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After the release of his stunning single “Pure And Bare” – Dunne returns in December with “Silent Voices” to finish the year off strong on another unforgettable highlight. Surging with momentum fueled by the support, love, and encouragement coming in from all corners of the map – Dunne’s refreshing, inspired, & innovative style feeds off the genuine excitement surrounding his new music. The dynamic uniqueness of Dunne’s enigmatic vocals dazzles with authenticity, charisma, & powerful hooks that connect to hearts & minds. “Silent Voices” explores the isolation we all personally experience in brilliantly thought-provoking detail and vivid lyrical imagery that gives Dunne’s latest single every advantage of reaching its audience in truly insightful, sincere, and relatable ways guaranteed to captivate listeners with every word. Leading by his own example and fearlessly battling self-doubt, Dunne confidently conquers the cage he’s been locked inside of, summoning the full strength of his talents and courage to overcome any obstacle in his way. The results speak for themselves – “Silent Voices” is another spectacular triumph in Dunne’s resurgence this year. Instagram: @realdunne