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Temptation Sessions (Radio Edits)



Listen to the album Temptation Sessions (Radio Edits) by Kush

Album Tracks

Beauty of Machines at Work (Radio Edit) Kush 05:44
Plaster Paris, Pt. 1 (Radio Edit) Kush 07:06
Plaster Paris, Pt. 2 (Radio Edit) Kush 04:53
911, Pt. 1 (Radio Edit) Kush 04:55
911, Pt. 2 (Radio Edit) Kush 03:35
New Life with Electricity (Radio Edit) Kush 06:02
Reverse, Pt. 1 (Radio Edit) Kush 04:03
Reverse, Pt. 2 (Radio Edit) Kush 04:58
Machine Mix Kush 07:10
Lover Mix Kush 05:54
Asian Mix Kush 06:48


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