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Alabina Alabina 03:47
Alabina Alabina 03:57
Salma Ya Salama (Olé Y Ola) Alabina, Los Ninos De Sara 03:31
Taala... Junto Ami (Yahad) Ishtar, Los Ninos De Sara 03:10
Salam La Pazal Final Alabina 03:45
Vengan, Vengan (Ya Habaybi, Ya Ghaybine) Alabina 04:21
Tierra Santa Alabina, Ishtar 04:08
Lolole Alabina 03:42
Allahalek ya sidi Ishtar, Alabina 03:45
Lolole (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood) Alabina 05:32

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Comme toi
Salma Ya Salama

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The musical group Alabina developed
a unique style by combining seemingly dissimilar elements from very different
musical traditions into a new sound. The group consists of frontwoman Ishtar,
an Israeli singer, and the band Los Niños
de Sara, which features four French Gypsy cousins who sing in Spanish and play various
instruments. Their debut album, 1996’s Alabina, laid out there sound
which mixes aspects of Middle Eastern, flamenco, Spanish, French, and Gypsy musical
heritages, often by taking old songs in one tradition and infusing them with
sounds from another. The single, “Alabina” became a hit in France. Their
follow-up album, 1998’s Album 2, successfully added more Euro-centric dance
beats to their sound and featured a perfect example of their ability to refit
old songs with new sounds on their version of the old Animals’ classic “Don’t
Let Me Be Misunderstood”
. They released one more album of new material,
1999’s Sahara, before Ishtar began a solo career. The group issued both a best-of and a remix album in
the early 2000s.