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Future Friends



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Album Tracks

Imaginary Parties Superfruit 03:14
Bad 4 Us Superfruit 03:47
Worth It (Perfect) Superfruit 02:57
Vacation Superfruit 03:48
Sexy Ladies Superfruit 03:36
Heartthrob Superfruit 02:58
Future Friends Superfruit 03:23
How You Feeling? Superfruit 03:25
Hurry Up! Superfruit 03:27
Deny U Superfruit 03:26
Goodbye From Lonely Superfruit 03:51
GUY.exe Superfruit 03:42
Fantasy (feat. Amber Liu) Superfruit, Amber Liu 03:32
Keep Me Coming Superfruit 02:45
Everything (feat. Inara George) Superfruit, Inara George 03:45
Future Friends (Brian Robert Jones Choir Remix) Superfruit 03:33

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