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Life Is Rough & Smooth



Listen to the album Life Is Rough & Smooth by Ruff-N-Smooth

Album Tracks

Monalisa Ruff-N-Smooth 04:18
Semelesy Ruff-N-Smooth, Jay Sleek 04:04
Azingele Ruff-N-Smooth, S.K. Blinks 04:45
Time Changes Ruff-N-Smooth, Iwan 04:34
Swagger Ruff-N-Smooth, Stay Jay 04:43
Naija Baby Ruff-N-Smooth 04:12
Alcohol Ruff-N-Smooth 03:52
Empress Ruff-N-Smooth 04:43
Martha Ruff-N-Smooth 03:48
Stop the Train Ruff-N-Smooth 03:57
No Bushaking Ruff-N-Smooth 04:54
Funk Me Up Ruff-N-Smooth 04:29
Weitin Be Ur Own Ruff-N-Smooth 04:52
Mona Lisa (Original) Ruff-N-Smooth, Soul E. 05:39
Azingele (Kaywa Mix) Ruff-N-Smooth 04:53
Swagger (Instrumental) Ruff-N-Smooth 04:39
Azingele (Instrumental) Ruff-N-Smooth 04:18

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