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Troublegum (Deluxe Edition)



Listen to the album Troublegum (Deluxe Edition) by Therapy?

Album Tracks

Knives Therapy? 01:55
Screamager Therapy? 02:41
Hellbelly Therapy? 03:22
Stop It You're Killing Me Therapy? 03:50
Nowhere Therapy? 02:26
Die Laughing Therapy? 02:47
Unbeliever Therapy? 03:28
Trigger Inside Therapy? 03:56
Lunacy Booth Therapy? 04:00
Isolation Therapy? 03:17
Turn Therapy? 03:50
Femtex Therapy? 03:14
Unrequited Therapy? 03:02
Brainsaw Therapy? 03:04
Pantopon Rose Therapy? 02:17
Breaking The Law Therapy? 03:27
C C Rider Therapy? 02:30
Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) Therapy? 07:46
Nowhere (Therapeutic Distortion Mix) Therapy? 05:50
Lunacy Booth (String Version) Therapy? 04:58

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