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Ian Wong

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Hand in Hand Ian Wong 03:02
Moonlight Echoes Ian Wong 02:51
World of Wonder Ian Wong 03:04
Alone in the Crowd Ian Wong 02:49
Fragile Ian Wong 02:52
Jenny of Oldstones (From "Game of Thrones") (Piano Version) Ian Wong 03:15
Renewal Ian Wong 01:58
Departure Ian Wong 02:35
Running Fox Trail (Piano Version) Maneli Jamal, Ian Wong 02:29
Auld Lang Syne Ian Wong 02:19


Canadian composer Ian Wong creates music that tell stories of universal human experiences. His music often contains memorable and lyrical melodies that allow the listener to imagine a personal storyline. Influenced by classical, popular, jazz and minimalist music, his work has a distinctive style that combines musical ideas from these genres. He also produces instrumental ambient and meditative music under the project name Moonlight Echoes. Stay up-to-date with new releases by following on Deezer.