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Is the Is Are



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Album Tracks

Out of Mind DIIV 03:08
Under the Sun DIIV 03:46
Bent (Roi's Song) DIIV 05:40
Dopamine DIIV 03:55
Blue Boredom DIIV, Sky Ferreira 02:33
Valentine DIIV 03:17
Yr Not Far DIIV 03:19
Take Your Time DIIV 04:58
Is the Is Are DIIV 03:08
Mire (Grant's Song) DIIV 05:34
Incarnate Devil DIIV 04:42
(Fuck) DIIV 00:16
Healthy Moon DIIV 04:11
Loose Ends DIIV 03:12
(Napa) DIIV 01:44
Dust DIIV 04:34
Waste of Breath DIIV 05:22

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