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Dope Soda


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Album Tracks

Hey Mista, That's My Sista Dope Soda 02:54
Soul Pop Dope Soda 04:40
I Can't Dope Soda 03:42
Big Ol' Smile Dope Soda 03:53
Hey Craver Dope Soda 03:19
Craver's Lament Dope Soda 06:09
Dixie Longated Dope Soda 04:03
Funky Trombone (feat. Stevie G) Dope Soda, Stevie G 04:17
Ruder Than You Dope Soda 04:27
Let Me Go (feat. Danielle Mcneill) Dope Soda, Danielle McNeill 05:41


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