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Салют, Вера! Валерий Меладзе 03:43
Сэра Валерий Меладзе 03:53
Вера Валерий Меладзе 04:05
Красиво Валерий Меладзе 04:44
Черная кошка Валерий Меладзе 03:50
Чего не могут люди Валерий Меладзе 03:38
Время вышло Валерий Меладзе 04:49
Сахара не надо Валерий Меладзе 03:35
Океан и три реки Валерий Меладзе 03:40
Верни мою любовь Валерий Меладзе 04:24

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Сахара не надо
Ей никогда не быть моей

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Valeriy Meladze is a Russian singer and producer, one of the most influential artists, and recipient of all the prestigious Russian music awards. He was born in the Georgian town of Batumi in 1965. From 1989 to 1993, Valeriy Meladze and his brother Konstantin were part of the Диалог (Dialog) rock band, but at the same time, Meladze has started to perform solo. In 1995, Meladze released his first album Сэра (Sera) whose success was immediate and resounding. All the 16 songs were written, composed, and arranged by Valeriy’s brother Konstantin who was and still is his main songwriter. The tracks «Лимбо» ("Limbo"), «Сэра» ("Sera"), «Ночь накануне Рождества» ("Christmas Eve"), and «Не тревожь мне душу, скрипка» ("Violin, Don’t Disturb My Soul") became big hits across the ex-USSR. After the release of his second album Последний романтик (The Last Romantic) in 1996, Meladze toured dozen of cities and gave a double solo concert at the Olympiysky stadium in Moscow. Meladze changed his public image after his third album Самба белого мотылька (Samba of the White Moth) (1998), his songs became more passionate and tense, his stage wardrobe consisted of formal suits only. Great success was brought to Valeriy Meladze by collaboration with the Russian-Ukrainian trio ВИА Гра (VIA Gra), a band produced by his brother. The songs «Океан и три реки» ("Ocean and Three Rivers") (2003) and «Притяженья больше нет» ("No More Gravity") (2004) topped all kinds of charts. Between 1999 and 2015, Meladze recorded four other studio albums, each containing unquestionable hits, like «Красиво» ("Beautiful") and «Текила-любовь» ("Tequila-Love") from the album Все так и было (It Was Just That Way) or «Се ля ви» ("C’est La Vie"/"That's Life") from the Нега (Bliss) album.