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(Sur)Prize Fool



Listen to the album (Sur)Prize Fool by Freygolo

Album Tracks

When I Grow Up Freygolo 01:05
The Summer Song Freygolo 01:43
Sluggish Freygolo 02:03
A New Start Freygolo 02:29
The Gain and the Profit Freygolo 01:43
Media's the Good Place to Lie Freygolo 02:15
Stupid to Work Freygolo 01:48
Against Freygolo 02:00
The Wrong Part Freygolo 02:39
Untouchable Mind


Freygolo 00:50
The Same Song Freygolo 02:58
It's Time to Change Freygolo 02:44
Ninety-Five Freygolo 02:05


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