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Laygeen Angham 03:34
Hala Khasa Gedan Angham 04:46
Bardo Betewhashni أأنغام, Wael Kfoury 04:01
Teslam Yedeenah Angham 03:59
La Thajja Angham 04:32
Hata Naasa Angham 04:27
Wen Trouh Angham 05:34
Tawla Angham 06:18
Sidi Wesalak Angham 05:17
Akher Lega Angham 04:57

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عارفه قيمتي

by Angham


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Angham Mohamed Ali Suleiman is an Egyptian singer-songwriter who has become one of the top-ranked performers in her homeland with a musical mix of Arabic classics, soul and urban contemporary. Born in Alexandria to a musical family, she began singing in her teenage years and studied at the Cairo Conservatory of Music. Mohammed Abdel Wahab, a friend of her father, granted his song 'Basbosa' for her debut recording in 1987. Her first album, 'Fil Rokn el Baeed el Hady', came out the same year.

She has released many albums since then including 'Layeg' (1989), 'Shayfak' (1992), 'Baollak Eih' (1995), 'Khally Bokra li Bokra' (1998), 'Omry Maak' (2003), 'Nefsy Ahebbak' (2009) and 'Ahlam Barea'a' (2015). Her latest release, 'Hala Khasa Gedan' was released in February 2019.