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All Eyes on Me Victor McKnight, SquigglyDigg, Ritter Lincoln 04:01
Face Reality Victor McKnight, Swiblet, Simul, SquigglyDigg 04:24
MEGALOVANIA (A Cappella) SquigglyDigg, Dheusta, Victor McKnight, Genuine 02:23
I Am... All Of Me Victor McKnight, Penny Parker, Noah McKnight 03:52
All My Fears Victor McKnight, BillyTheBard11th, Plexsy 03:57
Ready Set Go Victor McKnight, SquigglyDigg, BillyTheBard11th, Chi-Chi 03:05
You're Gonna Know My Name Victor McKnight, SquigglyDigg, BillyTheBard11th 03:59
Blink of an Eye Victor McKnight, SquigglyDigg, Chi-Chi 04:38
Endless Possibilities SquigglyDigg, Victor McKnight 04:59
Endless Possibility Victor McKnight, Penny Parker 03:58

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