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Rise from Your Grave



Album Tracks

Another Part Of Me (Guitar Opera) [From "Moonwalker"] Megadriver 03:16
Rise From Your Grave (From "Altered Beast") Megadriver 04:34
The Graveyard (From "Ghouls'n Ghosts") Megadriver 02:37
Ride Until Sunset (From "Sunset Riders") Megadriver 03:37
War Of The Clones (From "X-Men 2: Clone Wars") Megadriver 03:34
Day 1 Terraport, Day 6 Bamboo Mill (From "Vectorman") Megadriver 03:15
Dragontoad (From "Battletoads & Double Dragon") Megadriver 02:58
Turbo Tunnel (From "Battletoads") Megadriver 03:13
Agrabah Market (Prince Ali - Instrumental Metal) [From "Aladdin"] Megadriver 02:25
Main Theme (From "Kid Chameleon") Megadriver 02:46
Night Of The Mutants (From "Comix Zone") Megadriver 03:24
Last Springsteen (From "Contra: Hard Corps") Megadriver 03:09
Stage 1-1 (From "Mega Turrican") Megadriver 03:26
Military On The Max Power (From "Gunstar Heroes") Megadriver 02:24
From Duckburg To Transylvania (From "Quackshot") Megadriver 03:26
Alleycat Blues (From "TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist") Megadriver 02:43
Tornado Is Approaching (From "El Viento") Megadriver 02:59
Back To The House (From "Splatterhouse 2") Megadriver 02:10
Flash Of Sword (From "Valis: The Fantasm Soldier") Megadriver 02:59
Harrier Saga (From "Space Harrier II") Megadriver 03:19

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