Album picture of Reggae for Christ, Vol 2. (Love Tree Inn)

Reggae for Christ, Vol 2. (Love Tree Inn)



Listen to the album Reggae for Christ, Vol 2. (Love Tree Inn) by OFMB

Album Tracks

Good People Stand Up OFMB, Jerry Harris 03:47
Eliminate the Hate OFMB, Leary Marshall 03:48
Love Is the Sign OFMB, DION BOCAGE 04:30
We Come in Peace OFMB, Jerry Harris 03:34
Give a Helping Hand OFMB, Joanne Williams 04:03
United Nations OFMB, Deep 04:38
Let's Come Together OFMB, Bud 04:13
What Does It Profit a Man? OFMB, DION BOCAGE 04:34
Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword OFMB, Bud 04:20
Love Tree Inn OFMB, Kris Bentley 04:13
Keep on Running OFMB, Leary Marshall 02:55
What Happened To? OFMB, Kris Bentley 03:47
Can Anything Good Come out of Nazareth? OFMB, Richie Stephens 04:02
At the End of the Day OFMB, Jeni Fujita 04:43


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