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Sound Affects (Deluxe Edition)

The Jam


Listen to the album Sound Affects (Deluxe Edition) by The Jam

Album Tracks

Pretty Green (Remastered) The Jam 02:35
Monday (Remastered) The Jam 02:58
But I'm Different Now (Remastered) The Jam 01:49
Set The House Ablaze (Remastered) The Jam 05:00
Start! (Remastered) The Jam 02:30
That's Entertainment (Remastered) The Jam 03:36
Dream Time (Remastered) The Jam 03:52
Man In The Corner Shop (Remastered) The Jam 03:12
Music For The Last Couple (Remastered) The Jam 03:42
Boy About Town (Remastered) The Jam 01:58
Scrape Away (Remastered) The Jam 04:01
Start! (Single Version) The Jam 02:17
Liza Radley The Jam 02:32
The Dreams Of Children The Jam 02:56
That's Entertainment (Demo Version) The Jam 03:21
Pretty Green (Demo Version) The Jam 02:36
Pop Art Poem The Jam 02:08
Rain (Remixed Demo Version) The Jam 02:55
Boy About Town (Demo Version) The Jam 02:16
Dream Time (Demo Version) The Jam 01:49

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