Hilary also balances it out `with uplifting stories that will renew your faith in humanity`. Get ready to expand your vocabulary while restoring your optimism. Tune in now; your fluency—and mood—will thank you! "In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity." Albert Einstein So stop wasting your time on lessons that put you to sleep. Grab this Adept English lesson today, and feel the surge of fresh, practical English flood your mind! 👉 Don't think—just do it. Hit the 'Play' button and elevate your English now! 🎉 w:User:Julius.kusuma - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
14:30 16.10.23
Speak British English-Top Similes You Can Use Everyday Ep 684
English Phrases - Ready to Unlock the Secrets of English Similes and Metaphors? Want to sound like a native English speaker? Dive into a sea of similes, metaphors, and everyday English phrases that will elevate your fluency! Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Adept English lesson where we decode the poetry of the English language, right from ‘as snug as a bug in a rug’ to 'as fresh as a daisy.’ Why You Can't Afford to Miss This Lesson: 🎯 Tackle real English grammar head-on—get fluent in similes and metaphors! 🔄 Listen & Learn System boosts your understanding. Listen multiple times; gain confidence. 🇬🇧 Immerse in British English and culture—know the difference between 'as cold as ice' and 'snug as a bug in a rug.' 🎵 Overload of podcasts? No worries! We've bundled up even more on our Courses page. 💬 Get instant usage examples—know when to say someone is "as white as a sheet" or "as deaf as a post." ✔Lesson transcript: "Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space." Orson Scott Card Are you craving a deeper understanding of English? Struggling to distinguish a simile from a metaphor? You've found an English lesson that's a game-changer. Hilary from Adept English unveils the power of these literary devices in everyday English, all while embracing the 'Listen & Learn' method you've been searching for. Uncover commonly used similes like 'as dark as night' and metaphors that will make your conversations come alive. Ready to transform your English? Listen now and become the eloquent speaker you've always aspired to be. "A metaphor is like a simile." Steven Wright Don't just learn English—live it. Subscribe and share the Adept English Podcasts, because your path to fluency starts with a click! 🖱️ Visit and master English now. Time waits for no one—so what are you waiting for? 🕒
13:43 12.10.23
Learn English Fast-Climate Change Vocabulary And Discussion Ep 683
Learn English With A Discussion On Climate! Look, I get it. You want to learn English and work on your English fluency, but textbooks put you to sleep. How about learning real-world English from real-world events? 👀 Adept English brings you an all-new lesson you can't afford to miss. This isn't your run-of-the-mill English class. This is a deep dive into the hot topic of Climate Change. We're cutting through the jargon and serving you everyday English. 🌏 Why You Need This Lesson: 📈 Up-to-Date Topics: Get the scoop on climate change while mastering English. 🎧 Listen & Learn: Our proven method makes learning easy-peasy! 🗣️ Speak like a Local: Vocabulary you'll use. No fluff. 🛠️ Useful Tools: We're even throwing in handy tips for tackling English like a pro. 🤔 Critical Thinking: Engage in thought-provoking discussion topics. ✔Lesson transcript: "Our planet's alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action!" Leonardo DiCaprio Let's talk about today's weather and yesterday's headlines! Polish your #spokenenglish today 🗣️ Curious about why the weather's been so warm lately and how it connects to climate change? Well, don't just sit there scratching your head. Dive into our latest Adept English lesson where we unravel this sizzling subject—not as scientists, but as fluent English speakers. You'll not only grasp essential vocabulary but also spark your thoughts on a subject the world can't stop talking about. So why wait? Turn up the heat on your English skills and start making your own predictions! "I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is." Greta Thunberg If you feel we have helped you please consider supporting us So, here's the deal: You're going to talk about climate change anyway, why not polish your English skills at the same time? Sign up today and get hot on your English learning journey. Your future self will thank you. 🌟 Hit that button and let's make #englishlearning sizzle. 🔥
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Crack Verb Tenses For Fluent English-Quick Challenge Ep 682
Struggling to get English tenses right? Fed up with boring grammar drills? Adept English has cracked the code! Hilary’s latest podcast lesson doesn’t just teach you English—it transforms you into a fluent speaker. 👊 Why This Lesson Will Rock Your English World: 🌍 Real-World Practice: Get hands-on with examples pulled straight from daily life. No fluff. 🎤 Interactive Quizzes: Put your skills to the test, right as you learn. You speak, you engage, you get fluent. 📅 Daily Life Scenarios: Master tenses as Hilary talks about her day. Imagine reliving your day in another tense—it's that easy! 🤓 Easy-to-Follow: No jargon. Just clear, simple language. Perfect for beginners and intermediate learners. 🗣 Immediate Application: Don't just listen—speak! Practice on the go and wire your brain for English fluency. ✔Lesson transcript: "Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides." Rita Mae Brown Eager to achieve English fluency but find verb tenses to be your Achilles' heel? Imagine breaking down this daunting wall with an English lesson that makes the complex simple. Adept English has tailored a lesson that transforms everyday language into a masterclass on verb tenses. You won't just learn; you'll practice in real-time and walk away with actionable tips that your brain will thank you for. Curious? Dive in to discover how to manipulate English sentences like a pro and fast-track your path to fluency. "Change your language and you change your thoughts." Karl Albrecht Learn the ins and outs of verb tenses. Get the mechanics down. Stop thinking and start speaking English effortlessly! 🚀 Your journey to unshakable English fluency starts here. Click, listen, and get fluent! 🔥
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Listen And Learn English-How Small Acts Shake Up Society Ep 681
What Tiny Acts Reveal About British Society: Unlock These Fascinating English Listening Practice Stories! Hey, English Learner! Ready to make your language skills pop? 👀 Hilary’s got you covered. This isn't just another yawn-inducing grammar lesson. No, sir! This is Adept English, where we turn real, compelling stories into your language-learning playground. 🚀 From the majesty of an ancient tree to the heartache of a little girl, this lesson isn’t just another #englishlesson. It’s a trip into the stories that shake us, shape us, and make us human.🌱 Why Jump In? 🗣 Speak Fluent English: Get the conversational skills you crave. 🎧 Listen & Learn: It's so easy, you won’t even realize you’re studying. 🌍 Cultural Immersion: Ever heard of Hadrian’s Wall? Learn British culture while you learn the language. 📱 On-the-Go Learning: Downloadable lessons. Your pocket-sized classroom! 💔 Tackle Big Issues: From vandalism to social issues, we tackle topics that stir the soul. 🎯 Real Vocabulary: Learn words you’ll actually use. No fluff, all function! ✔Lesson transcript: "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Nelson Mandela Ever wondered why small things matter so much in life and language? Imagine a towering tree, rich in history, axed in a heartbeat—its tale uncovering a massive cultural wound. Now, picture a young girl sidelined in her shining moment, and the uproar that follows. But what do they have in common? You'd be shocked to find out. Tune into our latest lesson where we don't just help you #speakenglish fluently; we help you think in it. Prepare for an emotional roller-coaster that teaches you more than just words—it teaches you the world. Trust me, you won't look at 'small things' the same way again. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs A single act of vandalism rocks a nation. Think it's trivial? Guess again. Discover the charm of British history, landscapes, and current events as you master English. 🇬🇧 #BritishEnglishCulture Time to quit the “I’ll do it tomorrow” club. Your fluent future is calling. Head to NOW!
14:20 02.10.23
Debunking BMI Myths-Boost Your English And Your Health Ep 680
Unlock the Secrets to Healthier Living—All While Learning The English Language! Tired of snooze-worthy English lessons? Adept English brings you a riveting lesson that does more than just teach you English—it wakes you up to the myths surrounding BMI! Grab the opportunity to tweak your health and your language skills all in ONE shot. Why You Just Can't Miss This Lesson: 🧠 Unlock the true meaning of BMI and why it's flawed! 🗣 Perfect your British English pronunciation with words like 'height' and 'weight'! 📈 Decode smarter health metrics—because you're more than just a number! 💡Learn new vocabulary that you'll actually use! 🇬🇧 Immerse in British culture and healthcare practices! 🔄 Repeatable lessons for ingrained learning! ✔Lesson transcript: "Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy." Author Unknown New to English? Dive into our engaging discussions on health and everyday life while naturally learning the #englishlanguage. Ready to question everything you know about BMI and health? Today, we're diving into the buzz-worthy topic of Body Mass Index and why it might just be the overhyped number you need to rethink. No more blindly following the scale! `We'll unveil better ways to measure your health`, from waist-to-hip ratios to the power of a simple tape measure. But wait, this isn't just a wellness deep-dive—it's an English lesson in disguise! Wrapped up in fascinating facts and life-altering information, you'll effortlessly pick up on English nuances and vocabulary. Plus, the quirks of #englishpronunciation? We cover that too! Consider it a two-for-one deal that expands both your mind and your language skills. "It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver." Mahatma Gandhi Help us make more content with a donation Don't settle for mediocre English lessons! Dive into topics that matter, challenge your intellect, and better your health! Your gateway to impeccable English is one click away. Sit back, Listen, Learn! 🎧 Turn a complex health subject into easy-to-digest English lessons. Subscribe NOW!
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Speak Fluent English And Beat Social Anxiety With Adept English Ep 679
English Listening Practice: Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Life From The Jaws Of Anxiety? Tired of feeling tongue-tied in social situations AND struggling with English? Smash both barriers with this game-changing lesson from Adept English! 🎯 Why You Can't Miss This Lesson: 🌳 Crack the Social Anxiety Code: Understand its roots, so you can kick it out of your life! 🚀 Two Birds, One Podcast: Improve your English while tackling real-life issues. Efficiency, baby! 🎓️ Expert Advice: Our host Hilary isn't just any teacher; she's a psychotherapist. Get tips from someone who knows her stuff! 🛣 Actionable Steps: This isn't a lecture; it's a roadmap! Score your anxieties, take baby steps, and conquer the social scene. 🔄 The Power of Repetition: Just like mastering English, overcoming social fears needs practice. Get a dose of both! ✔Lesson transcript: "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning how to dance in the rain." Vivian Greene So, if you're dead-set on breaking free from social anxiety and turbocharging your English skills, this is the life-altering lesson you've been waiting for! Feel ready to face the world yet? Let's turn that ‘maybe someday’ into a roaring ‘HECK YEAH!’ 🤘 Afraid to speak up at parties or even answer the phone at work? We've got the solution you didn't know you were searching for. Imagine turning social dread into a playground of opportunity! Adept English invites you to discover the life-changing hacks to conquer social anxiety, a topic we've cracked open before due to massive demand. Hilary, your expert guide, will not only reveal what social anxiety is costing you but will also hand you practical tips to defeat it. Transform your social life today by tuning into our latest podcast—because what you're avoiding could be the key to your success! "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt Turn the volume up and press play. We're diving deep into social anxiety while upgrading your English. Time to break those social barriers! 🎧 #listenandlearn 🎙️ Don't Miss Out! Hit that follow button and subscribe to our Adept English podcast. Take the first step to a more confident, fluent you. 🎉
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Why Do These English Words Look And Sound Alike Ep 678
Stop Struggling, Start Speaking! Unlock the Mystery of English Homonyms With Our Latest English Grammar Lesson! Tired of mixing up 'there' and 'their'? Confused when to use 'buy,' 'by,' or 'bye'? Master the tricky terrain of English homonyms with our expert guidance! 🎯 Why You'll Love This Lesson: 📚 Uncover the Secrets of 'Homonyms' in English 🗣️ Learn REAL-WORLD Examples 💡 Ace Your Vocabulary with Common Examples: 'Weather' vs 'Whether,' 'Cent' vs 'Scent' 🤓 Get SMART with Greek Word Origins 🎉 Test Yourself with an Interactive QUIZ ✔Lesson transcript: I'm not a teacher, but an awakener.⭐ Robert Frost Struggling with homonyms or phrasal verbs? Our latest podcast tackles common #EnglishChallenges to streamline your learning journey. We don't just teach you; we make sure you 'get it.' With a click, you'll dive into a lesson packed with value and practical examples. Learn from us, and say goodbye to English confusion forever! Have you ever found yourself tangled in the web of English homonyms, homophones, and homographs? Imagine finally unlocking the mystery behind confusing words like 'tear' and 'tear' or 'cent' and 'sent.' What if I told you this Adept English lesson will explain all the puzzling problems, using real-life examples making things simple? Well, join in today's English lesson! It not only uncovers all you will ever need to know about homonyms but it will also test your newfound knowledge with a quiz to keep you on your toes! Tune in and give it a go with an #englishquiz! Want to speak English like a Brit? From 'bye' to 'meet,' get the low-down on #britishenglish with our latest podcast! One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.⭐ Frank Smith Get on board NOW! ⏰ You're just a lesson away from levelling up your English game. 🚀 Don't miss out. Your road to fluency starts HERE. 👇 Speak Easy, Speak Adept. ✌️
12:30 21.09.23
Boost Your English Fluency With News You Cannot Ignore Ep 677
English Listening Practice - Learn English Fast with UK's Hot News Topics! Hey there, you! Yes, you! What if I told you that the key to learning English isn't buried in dusty textbooks but right here, in the latest news? ⚡️ Listen up, because Adept English has got something sizzling for you. Hilary, your soon-to-be favourite British voice, delivers not just news but also the golden nuggets of the #englishlanguage that'll make you fluent before you can say "Boo." 🎧 Why Should You Jump In? 📰 News You Can Use: Grasp the latest happenings while absorbing rich British vocabulary. 🎯 Aim for Fluency: Our listen & learn system packs a punch; it's like giving your language skills an adrenaline shot! 🤓 Break Down Big Words: Hilary doesn’t just read the news; she breaks down challenging words so they stick. 📈 Level Up Your Game: Hot debates and real-world examples keep you at the edge of your seat, making learning a thrill ride. 💸 Free Resources: Get our 'Seven Rules of Adept English' course for absolutely nothing, zilch, nada! ✔Lesson transcript: Tough times never last, but tough people do. ⭐ Robert H. Schuller Are you tired of the same old ways to #learnenglish? Want to jump start your fluency while staying updated on real-world issues? Then you're in the right place. Get ready to revolutionize your English learning with Adept English's latest podcast. We're diving deep into a raging debate in the UK—a debate that could actually affect your safety! You won't just learn English today; you'll learn about the culture, the issues, and the real words British people use in their daily lives. Stay tuned—because missing this means missing out on the secret formula to learning English while engaging with current events. The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog. ⭐ Mark Twain Don’t waste another second! Tune in, perk up your ears, and let Adept English kickstart your path to fluency. Click the link now! 🚀 Adept English—where you don't just learn English, you live it. 👊
13:43 18.09.23
UK Finance Lingo-10 Money Idioms Brits Actually Use Ep 676
The Ins And Outs Of British English Money Idioms Hey, English Learners! Ready to unlock the mystery of British money idioms? Forget about hitting language barriers— Adept English has got you covered with another great #englishlesson that's jam-packed with value. 🇬🇧 ✅ Why You Can't Afford to Miss This Lesson: 🎯 Speak Like a Local: Learn 10 British idioms around money, from "In the red" to "A money pit". Don't just blend in, stand out! 🤑 Common Use, Not Slang: These aren't your everyday phrases; these idioms frequently appear in newspapers and formal English. 🌍 Universality Factor: Discover if these idioms have a counterpart in your own language! 🤓 Rich Context: Dive deep into each idiom's historical background and current use—no more guesswork! 🔄 Speak & Understand: Our method focuses on listening and repetition to make you conversational. ✔Lesson transcript: Saving is a fine thing. Especially when your parents have done it for you.⭐ Winston Churchill Did you know the phrases 'In the red' and 'In the black' come from an era before computers? Discover why bankers used red and black ink in ledgers! Have you ever wondered why people say 'Break the bank'? Learn how this phrase traces its roots to the world of casinos and gambling! Want to learn how to talk about money like a native English speaker? Stay tuned until the end, and you'll discover a phrase that perfectly describes something that just keeps draining your money. Trust me, you don't want to miss this! If you feel we have helped you please consider supporting us Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money, and I'll tell you what they are.⭐ James W. Frick 💬 Speak Like a Native: Learn expressions you might read in British newspapers or hear in formal English. 👉 Don't just dream about speaking English fluently, make it a reality! Adept English's 500 Most Common Words Course is your fast-track ticket to fluency.
13:16 14.09.23
English Practice-How Electric Cars Will Take Over The UK By 2030 Ep 675
Can EVs Really Replace Petrol Cars by the UK's 2030 Deadline? Hello! Have you ever wanted to effortlessly discuss electric vehicles at a British pub or impressing your boss with your English fluency during an office debate about the future of green energy? Well now is your chance! Today's English lesson takes a look at how prepared is the UK to switch to all electric vehicles by 2030? We're breaking it down for you, so jump in learn English the enjoyable way! 🌱 #EVFuture2030 #SpeakEnglish Why Adept English is a great choice for your Learning Journey: 🎧 Listen Up, Speak Up: We believe in a listen & learn approach. You absorb English the same way you soaked up your first language. 🚗 Real Topics, Real English: We delve into the hot topic of electric vehicles in the UK. Learn vocabulary and phrases you'll actually use. 🕵️♀️ Insights That Stick: Did you know the UK plans to ban petrol cars by 2030? We do more than teach; we keep you informed. 🤔 Critical Thinking: We don’t just talk. We challenge perceptions. Explore the hidden realities behind electric vehicles, like the ethical concerns about lithium mining. ✔Lesson transcript: The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.⭐ Arnold Schwarzenegger Don't just learn English—experience it, debate it, and grasp it in a way textbooks can't deliver. Tune in, and we'll delve into the fast-changing world of electric vehicles. We're not only committed to making you fluent in English, we're here to make sure you stay ahead of the curve. From government plans to the gritty details of EV technology, we've got you covered. But wait, there's more! Stick around until the end, and we'll unveil some eye-opening concerns about electric vehicles that could change the way you look at them. 🌍 EVs are green, but what’s the cost? Our new #EnglishLesson tackles the ethical questions. Improve your English and your knowledge! So, if you want to speak English fluently and also become an informed citizen, hit play now. You can't afford to miss this! Electricity is really just organized lightning.⭐ George Carlin, American Comedian 👇 Take Action Now! Join Adept English and elevate your language skills from basic to brilliant. 🌟 You're not just a student; you're an active participant in the world of English speakers. So what are you waiting for? Hit play. Become a part of the Adept English universe today! 🚀
14:58 11.09.23
Crack The Code Of Everyday British Conversation Ep 674
Unlock the Secrets of Odd British English Phrases and Dazzle Locals with Adept English Have you ever felt like British folks are talking in code? Trust me, you're not alone. I’m Hilary, and today, you'll decode British slang words that are so timeless, they've been in play since the 1930s! 😲 Imagine being gobsmacked when you finally get that 'bazillion' just means ‘a lot’ or knowing that someone who is ‘dodgy’ is really just ‘a bit sus.’ What You'll Gain: 🇬🇧 Master AUTHENTIC British Slang: From ‘gobsmacked’ to ‘bazillion’ to ‘dosh,’ speak like you were born in Britain! 🕰 Time-tested Words: These slang words have roots going back to the 1930s, and they're not going away! 🎉 Have Some Fun: Use slang words people wouldn’t expect you to know. Surprise and delight your British friends! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Venture Beyond England: Pick up a few words from Scotland and Wales too! 🎧 Just Listen: With Adept English's "listen & learn" system, it's as easy as hitting "play"! ✔Lesson transcript: Learning never exhausts the mind.⭐ Leonardo da Vinci You may not like slang, and not want to use it in your own conversations, but you still need to know it so you can follow others who do use slang in their conversations. So navigate the maze of British slang like a pro! Watch our latest lesson and get an #EnglishLesson like no other! No fluff. No filler. Just cold, hard, conversational gems that’ll make Brits think you've lived among them for years. Because, let’s face it, language isn't just about grammar—it's the key to a culture. Imagine this: You're in the UK, surrounded by locals, and you hear the word "gobsmacked." Confused? You should be. This English lesson dives into the quirky world of British slang, revealing words like "gobsmacked" that will leave you absolutely—well, gobsmacked. Far from your typical lesson, this one uncovers the language that real Brits use every day. Don't just learn English—experience it! One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.⭐ Frank Smith 👉 So, are you ready to become a British Slang Maestro? Hit 'Play' and jump-start your journey to English fluency with Adept English.👈 Don't walk, RUN to this lesson. Become a part of the Adept English revolution now!🚀
13:42 07.09.23
Get Fluent Get Friendly-How English Elevates Your Social Life Ep 673
What You Need to Know About Making Friends in the UK and Speaking Fluent English! Hey, You! Yes, You. Don't Scroll Past This! 🚀Ready to work on your English listening comprehension skills and the elusive art of making friends? 🎉 Your search ends NOW! Jump into today's eye-opening lesson that will change the way you make friends and boost your English language skills! 🔥 WHY YOU CAN'T MISS THIS LESSON! 🔥 📚 Learn Authentic British English and sound like a native. 🤝 Master the Magic Ingredients of making friends. No fairy dust needed. 🇬🇧 Get Insider Tips on making friends in the UK. North or South, we've got you covered. 🎯 Smash language barriers and Connect Instantly, even when it’s not ‘as easy as pie’. 🗝 Unlock your Social Potential with actionable steps that are easy to follow. ✔Lesson transcript: You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.⭐ Dale Carnegie Don’t get stuck in the ‘acquaintance zone.’ Be the life of the party. Be the confident YOU! 👇 Tap into this life-transforming lesson and say HELLO to your better self! Embrace Community: Uncover how clubs, housemates, and even co-workers can be your next friends. Have you ever feel like you're on a deserted island in a crowded room? Cut through the loneliness and level up not just your English, but your life too! This isn't your ordinary English lesson. We examine, in detail, the art and science of making friends as adults. Remember when friendship happened in a heartbeat as kids? Find out why it's tougher now and how to fix it. Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.⭐ Marcel Proust Visit Adept English NOW and let’s kickstart this journey together. 🚀 Sayonara, loneliness! Hello, world! 🌍 Don't wait. Your future self will thank you. ✨ Level Up: Access a bonus tip to fast-track friendships in the UK. So if you are finding it hard to initiate that first 'hello'? Say goodbye to awkward moments and amp up your social skills with today’s lesson! #SocialSkillsBoost #MasteringFriendship
12:01 04.09.23
Your Essential Guide to Passive Voice Ep 672
English grammar passive voice: The secret weapon you never knew you needed. Have you ever been puzzled by the passive voice? Do you wonder why native English speakers use it so frequently in everyday conversation? Say hello to the ultimate guide that'll unravel all the intricacies of the #passivevoice in English! Here's Why This Lesson Is a Game-Changer: 💡 Clarity: Breaks down what passive voice is, how to construct it, and why it’s so darn important. 🎯 Real-world Examples: Helps you understand when and where passive voice is commonly used—like in news reporting, politics, and scientific studies. 🤔 Quiz Time: Provides a thorough quiz at the end of the lesson to help you test your mastery. 🎧 Replay Value: Complex topic made simple! Listen a few times, and you'll get the hang of it. 👋 Instructor-led: Led by Hilary, a seasoned expert from Adept English, guiding you every step of the way. 📚 Multi-Tense Coverage: Tackles passive voice across all tenses, so you get a complete understanding. The passive voice is safe.⭐ William Zinsser, from: On Writing Well ✔Lesson transcript: In today's lesson, we'll dig deep into the passive voice-a trick of the trade that even 82% of our listeners wanted to know more about! This isn't just some grammar rule that collects dust in academic textbooks; people use it in everyday conversations, news reports, and even in science journals. We'll not only show you what it is, but how to construct it, flip it, and master it across all tenses. Oh, and for those who think they're already experts? Buckle up! We've got a 'Passive Voice Quiz' that might just humble you a bit. It's practice made perfect! Don't let your #englishlearning hit a snag. Discover how to confidently use passive voice and sound more like a native speaker. Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you are in total control.⭐ Jeffrey Gitomer This lesson is not just a one-time listen; it's your long-term English companion! So, are you in or are you out? Dive into this lesson, and elevate your English skills like never before! 📌 Visit for this lesson and hundreds more! 👇 Don't Forget to Share & Review! 🌟
13:26 31.08.23
English Listening Practice Hot Topics And UK News Ep 671
How Listening to Hot-Button News Will Help You Become Fluent in British English! Boost Your English with Hot News Stories: From Moon Landings to Trials! Hey there, English language adventurers! Want to skyrocket your English fluency? Hilary, your trusty guide from Adept English, brings you today's most talked-about UK news stories - from moon missions to high-stakes trials. 🌙⚖️ Why Choose This Lesson? 🗞 Real-world News Stories: Get your fingers on the pulse of the world while enhancing your vocabulary. 🎙 Expert Narration: Hilary's clear, engaging style helps you feel the language, not just learn it. 🤝 Community Interaction: Join our Spotify polls to voice your opinion and hear what others think. 🌱 Grow Your Vocabulary: From "neonatal" to "whistleblowers," explore words you've never heard but will never forget. Dive Into Global Stories: 🌓 Moon Landings: Get the latest update on India's Chandrayaan 3 space mission! 🏥 Medical Mysteries: Unravel shocking, real-life stories that rock the healthcare world! ✔Lesson transcript: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.⭐ Martin Luther King Jr. So, what are you waiting for? Click "Play" and jump into an English lesson that you'll never forget, because your journey to fluency starts here! 🚀 If you are struggling with your spoken English? OR craving fluency that makes you sound like a native? Meet Hilary of Adept English and discover an unconventional, conversation-driven method to learning English. In just one riveting lesson, you'll dive into real-world news stories that grip the UK and beyond. The only way to deal with fear is to face it. We are all capable of good and evil.⭐ Paulo Coelho Learn about space missions, gripping trials, and the psychology of crime—all while levelling up your language skills. Want to know how the shocking case of nurse Lucy Letby can transform your grasp of English? The answer is just a click away. Engage in Real Conversations: By covering stories like the tragic case of Lucy Letby, the lesson helps you understand complex issues. You'll be ready to discuss current events with native speakers. Visit us at to supercharge your English learning even more! 🌟
14:44 28.08.23

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