Album picture of Reggae for Christ, Vol 2. (Love Tree Inn)

Reggae for Christ, Vol 2. (Love Tree Inn)



Album Tracks

Good People Stand Up OFMB, Jerry Harris 03:47
Eliminate the Hate OFMB, Leary Marshall 03:48
Love Is the Sign OFMB, DION BOCAGE 04:30
We Come in Peace OFMB, Jerry Harris 03:34
Give a Helping Hand OFMB, Joanne Williams 04:03
United Nations OFMB, Deep 04:38
Let's Come Together OFMB, Bud 04:13
What Does It Profit a Man? OFMB, DION BOCAGE 04:34
Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword OFMB, Bud 04:20
Love Tree Inn OFMB, Kris Bentley 04:13