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Album Tracks

Chilly In F Minor Gonzales 00:32
Variations On A Scheme Gonzales 02:44
(Another) So Called Party Gonzales, Paul PM 02:55
This One Jam Gonzales, Taylor Savvy 03:12
Lovertits Feist, Gonzales 02:42
Soft Shoe Snoozin' Gonzales, Princess Superstar 03:19
You Are Gonzales 00:55
Why Don't We Disappear Feist, Gonzales 03:34
Joy Of Thinking Peaches, Gonzales 03:34
Decisions Gonzales 04:26
Take Me To Broadway Gonzales 03:55
Starlight Gonzales, Feist 04:28
Let's Groove Again Gonzales, Louie Austen 02:46
Dans Tes Yeux Gonzales, Guesch Patti 03:35
Love Scene / Higher Than You Gonzales 02:38

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