Album picture of Enchanted Land Reloaded (Remastered)

Enchanted Land Reloaded (Remastered)



Album Tracks

Skies Are Falling (Remastered) XmafaX 03:51
Enchanted Land (Remastered) XmafaX 03:29
Speed of Light (Remastered) XmafaX 02:57
Winter Solace (Remastered) XmafaX 03:53
Paradise Lost (Remastered) XmafaX 04:17
Winds of Change (Remastered) XmafaX 04:47
Eclipse (Remastered) XmafaX 02:15
Free Republic of Iran (Remastered) XmafaX 02:44
Marraquexe (Remastered) XmafaX 03:03

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