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Ți-am dat un inel Holograf 05:01
Cât de departe Holograf 03:02
Dragostea mea Holograf 04:30
Vreau o minune Holograf 04:28
Romeo și Julieta Holograf 03:57
Am ales cu sufletul Holograf, Ioana Ignat 03:06
Ochii tăi Holograf 03:51
Dincolo de nori Holograf 03:37
Dimineață în altă viață Holograf 05:01
Undeva departe Holograf 03:36

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The earliest rock bands in Romania emerged in the students circles and the first ever rock music festivals that were also featuring students bands. Consequently , in the autumn of 1978 Mihai Pocorschi started rehearsing at the students’ House of Culture, ( the famous "Preoteasa") together with a few students in Geology. They called themselves Holograf. Very soon Edi Petrosel took over as drummer. Later Tino Furtuna (keyboards) joined in. Together they won several awards of the Student’s Arts Festivals and had their music recorded at the radio and television studios. The sweet years as students were quickly gone and the band members were now facing a big problem. Dan Bittman, Nutu Olteanu, Iulian Vrabete joined in, designing the nowadays line-up. Holograf made themselves a name in the musical world of those days. The time had come for yet another step forward. December 1989. The Iron Curtain fell, and the Western World, only seen in stores and video cassettes until then, was out there waiting to be conquered. At the beginning of 1990 they travelled to England and France , only to find out how the merciless musical industry operated. Between 1991 and 1993, the band performed in Holland, in clubs and discos. They were performing in the country every now and then and were even able to publish a new album, "Banii vorbesc"("Money talks"). In 1993, Florin Ochescu is replaced by Romeo Dediu. The golden "triplet" of Romanian rock (Iris, Holograf, Compact) regained their place in the heart of the audience. Finally Holograf succeeded to overcome the "age" complex and control their destiny. In 1995 the band released the album "Stai in poala mea" (Sit in my lap), still faithful and tributary to 80's rock. 1996 brings "69% Unplugged", a collection of hits played live. The real success came in 1998, with "Supersonic", that over shadowed any other previous musical achievement and proved that, in spite of their age, for Holograf a new era was beginning. The album "Undeva departe" (Somewhere far away) in 1999, produced yet another hit, and "Holografica", released in November 2000, swept off the sales records. 2003 was a sensitive year for Holograf. "Pur si Simplu"(Simply Holograf) is the conclusion of this actual state. Composed , arranged , recorded and produced by Holograf , this album was the first fully independent achievement of the band. Ten new songs won the audience both through radio and tv stations , and the 50 day tour brought an enormous success in the promotion of the album,thereby making 2003 one of the most important years in the career of Holograf. The years 2004 and 2005 were the following of the succes wave of this record, concerts in the country and short visits to Madrid and Nagoya, for the 2005 World Exhibition of Aichi, Japan. The 12th October 2006 was the day when the last album, “Taina” (The Secret) was released. After the first two weeks the album went gold and this spring the Band will once again achieve platinum (for the fourth consecutive album) for their album sales, in a market deeply wounded by internet piracy. The concert in Bucharest gathered 7,000 people indoors and an ncountable waiting crowd outdoors, eager to see the band and its new show. The year 2009 has started with a song released in a great concert – both named “The Spring Starts With You”. The song became in no time another hit, giving the opportunity for a new compilation of Holograf songs. In 2010 the band had two wonderful concerts in The Pallace Hall in Bucharest and released a new song – “Gift of Happiness”, which has allready made the Top 10. The summer „Timisoreana” tour covered 10 cities. The unplugged concerts in October brought to acoustic life the songs gathered since 1996, and the song “The Spring Starts With You” became the Bucharest city’s anthem. The the Holograf story is the story a a handful of friends who showed that love for music, friendship and determination can make a dream come true….