Album picture of Anime Piano: Shining in the Sky

Anime Piano: Shining in the Sky

Jeremy Ng


Album Tracks

Inochi no Namae / The Name of Life (From "Spirited Away") [Arranged by Hirohashi Makiko] Jeremy Ng 05:43
Otouto Mitai na Sonzai (From "Your Lie In April") Jeremy Ng 02:45
A Tiny Love (From "Sword Art Online") Jeremy Ng 01:48
To Love's End (From "Inuyasha") Jeremy Ng 05:37
Shionari / Roaring Tides (From "Clannad") Jeremy Ng 03:14
Unjust Life (From "Angel Beats!") Jeremy Ng 03:15
Sadness And Sorrow (From "Naruto") Jeremy Ng 02:01
You Are Not Alone (From "Sword Art Online II") Jeremy Ng 02:50
In Your Past (From "Sword Art Online") Jeremy Ng 02:07
Kawaranai Mono / Unchanging Things (From "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time") Jeremy Ng 04:43
Soul Friends (From "Angel Beats!") Jeremy Ng 03:27
A Tender Feeling (From "Sword Art Online") Jeremy Ng 02:05
Nagisa: Parting At The Foot Of The Hill [Warm Piano Arrange] (From "Clannad") Jeremy Ng 04:46
Sora ni Hikaru / Shining In The Sky (From "Clannad") Jeremy Ng 04:07
Ichiban no Takaramono / My Most Precious Treasure (From "Angel Beats!") Jeremy Ng 04:23
End Theme (From "5 Centimeters Per Second") Jeremy Ng 02:40
Itsumo Nando Demo / Always With Me (From "Spirited Away") [Arranged by Hirohashi Makiko] Jeremy Ng 04:46

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