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Demo Anthology



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Album Tracks

Madalaine Winger 04:20
Hungry Winger 04:07
Seventeen Winger 04:00
State of Emergency Winger 03:03
Time to Surrender Winger 04:17
Hangin' on Winger 03:26
Headed for a Heartbreak Winger 04:48
Only Love Winger 03:30
Can't Get Enuff Winger 03:46
Loosen Up Winger 03:38
Miles Away Winger 04:03
Easy Come Easy Go Winger 03:25
Rainbow in the Rose Winger 05:20
In the Day We'll Never See Winger 03:31
Under One Condition Winger 04:34
Little Dirty Blonde Winger 03:44
Star Tripper Winger 03:40
You Are the Saint, I Am the Sinner Winger 03:25
In the Heart of the Young Winger 03:42
All I Ever Wanted Winger 03:28

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